• Well yes, you can add sound effect and music with just as much ease. I know because i work with audio transcription and I have to make changes to the audio. You should definitely try to believe it.

    Wilowrid | Video to article in 3 clicks
    Wilowrid | Video to article in 3 clicks
  • The careful use of sound effects and music added a captivating layer to the production, immersing the audience in the story's atmosphere and heightening the emotional impact, while the Young and energetic cast members brought their vibrant energy to the stage, perfectly complementing the sonic elements and delivering a dynamic performance that left a lasting impression.

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  • Hi, I have been using a site called Directory.Audio for these purposes for a long time, just there you can find everything you need for free. This library contains intro music, background music, atmosphere music, as well as various sound effects and item sounds, all of which are licensed under a Creative Commons license.

    Directory.Audio - Free Sound Effects, Music & Intro Music - No Copyrights with a Creative Commons L…
    Community collaborative database of free sound effects, music and intro music with a Creative Commons License for audio producers, video bloggers, f…
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