• Some people have been dumb down more than anyone knows about.Hello is anyone There. THANKS And God BLESS,,,,
  • The Secret Service monitored Sasquatch for 5 months before acting. That means they witnessed him make several terroristic plans while on peacepink. Its very likely that the Ottawa police are monitoring you continue to confess right now.

  • copy/paste the conversation with Carrin. Youll see quite clearly that I did not threaten her in a physical way. And, I Never threatened Lebowskis family-the fact that you cant copy paste it is proof that it didnt happen. (sound familiar?) It is true that I did compare my horrific experience of having my family threatened with Lebowskis experience. It was done in open chat. It was in no way a threat.

    You and Lebowski both have a pattern of accusing others of threats, when there was no threat. It is not coincidence that you two are the Only two doing this. This is because you are both Trolls.

    The calling me a cowardly sick dog doesnt do a thing to make what you say true. but, as with most trolls, you use ad hominem.

    can you explain this? When you just admitted that it was NOT a threat?

    " that it was an example, not a threat, from his own vast experience that also happens to include kids being fed to dogs (get real lol!), thus verifying that he did it after all    ignorance or stupidity?   this one features both!"

    Now, try adressing the blog post, or continue to TRoll by hijacking the blog for your slander episodes.

    LaBrat said:

    dotty threatened lebowski's family and also threatened carrin behr    he lied that hers was a 'verbal only' threat but the truth is all spelled out on her 'sasquatch' discussion (among other places)    carrin had actually reported that he prefers threatening women (plural - he keeps saying it's just one lol!) and verified this by backing right down when i invited him to deliver it personally - i don't know if 'all' bullies are cowards, but this one sure is ha ha!

    'dotty', rest assured that the outstanding offer to reclaim your purported manhood and unsubstantiated 'self-respect' awaits your pleasure as always - you loud-mouthed cowardly sick DOG!   :-)  

    he lied that they lied about this chickenshit delinquency    he boasted that lebowski couldn't prove the threats against his family, then six months later forgot all about that and 'explained' that it was an example, not a threat, from his own vast experience that also happens to include kids being fed to dogs (get real lol!), thus verifying that he did it after all    ignorance or stupidity?   this one features both!

  • Yopu know well that you said it in open chat, and that I didnt copy it. 

    But, now that it is posted, you have the opportunity to make a statement regarding it. At any rate, you have been bringing it up, and claiming that there is no hospital report, because you dont believe anything I say. So, when I prove there IS a hospital report, your rejection of 'all I say' as lies, will be proven wrong in front of everyone.

    While you are spouting copy/paste as evidence, or lack thereof, can you kindly copy/paste where I threatened Lebowskis family?
    LaBrat said:

    "LaBrat instantly called it a fake."   copy/paste the passage allegedly substantiating this further lie 

    the discerning reader, observing the utter absence of any such quotation being proffered in evidence of this false accusation, will have no need to look at any hospital report application undertaken 6 months later delayed under such a shoddy pretense (particularly since that too is a lie - i've said no such thing!)  

    those curious to know the truth sooner (half a year later, dotty's 'proof' could take a while longer) can always check out carrin's sasquatch blog      the 'lebowski's family threat' too also covered there

    since i didn't even look at it,  how could i have called it a "fake"?   this is EXACTLY how deca flubbed it

    both attribute statements to me which i would never have made in the first place:  deca you clumsy liar!   WHERE is this myth-ing link of yours to where you falsely claim i say i don't get v2k?  we're still waiting for you to prove this wasn't just another stupid public lie in support of your discrediting of anyone who questions the 'magic vanishing sometimes even invisible robber duncan harvard doctorate diploma'

    the discerning reader will also detect a rather suspicious pattern here - both these 'tech guys' who lie about their so-called evidence that's 'there but we can't see it' are also lying about what i say      hmm...

    David ofTomorrow said:

    I would like to point out on a side note that i filled out a request of information yo UW medical center and posted it in my photos. LaBrat instantly called it a fake. Therefore, i see no heed to send the request out, as the following information would be also called false.

  • What do you say LaBrat are they real, or fake??


  • LaBrat said: Nothing.

    On tbe other hand, i will produce tbe hospital report,  and LLaBrat will most likely call it a fake. Of course when he does so, he will be psychologicaly projecting.

    LaBrat said:

  • The term unknown is subjective. Therefore what is 'unknown' to many, is known to some. Much of this is dependent upon ones ability to understand.
    Inductive reasoning is one process that leads to probability factors.

    LaBrat said:

    that is just plain silly - by definition, the unknown is beyond "understanding"   you are wading in paradox   

    not to mention, dealing as we are with meta-science, superiour natures would control the disclosure process   this is really, from the point of our 'understanding', the unknowable - zen precedes analysis   

                  to argue that it is not there because you don't know it is also just plain silly   :-)

  • And, Sues statement that non human created things are 'unknowable' my humans falls apart when confronted with human ability to understand the structure of  beaver dam.

  • The definition of what Sue speaks of is Faith, which you admit doesn't do us any favors in proving our plight.
    And, jt is You who are constantly bringing up the scientific method.And now it is You who are dismissing it when convenient for Your argument. Double Standard anyone?
    And, tbe idea (although false) that Telsa created a device that communicated with akiens, is in direct contradiction to the copy/paste of Sues statement.

    LaBrat said:

    stop the presses:  dotty proves e.t. did not check in at the front registry at wikipedia on their way to the national enquirer!    for someone with such an over-active imagination, how does he miss the obvious implications of this blindingly obvious paradox? 

    maybe he hasn't read tesla yet   or, it's possible that during his latest suspension/detox/re-boot/fan-reunion he did not get a chance to read this comment by sue:

    Deca man made technology is made by man and therefore researchable by man. The spiritual/ET realm are light years ahead of us, why would they leave us proof of their existence/involvement. Our tech is nothing compared to their capabilities. You seem like a classic example of someone who because of fear or ignorance has to believe man is the master of the universe.

  • "I see a lot of faith in unsubstantiated claims of cameras behind the eyes, batteries in the heart."


    For many years I thought that I cannot possibly publish this info, I thought for some people it's better not to know, Ignorance might be the bliss, but again I realized it's better to know the truth no matter how harsh it is. Although in this case "The truth will set you free" might not be exactly true.

    Cameras can be better described artificial retina or something... but they can record...

    What do you think these lyrics mean:

    "Through Your Eyes Their Light Burns
    Hoping to Find
    Inquisition Sinking You
    With Prying Minds"

    "And justice for all..." Metallica

    "Lashing out the action, returning the reaction
    Weak are ripped and torn away
    Hypnotizing power, crushing all that cower
    Battery is here to stay
    Smashing through the boundaries
    Lunacy has found me
    Cannot stop the Battery
    Pounding out aggression
    Turns into obsession
    Cannot kill the Battery"

    "Battery is found in me"


    I can assure you this is not a figurative speech, take it from the veteran of 1000 psychic wars...

    You should carefully study my website

    Especially the music.

    RobM said:


    You say "AI", the machine etc

    I say "beast".... but I am speaking figuratively..

    If I say "magicians", please understand that I am not referring to type of tripe you'd be seeing Harry Potter..

    You say people are involved, so does Sue.

    In any case I am meaning groups controlling oil and money etc.. ... That's real...

    Considering this is happening worldwide.... one could be forgiven to say its a bit more than a bunch of random people

    I see a lot of faith in unsubstantiated claims of cameras behind the eyes, batteries in the heart.

    Misused terms like "ELF Microwave"...displaying total lack of scientific knowledge

    And not even anecdotal evidence, like

    -- what the voices say?

    -- when they happen?

    -- does anything trigger them off more?

    -- what do they sound like?

    I'm not even allowed to ask, for anecdotal evidence such as:

    -- seawater attenuates microwaves, so if the "afflicted" dive underwater is the v2k still there?

    -- plans for a "farady cage" are presented, but has anyone even actually hired a spectrum analyzer?

    -- plans for a "farady cage" are presented. what happens if you do a mine tour, a cave tour etc, go down a ship's hull maybe? a more cost effective than putting "faith" in the faraday cage.

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