In the mid-Twentieth century there were twenty-five million Americans locked up in the mental hospital gulags. Most of them were easily framed up as having an undefined socially dangerous condition called "schizophrenia", which simply means "scatter brained" in Greek. Their only crime was that they were non-lodge members caught knowing privileged knowledge about their own bodies. Those twenty-five million people were one quarter of the total American population at the time. In imprisonment they were tortured with "cruel and unusual punishments", like electric shock treatments, dopamine blockers, which prevent any feelings of relief, and they were used for any medical experimentation what so ever. When complaints of these injustices reached the Soviet Union, during the Cold War, Dr. Stanislav Grof came over to use the supreme grand secret, "Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD", as a psychiatric therapy to replace LSD. Intelligence agents warned the "lodge" that it was a set up, and not to touch him. As the mental hospital gulags closed, these ruined people with disgraceful records were dumped on the streets to suffer chronic homelessness. Since then, homelessness has been used as the cheapest institution by which to punish "profaners of the sacred mysteries". But, attempts have been made to eliminate our Constitution in order to exterminate all "profaners of the sacred mysteries" in the newly built concentration camps. At this time, we have a Muslim with an agenda of executive orders to put all vital national functions under government control, and to impose an Islamic dictatorship on the American people, in order to follow through with this planned program of extermination, if he is reelected. You can save America, and prevent much human suffering by spreading this information.

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