Use this audio to stop most torture, The results are instant and with some minor tweaks, I am able to continue my search for a better defense with some control.

Use a radio turned all the way down and tuned to the end of the FM dial(108,0). Try AM as well and put a round object on the mouse pad so that it leaves some sound on the radio and allows the systems to track you better.

another thing is the use of pinhole earplugs, which should only be on one ear at a time. Using clay or something rigid but soft, poke a needle sized hole and place in ear. It really works, but will require the exact diameter hole for your body type to work. Try  many times even if it doesn't work at first and eventually torturers should slowdown. I usually stick a clay square with a pinhole on one microphone hole on my computer and it makes things somewhat bearable, then throw new audio for the night.

If you want to try some things, use ROCKS, most torture systems use geology type imagery and rocks allow the system to separate you better. The smallest sounds from rocks near where you live can be recorded and played to identify yourself over and over. TRY IT OUT

Another great tool for finding a defense is SCALAR Field Generator on Android and WIndows, download it free and make some recordings.


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