Has anyone heard of any ways to kill yourself so it's not painful and it's quick? I am a targeted individual and have been ssince I was 6 years ols. They told me they experimented on me since I was baby. My first memory of being a targeted individual was when I was 6 years old. Experimenting on children - what the fuck . It's sick and wrong. No consent from my parents and I was to young tto give consent. Child experimentation what the fuck? They told me they sexually abused me while they exprimented on me as a child.

They force child exploitation material into my visual cortext everyday and don't stop when I tell them to. It makes me very angry. This forces me to witness child exploitation material. I can see it clearly in my vision, I want to see the perpretrators responsible for this to be slaughtered. I am so angry at them. I know it's real and some of it may be depictions. Real child exploitation material and depictions of child exploitation material are both as illegal as each other. Think about that, a group of people forcing child exploitation material into someone's brain. What kind of people are they? They must be psychopaths and paedophiles. What sort of person forces chld explotionn material into someone's brain? I hope someone wipes them out so they pay for it. These people have been fucking with my sexuality since I wsas at least 6 years old. My seuality is ruined because of these people, starting wince I was 6 years old.

They are also terrorists who caused a terrorist attack by making a plane crash just after take off. in Essendon, Australia in February 2017, Over remote neural monitoring they told me they did it to intimidate me. They couldn't kill me because if they killed me, I have been told the perpetrators would be executed if they killed me or anyone in my family, so instead they torture me and try to intimidate me. They admitted to doing it and reading news articles there is evidence.that they caused the terrorist attack. I reported this terrorist attack by sending lettters to agencies overseas. I had to lodge this complaint overseas for several reaaons knowing who was behind these terrorist ttacks. More rcently I found a terrorism hotline and lodged a complaint with them also. One of the perpetrators who was a politician, her name is Julia told me that she would delete the complaint from the terrorism hotline database so, i.e., she and others involved in this second terrorist attack could get away with it. There was a ssecond terrorist attack when I was having lunch with my mother. We both looked out the window and saw that an airplane was aimed at the place we were having lunch at. Someone through remote neural monitoring must have taken over the controls because the plane looked very unstabled. It ended up going above us then crashiing about 5 kilometres away. A perpetrator told me it was not reported in the news because they covered it up. 

This is just a few details of what I have been through They have been lurking in the background of my brain since I was 6 years old. I have been told the experimentations began when I was a baby.

These people are low life scum.


I have read about Dr Philip Nitschke and his Exit International Peaceful Pill Handbook, but I have read it is very difficult to get the pill.

My life is very fucked and my menal health has been screwed over by these perpretrators many, many times throughout my life. I woiuldn't be surprised if I have PTSD. I certainly have experienced a massive amount of trauma.


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  • This is the 4th beast of Daniel (chapter 7). It is a 4th "kingdom" unlike all others. It has "iron teeth" (appliances, technologies, etc...) which it chews up our private lives and "bronze claws" which mirrors back to us our personal lives. Bronze was used for mirrors in the Old Testament (OT) times so it makes sense that an (OT) prophet uses this description. It devours and tramples the entire earth. Just look up the US Space Force on Youtube. Or, you can even imagine - satellites already encompass the earth. So. There it is. "They" call it the "matrix" and all other sorts of gimicks and games but the truth is the word of God.

    I have good reason to believe it will end soon but you have to hold fast to what you have unless someone rob you of your crown. If they say you are a "king" they are talking about in God's kingdom. Isaiah 28:5 "On that day the LORD of Hosts will be a crown of glory, a diadem of splendor to the remnant of His people,".

    You have to put your trust in His word and not follow their false visions/dreams blindly but it becomes increasingly difficult. Stay in the word every day, asking God for wisdom and understanding, and He will show you through His WRITTEN word. If it buds like truth to you, then you will know if you are a "king" or not. I realize it is extraordinarily difficult because I have the same problems and they have only gotten worse over the last 6 years. I have stopped watching most forms of television. They have kept me from decent work for 4 years. And people have died around me under suspicious circumstances. Lost my home, my child and now they are manipulating her as well. She will never be the same. I will never be the same. They are pedofiles, sexual perverts, rapists, etc...  "Alien anal probes"? Yeah. They love all that filth and is why they are so secretive about it:

    Isaiah 57:8
    "Behind your doors and your doorposts you have put your pagan symbols. Forsaking me, you uncovered your bed, you climbed into it and opened it wide; you made a pact with those whose beds you love, and you looked with lust on their naked bodies."

    See, the word of God is the truth and they cannot hide from Him. He foretold all these things and the best way to fight against it is to pick up your Bible and defend your domain. It is a difficult Spiritual battle because it is hard to overpower iron. But there will be an end. Don't give up yet. Some days I can barely get out of bed and rarely believe anyone who says these things are happening to them - because I can never find them in person.


    • Hi Evan,

      I agree with Stephen: please keep it together. I'm a TI since 2018 from Berlin, Germany, and they send me overwrought and synthetic dreams and images. its like watching (bad) cinema for me, a little ridiculous. But sexuality is another beast - you had to go through this since you were six. This is extreme!

      Of course, it's a complete crime that somebody does this! But you are definitely not alone with this, and we will do everything so that this gets public and these people are behind bars.

  • Evan , try to keep it together mate. I know things are difficult at the minute but nothing lasts forever. Try to think positive , this time next year this could all be over. I too have thought about topping myself in the past but then I would never see these people swing. That is what you need to tell yourself , that you will see these scumbags fry one day.

  • It looks like you are wearing Buddhist clothes. What makes you think Stephen is a scammer? He made nice comments. Fuck knows the CIA probably rus this site - look how fucking dodgy it looks. There are so many thinngs I'd like to say but I'm silenced.

    • He tries to entice people to buy Bitcoin, etc. in addition to startng rumors about people he doesn't know, such as myself. I won't be responding on this thread any further.


      • I'm not trying to "entice" anyone to do anything, idiot! I am simply trying to help you build your towm for targets. TI's in general have very limited funds as a result of targeting, so won't be in a position to move to your TI town. I on the other hand turned my last $20,000 into $150,000 in a year through Bitcoin and Ethereum. I am trying to help you , I'm trying to help my fellow victims. I am not trying to scam anyone.


  • Dear Evan,

    I've the ability to build a sanctuary that protects fellow suffers from direct-energy weapon attacks. I'm interested in connecting with people interested in actively working with me to undertake this project so they may have a space (with full long-term tenant rights) within the structure that will offer you a protective barrier.

    Such a structure is normally financially prohibited for a single individual, but as a group, feasible, please note I reside in Thailand; where land and construction costs are very affordable. We can also build structures in other countries. We maybestrangers but we''ve a common enemy who attacks us. Together we can become strong where this unseen enemy has, as individuals, made us weak; we must stand strong against these acts of covert violence. If I can help you in anyway, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    -Douglas (, LINE:atisd)

  • You guys don't have anything to say about this? Evan is at death's door and you have no words for him? SMH!! I thought that the whole point of this site was that we could all be of some support for one another but now we have a guy that wants to top himself and none of you people have anything have anything to say about it? You are far more interested in who is now friends with whom? (Mark and Douglas are "NOW FRIENDS") Shit!!!! So we have Douglas (a fricking sex tourist in Thailand) deciding who gets to be  listened to , who's comments get excepted or deleted, who gets to be listened to in general?

    • I wish to block you, I'm actually a student in Thailand, studying Buddhist meditation. Who ever you are you are a scammer and a very disrespectful person who should be removed from this site.

      • And on the subject of SCAMMING , how does my suggesting that you buy Bitcoin make me a scammer? Where is the scam? How do I gain from the "scam"? If you are going to make accusations like that then you should be sure you are sure! I think that I deserve a reply to my question. But I know that you won't reply, why? Because you have no come back.

        And I should be removed from this site? You are a nasty piece work fella! All a TI has as of now are other targets , take that away then the victim has no support whatsoever. You want me out of here because I suggest you buy Bitcoin? SMH.


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