Initially I thought there were less people affected by it as no one knows about mind reading they even don't think it is possible let alone all the commentary we receive.

Then i look it on the internet, and then i thought oh there must be millions of people who are getting affected by it. I am not alone.

After searching it for few years I realised our numbers are in tens of thousands not in millions who are actually receiving this electronic torture, rest of the people are in database and may be there brains are also read but they are not electronically harassed.

Has any one have any counter arguments to make the number to millions worldwide receiving this electronic torture as i find very less number of people that actually think it is possible to have that much perps to torture that many people(millions). No neighbour in your vicinity is torturing you kindly mind that, they are also unaware of this, don't increase the perps number by including unnecessary people like your neighbours.


Free Soul

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