The 3 secrets about the electromagnetic weapons are

(1) American electromagnetic Remote Surgery and Remote mind Control weapon is not controlled American government but by a tycoon Mafia family. The Privatization of CIA secret projects in the 70s resulted from the Church and Rockefeller investigation had legalized family control of secret weapons. This was indicated by former CIA officer Mark Philips in an interview with Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota.   (2) Focused Electromagnetic Remote surgery can do surgery remotely on human, on machine, on earth and on air particles, can created any diseases (e.g. cancer, heart attack), create man-made aircraft accidents, create man-made earthquakes, create wind and control weather, turn normal person into a SLEEP WALKER like moron robot. Part of the focused electromagnetic energy technology won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997. In the Hearing on March 15, 1995, Christian deNicola testified she had been used as experimental target of focused electromagnetic radiation in the 70s. (3) Electromagnetic Remote Mind Control can control the mind and behaviors of human and animal by signal synchronization. It can make a SLEEPWALKING moron behave and talk like a normal person. American and Canadian citizens being used as mind control experimental target in 50s-70s were reported in NYTimes in 1974 and CBC in 1984. However, most people in both countries didn’t know them as it was not every media Everyday report. The media workers who knew the secrets not everyone knew were later murdered mentally or physically.

The 3 things the victims asked people to help to do after the 3 secrets about electromagnetic weapon being known by everyone on earth, which probably would take another 30 years are:

(1) Ask for doing the same surgery on those who enabled Remote Surgery on human beings, especially on the bosses who really made decisions.

(2) Build memorial buildings in every country and engrave stories of heroes who died or disabled due to exposing the secrets on walls to encourage youngsters to do right things.

(3) Delete bad people’s names from buildings, school names, and other history records, and use numbers to replace them. For instance, use Evil 001 in 2nd world war to replace Adolf Hitler; use Evil 001 in CIA mind control crisis to replace Rockefeller if Rockefeller

family controlled CIA mind control FIRM was true.

The 3 secrets about the electromagnetic weapons.pdf

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