American Military Dictatorship to restore secret: vagal stimulation as effective as LSD. See is how I got caught for the Clockwork Orange treatment. They will do it to everybody caught knowing too much, now that that bill has passed allowing the armed forces to grab us all. You too. You now know too much, too. We all hope the President vetos this bill. Here are the details about the time I got caught: When we were in the first grade, twins, Tommy and Frankie, and I went out on the town one Saturday. We went in to the library and tried to find the biggest books to slam shut. then went around town testing every door. We found a certain back door and went in. Once inside we found another door, and to our surprise there were a bunch of guys around one guy who was all tied up, to say the disgusting least.Yuckkk! Frankie yelled out, "It's a rodeo". The guys came after us but we escaped and ran through back yards and thickets until we lost them. Then next week two of them came into our classroom with the Principal and they pointed us out and said, "That's them! Those boys must be punished!" The Principal took us into her office and said, "This doesn't concern us. You may go back to class". One afternoon during Summer vacation from the fifth grade, we were in the playground playing World War II. I got stuck being a German, and as

we played war I yelled out repeatedly the primary German sylable that I rememberd, "ein", pronounced "eyennn". The Freemason from across the street from the playground ran in, grabbed and shook me saying, "Don't say that word! Don't say that word!". Well, it turned out that "eyennn" is the Lost Word of the Royal Arch. Thinking of it also spikes dopamine. Let's be the majority. Some years       later in the ninth grade. My buddie, Sandie, and I had eaten lunch in Chinatown, and we were on our way to the subway station when a homeless person, very rare in those days, said that he had been at a coctail party and had spilt some of his Masonic secrets. He was kicked out of the lodge, he was fired from his job, and no one would hire him. His wife left him with the kids, and he lost his home. He was as sober as a judge, and he told us all the Masonic secrets. In the twelvth grade I wrote a required term paper. Mine was "Superstition in America" and in it I revealed the Masonic secrets. I got a 98% for it, graduated High School, and went into the Army. When I got sick and landed in Valley Forge Army Hospital the Freemasons zeroed in on me and gave me Hell, literally. They threatened me never to reveal certain things again. It has been my life's vocation revealing these things. That's where I got the LSD and the 71 electric shock treatments without anesthetic. Why 71? One day they gave me two in one day. Anyway, that LSD treatment came to be called the "Clockwork Orange" treatment. With it they force you to watch films of horrible torments, for example, inside Auschwitz, and you body switch, backward and forward in time into everyone in the film. I went further. I bodyswitched into everyone I ever saw, in the future, and have relived it every other time I grew old and died, 36 times. The other 36 times I got up after having passed out from an allergic bee sting. Thank God for that bee. I am due to go there next time. I have an agenda! Guess what I am going to do rather than get captured again.

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  •       And, I sent a letter to NAMI, who expect financial support from their gods' victims:

    Who do you think you're fooling? Dopamine blockers block the neurotransmitter of reward so severely that victims of dopmine blockers don't even get the reward from changing position, or even changing facial expression, so that they writhe in a smothering torment trying to find that reward, by tardive diskinesia, and the habit never goes away.
    Dopamine doesn't cause psychosis. Live with a cocaine addict and you will find that extra dopamine doesn't cause psychosis. Cocaine is a monoamineoxidase, MAO, inhibitor. Cocaine blocks the enzyme, MAO, that would remove excess dopamine from the nerve gaps. By blocking MAO, that addict does have excess dopamine, but, he is not psychotic. The body reacts by reducing dopamine production so that the cocaine addict suffers from the worst addiction there is, exactly the torment anyone on dopamine blockers feels.
    The mental hospital gulags forced their prisoners on dopamine blockers to devastate them into compliance. The psychiatric secret society forces their victims on dopamine blockers to devastate them into compliance, and you participate in this atrocity by promoting it. Psychiatric secret society? It is suppressed knowledge that psychosis is actually using a higher percentage of brain use, higher than the legal 10% brain use.
    This percentage can be seen by looking at an MRI in action. In a "normal" person, patches of light will be seen here and there in the brain, always moving around, but always summing up to a certain percentage of the brain. A well known company tried to cash in on a MRI lie detector. It was said that when the truth is told only one part of the brain lights up; but, when a lie is told, two portions of the brain light up. I spread that if analogue correspondence tables are memorized, truth or lie will light up many portions of the brain, twarting the MRI lie detector. That project was dropped.
    But, psychiatry secretly defines psychosis to be using more than 10% brain use. There are things that increase the percentage of brain use. LSD does it by blocking seratonin, the neurotransmitter of the inhibitory neurons that keep the brain down to 10% brain use. Nervous breakdown happens when stress forces higher percentages of brain use until the victim can no longer handle it. Muscarine causes so much parasympathetic (muscarinic) nervous system stimulation that the inhibitory neurons in the brain are overrided, and the percentage of brain use increases. Muscarine doesn't even pass the blood brain barrier.
    Psychiatric secret society? Psychiatry is in contract with all the other secret societies who suppress the fact that VAGAL STIMULATION IS AS EFFECTIVE AS LSD, our bumper sticker reads. That is the supreme secret of their cartel of secret lodges. Excite the parasympathetic nervous system by hand; to one's body, with one's body. The "Rednecks" called it "poor man's dope", when used as far as perinatal matrix one, Islam calls using it, into perinatal matrix two, the Knowledge of Good and Evil, "blowing on knots", in the Koran, witchcraft, punishable by execution by stoning, under Islamic governments. That is why the "one world order" is in the process of putting America under an Islamic government by sneaking Sharia law into our legal system, and other tricks.
    But, at the same time, prisoners are being tortured by "waterboarding", which replaced LSD for the Clockwork Orange treatment, which puts its victims into perinatal matrix three, Hell itself, where these victims body switch backward and forward in time into the bodies of the victims they have seen in films about Auschwitz, etc. LSD has permanent lifetime effects that has made it extremely illegal, and thus we have waterboarding, which has been said to have been the original sacrament of baptism. "Take up your cross and follow me", crucifixion does the same thing. Jesus Christ was crucified for also having profaned the "sacred mysteries".
    You would think that humanity would have "grown up", by now, enough to expose and dispense with the superstitious tyranny of the past; but no, you are cooperating with it, to perpetuate this disease of humanity. Disease? Any one can have an accident that puts scar tissue into the parasympathetic nervous system. This also stimulates the muscarinic nervous system to put its victims into perinatal matrices two or three. The more rational Soviet Union called it "shamans' disease", but, you cooperate with those who diagnose it "schizophrenia" and punish it with dopamine blockers. if you don't remedy this situation the world will someday list your name with all the corrupt organizations who contriburted to these violations of our Constitution and to all of humanity.

  •       Do you believe in light? You couldn't read this without light. In 1John1:5 it says, "God is light". Science knows that light is energy. God is energy. There are two things in the universe: energy and "information". and information is the conformation of energy.
    We got consciousness in finite time. In our brains, consciousness was caused by the capacitance and ectropy of the arising reticular formation of the medulla oblongata, which is simply the interference of information by virtue of the inevitability of orthogonality.
    The First Law of Thermodynamics is, "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed". Energy is eternal. Certainly, in eternity it is inevitable that information would cause energy (God) to be conscious. Would you think that God doens't want boredom. That is why He doesn't interfere with free will.
    Some pantheists say that E=Mcc means that you, I, and God's creation are all energy. If we were energy we would never sleep. The energy released from E=Mcc is the energy that was involved in maintaining the information.
    To answer another question, information can be created and destroyed. That is what the Second Law of Thermodynamics says when it says, "In the universe, entropy always increases". The entropy of the universe, at any one time, is the proportion of photons to nucleons, that is, entropy is the extent of polarity cancellation.
    Information, the conformation of energy? Take a cloth sheet. It represents energy. Wrinkle the sheet. The wrinkles represent information. Pull the sheet out straight, and, "fump", the wrinkles become nonexistent. They "perish". Look in "Roget's Thesaurus", perishing is synonymous with becoming nonexistent.
    Such a universal sheet exists on the eighth, ninth, and tenth dimensions; and, it is called the Ricci Curvature. Where there is no Ricci Curvature there is no matter. It says in the Bible, "Only He (God) is immortal"; and, "The soul that sinneth shall die". Crooks have profited on the fear of Plato's immortality of the soul.
    There is the "aioniu amartematos", the "aeon of failure", mistranslated into English, "eternal damnation". A Greek professor told me that an "aeon" is only a hundred years. Spirit is matter in bent timespace, and, matter is spirit in flat timespace. Our soul is that portion of our being in the fifth dimensional spheres of bent timespace. Theoretically, -n+n=0, the soul is still perishable information.
    A Jehovah's Witness told me, "Eternal punishment is infinite injustice. God is not unjust". By the way, if Jehovah's Witnesses get on your case, just tell them that you want to become nonexistent; and then, they will immediately go away. I am only 99.9990 % sure I can someday become nonexistent.
    The simple explanation for consciousness is the interference of matter. Complex interferences in the brain, like the capacitance of neurons (and the neurons that maintain our consciousness are substance P, pain nerves) and the "ectropic" systems that restore the capacitance of the neurons, that would naturally wear out. All the matter in the infinite universe would, and does, impose consciousness on energy, and has eternally. Those are probabilistic consequences of eternity. It happens to us, easily enough; and happens to energy in eternity by infinity. If you say the universe began with the Big Bang, and is still expanding, Dr. Max Tegmark revealed that there are an infinitude of such universes, in the real universe that he calls the "multiverse". Our little world, previously called the universe, is just one of an infinitude of such puff balls, but, it's all the same energy everywhere. We have a mechanism in our brain, derived by selective evolution, that prevents us from knowing the complete satisfaction we receive in unconsciousness. But, there are rare ways to bypass this veil, like meditation upon a certain sound that induces complementary conjugate circuits that confer temporary unconsciousness, the complete satisfaction of which is not filtered out. Then, we see that consciousness is a curse. we see that the heart of every pleasure is a moment of unfiltered unconsciousness. That sound is pronounced "eyennn", like the German word "ein". Another suppressed secret is that "vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD"; concerning that, just Google "lahunken". We have a frequency. That frequency is like a bouncing superball touching the floor, unconsciousness, at that frequency. The faster that frequency the better we feel. Uniting opposite polarities approach each other like two glasses touching emit a rising tone, a rising frequency, and if they can completely unite, undifferentiate, and cancel out into nonexistence. Energy built this veil, this deception. In Ezekiel14:9, God admits, "I the Lord deceived that prophet", God admitted lying. God lies. This veil is a lie. I'm glad I am not God. He has no chance of every having unconsciousness; but then, He doesn't know what He is missing.
  •       Vagal stimulation is as sure as the account of my personal experience, as one of millions of Americans who were unlawfully victimized by the secret "holy inquisition" of the Twentieth Century.

    > A powerful secret society who suppresses special knowledge of human physiology is responsible for all the trouble in the country today. You could say this about any country today. > The practices of the real yoga secrets stimulate the parasympathetic (muscarinic) nervous system enough to awaken more that the normal 10% brain use, by this muscarinic stimulation (Kundalini) spreading to the muscarinic neurons in the brain (sahasrara chakra), override the inhibitory neurons that LSD would block. > Muscarine (soma) doesn't pass the blood/brain barrier. It works by stimulating the parasympathetic (muscarinic) nervous system. What is the chakra easiest to get one's hands on nearest to the brain? > As the percentage of brain use increases, beyond 10% brain use, we become aware of higher dimensions. Dr. Stanislav Grof teaches how to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system by "holotropic" breathing (pranayama), see He replaced LSD with holotropic breathing. > Going in the direction of more and more power is along the fifth dimension. The thoughts get more and more powerful to draw one by inductive resonance to the probability timeline, by the attraction of inductive resonance, where that which imagined is reality. This is like having powerful magical abilities, but, on new timelines, the people there aren't aware of what you were aware of on other timelines, so that, if you discuss these, you will appear crazy, and could get in trouble there on that timeline. > Dr. Stanislav grof defined three major stages, as there are higher and higher percentages of brain use. Perinatal matrix one is euphoric. Perinatal matrix two confers tremendous knowledge and mind power, and it has been called "the knowledge of good and evil", and can be quite frightening. > Perinatal matrix three is Hell itself, for, here control is lost and after one wishes one were someone else, he body switches into that someone else, again most likely with a weak brain of only 10% brain use again; but, as soon as that body sleeps or dies, it is uncontrolably off to another body, and so on, body switching backward in time, for usually for a hundred years duration. It felt like a thousand to me, each time. > In the Twentieth Century asthmatics, and just people who had accidental "self discovery", were framed up and tagged insane and committed to the mental hospital gulags, where attempts were made to erase their memories with electric shock treatments. > Those who were told, or figured out, whose secrets these are, were given the Clockwork Orange treatment with large doses of LSD to put them in perinatal matrix three. Today, waterboarding is used to do the same thing. Dr. Grof said that waterboarding was the original baptism, one out of many methods to initiate candiates into the "sacred mysteries". > Primitive tribes, and barbaric cults, have being using this since time immemorial; but today we have a tyranical secret society who controls the "one world order", who plans to make America Islamic, to suppress their privileged secret. > They have tried all kinds of tricks to do this, passed that un-Constitutional Bill, and are trying to make it illegal to criticize Islam, so they can force conversions on all Americans. Why Islam? Islam punishes "blowing on knots" or any allied technique that causes vagal stimulation with stoning to death for its capital punishment.
  •       Ahhh, now we see why you originally attacked my personal account of the secret inquisition which took place in the "land of the free" in the Twentieth Century. You are terrified of prosecution or law suit, and apparently know that there is no statute of limitation for criminal abuse of a diabled person. And, in your panic you left your name.

    But, since I became a Christian in 1999 I know that if I don't forgive, I wont be forgiven. Christ said, "What you measure out to others will be measured out to you", so, I am not going to ruin my future by causing you any unhappiness. The personal history is just incidental. We are concerned with making the forbidden secret, "VAGAL STIMULATION IS AS EFFECTIVE AS LSD" common public knowledge.

    In my late sixties I am willing to retire on ten million dollars, now, but, if I my total financial worth continues to remain forty dollars or less the last week of every month, I will struggle to my death to make this secret common public knowledge. Even on the street, there is grafitti.

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