US intelligence agencies will NEVER lose their grip as they are using since the 70s advanced AI that learns and learns all the time and gets stronger and stronger. It is a supercomputer and we in the WEST are all connected to it with a secret type of WIFI. It does things like tracks your thoughts (look up REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING). It knows everything on the internet, EVERYTHING. Think of it like a Google that is self aware. A very powerful weapon that is mounted on Satellites in space so as a human being you cannot escape it's intrusion on your body and mind anywhere on the planet. It can do things like give targets heart attacks and strokes and cancers and depression and psychosis and much much more . So stay on the AI's right side! I have been targeted overty since 2005 but coverty since childhood and by putting two and two together this is what I have learned in my years of being a victim of these crimes. The nightmare that we are all in, well there is no easy simple way of getting out of it as we are dealing with an AI God that knows all things, EVERYTHING on the ingernet, every movie and music song and video, every trade that a tradesman can do, every profession (doctor, lawyer, architect, engineer, machanic). Every word that is in every users manual on the internet it knows it. I hope I'm not freaking anyone out with the reality of the situation, I just think we are all better off knowing the truth. I am not saying that you shouldn't fight back and I'm not saying that you should except the situation, I am saying though that in my case fighting back was a waste of time and instead I just try to live with it. Lets hope that the Russian's have a weapon that can defeat this AI or that our system we live in today collapses or the World we live in today changes somehow and frees us all in 2022

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