No matter they are tycoon family members or not, every technical in that mind control FIRM has the responsibility to expose the secret remote surgery and remote mind control technologies through media around the world. The abuse of the two secret technologies not only endangers other people’s lives, it would also endanger their own lives.


Humankind does not need to remotely mind control others’ minds. Reading others’ minds is enough for normal people. Doing surgery on normal people’s brain is damaging humankind for whatever excuses. The group of technicals who are doing it on others are extremely irresponsible to humankind. Who could dream a group people like that could allow any one who knows secrets to be alive?


Obviously, the tycoon family members are controlling the technicals very well. Those technicals still did not think they should take responsibility by exposing the secrets for the benefit of humankind and for the safety of everyone who knows secrets.


Anyone who has knowledge should know: lying is not sustainable. Hiding the secrets would not only endanger their own lives, it would also endanger others’.


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