At the moment from confirmed sources , the lastest n most sophisticated type of "mind control n body manipulation technology" out there today used by Governments is "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Radiation" nuclear magnetic resonance , its way more stealth n covert than microchips which can be seen with X-RAY and MRI machines. Its hardly detectable in a humans physiology, but way more effective than any other form of "ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT" in form of radio waves. V2K, MIND READING, ELECTRONIC TORTURE. The way it works is very simple. A victim unsuspectingly ingests a drink containing a "Radioisotope" which emits Radio Waves. The Government is able to pick up these Extremely Low Frequency Radio Waves being emitted by your body n send back to the Hydrogen Atoms in your blood Extremely Low Frequency Waves at a specific frequency that can affect your moods, thoughts, physical behavior, in a way that's exaggeratedly disturbing. 


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  • Perhaps a few days of fasting - a cleansing of your whole system?

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