2016: Obama’s America

The Propaganda To Demonize Our President Barack Obama

August 25, 2012


Barack Obama is blamed for the lack of oil drilling in the ocean areas located around the territories of the United States.  The reason for the cut down in oil drilling was because of the accident which occurred that was a tragedy for many cities and beaches.  There was great demand that the President do something about it, by restricting oil drilling in the ocean areas around America.  Why did not the movie show this side of the matter.


President Barack Obama as a child.  It is obvious he was just a child, who loved his father who was not around most of his life, but only for a visit.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But consider he is a father who does not leave his wife or children.  I am sure because he does not want them to grow up like he did without a father and because he loves them.  They showed his father who did many sins.  The type of sins that would disqualify any from office.  Why blame, Barack Obama, the child.  When I was little boy, I saw my father slap my mother and she flew to the floor.  I hated him for it, but I loved him anyhow, because he was my father.  I put it past me and loved him.  What is wrong with President Barack Obama loving his father?  He is innocent.  He was a child.  Well then, my family mistreated me for visiting my father and loving him.  But the Bible says, honor your father and your mother.  God did not say, just honor your mother.  But that you should also honor your father and that unconditionally.


The Book: Dreams From My Father.  Because our President Barack Obama wrote this book with this title, the movie is declaring that he wants to be like his father, committing all the sins of his father.  It is outright propaganda to demonize him and it proves nothing.  They show the father as a polygamist and they show his father’s politics.  Consider, I had a brother who I loved much and was my favorite brother.  His name was, Pete Perez.  He was a Muslim since I was in the 2nd grade and he was never the kind to give my mother money when he had much of it and she was in need.  I hated it all.  I never talked about it to my family, but I became a Christian and I give my mother money and take her out to eat often.  What the movie proclaims as evidence against our President is preposterous.  Today still, all my family knows that, Peter Perez, who died long ago, was my favorite brother and that I still love him.  This shows that our President Barack Obama is the same.  Consider he is the type who does not like to express the negative, but the positive.  There are many people like that.  Perhaps in the millions across America.  He did nothing wrong with writing this book no matter how he wrote it.


President Barack Obama’s Mother.  They showed trivial things about his mother.  They prove nothing, but they are exaggerated.  The movie portrayed her as politically evil, which is worse than being politically incorrect.  This to demonize her and the President.


Mother Provided Mentor of President Barack Obama.  She found someone who mentored her son, Barack Obama.  Then they show someone who wrote a book that this mentor of his was a Communist.  I hate Communism.  But because of this book that claims this mentor of young, Barack Obama, to be a supposed Communist proves nothing.  Consider that this mentoring occurred during the 1960’s and perhaps the 1970’s.  That is when the Black Panthers and the Civil Rights Movement began.  There were many Black writers who involved themselves with Communist literature to find intelligent ways of putting the message across to the U.S. Civil Federal Government for there to be government programs and helps for the poor, since they were not given the same chances due to institutionalized prejudice.  But that does not mean they are Communist.  They dove into the ideology looking for political language they could use that would influence our government to help the Black People and the needy.  I was a Muslim when I was a child in 2nd grade, because my brother, Pete Perez, converted to Islam and used to talk a lot about the Black Panthers as some form of Civil Rights Movement heroes.  I went with him to Midland, Texas to live with a Muslim priest and I sold candy for the Nation Of Islam.  When I came back my sister would ask me questions to make fun of me to my family in a graceful way, because I talked like I was Black.  I lived there for that long in the summer.  Well then, what is going on is that the Black Panthers and Muslims wanted political change.  It was a class struggle and all Blacks were for voicing out for the Civil Rights Movement be heard and they even influenced Hispanics.  What is wrong with the Blacks demanding that taxes on the rich, who were something they could not be, unless you owned Motown, be wrong at all.  Remember, there are many who still believe that public education is Communist politics, because the White majority built the schools and they were now being used by law to educate Hispanics and Blacks.  Their sympathy was that Hispanics and Blacks should build their own schools.  After slavery, the Black People had no way of financing education for their children, because the money they had was to be used to live and eat another day.  Blacks were not allowed into Universities or public schools during the Civil Rights Movement era.  It was hard.  Why label them as Communists?  President Barack Obama was mentored as a child or youth during this era.  Why demonize him?


The Bad Economy Blamed on President Barack Obama. The problem with our economy began with NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), giving permission for American companies to move their plants to foreign nations where they pay less taxes and wages.  In El Paso, Texas 13 Levi’s plants moved to Mexico and left thousands out of a job.  This included my friend’s sister and my ex-girlfriend, Ruth Trejo.  They had no other skills.  They were given severance pay, but they lost their retirement.  This forever.  That is a lot of spending money that was lost that could have been used to purchase many things in stores across the entire city.  This means less jobs or less work hours they could keep someone hired for.  This is what happened with one company in only this city of El Paso, Texas.  Forever, El Paso, Texas has to live with the absence of these thousands of jobs that could have existed for residents of this city, because they moved to Mexico.  That is what is going on across the United States.  This is why our economy is doing bad.  These are the reasons.


Nuclear Warhead Reduction.  The movie showed that President Obama wants to reduce our nuclear warheads from 3,000 to 1,500, but wants it reduced to even a lower number of 300.  I believe in Reganism and I oppose, President Barack Obama, for this.  The movie showed that Russia now has 1,500 nuclear warheads.  America is the world influence for the right kind of government and we must always be superior.  If we are weak, then other nations can combine against us and defeat us with their nuclear warheads united.  There are many who believe the answer to war is to reduce the nuclear warhead numbers.  But that is not the answer.  Also Islamic nations might one day unite with Russia in war against us.  There is nothing that can guarantee that this will not happen.  Russia had many nations under its control that were populated with Muslims in the past.  Middle Eastern Muslims still believe that the United States of America is the Great White Devil.  That means they would unite with any nation against us.  Who that nation is will not matter.


President Barack Obama was a Civil Rights Attorney.  This is the real background why, President Barack Obama, is the way he is.  A civil rights attorney will always consider the civil rights of the victim no matter what his or her religion is or etc.  Just because he was for the civil rights of Muslims, the label him as politically dangerous to us.  But I am for the civil rights of Muslims too.  But I am a strong Christian and know that Islam is a heresy.  But why not let them live and have rights to the American dreams like we all have?  As Christian, we are to preach and witness to them so they can accept Jesus.  That is what he said.  He did not say to kill others.  He did not say to oppress others.  Also the President was made into some political evil for fighting for the civil rights of the prisoners at Guantanamo bay who suffered the abuse.  Well, that is what civil rights attorneys do.  It is how they live.  Also, I have noticed since long that Blacks who fight for civil rights also fight for the rights of homosexuals.  Why?  Because they know that justifying the harms done to homosexuals will justify by twisted people the harms done to Black People.  But that does not mean they are homosexuals or that they favor homosexuality.  I as a Christian have seen this type of twisting of those I used to preach to and witness to at school.  If I approve of a wrong to someone evil, then what is the problem with the wrongs that they act out against me?  That is how some fierce individuals’ prejudice against someone who legitimately wants to live for Jesus will position arguments and themselves in opposition.  Consider also, I used to preach and witness to homosexuals on the street and even to transvestites.  One asked me what they can do now that they had gone through with the sex change operation.  I told that person, have the operation to reverse the sex change.  You see.  It is all about telling people about Jesus so they can get saved.  Not about harming them. 


That President Barack Obama’s Founding Fathers are Others.  This makes no sense.  These were people when he was a child and a young student.  This is propaganda to demonize him.  How could he not see, President Abraham Lincoln, as a founding father he honors, for instance.  But, his university professor with his political ideologies was declared in the film to be the President’s founding father.  This with others.  Why?  Professors hardly ever speak to their students about politics to influence them to convert to their ideologies.  It is ethically wrong.  I had 2 political science professors at UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) and none did that.  Instead they encouraged theirs students to think.  This so they can be great thinkers.  Nothing is wrong here.  It is not reality, for someone to compare their parents or professors as something higher than the founders of their nation.  It is not reality to compare them with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, or the most famous movie actors.  Parents and teachers are only an influence.  But that is all.  But to compare them to great people, is preposterous.  If they were great they would have been great.  Also, people know and understand how their parents and teachers don’t have it so great, not matching up to others around them.  This makes them see clearly that they are not anyone super.  Not anything that great either.  Why compare them to the greats.  You can love your parents more than the greats, but you cannot compare them to the greats as having the capability of running the business of the greats.  Unless, you are retarded maybe.  And well, they are supposed to be taken care of with love.


That the President was chosen because he is Black.  The movie claimed that America chose, Barack Obama, to be president because they needed someone who is Black.  That the reason they chose him instead of anyone else is because he is a Black who is not angry.  Why would America need someone who is Black to be president all of the sudden.  Was America going to be punished?  No.  There was no need for America to force this into being.  It has always been hard for Blacks and when it got better for them, it was still hard for them, more than the others.  This in general.  But it was harder for, Barack Obama, who had close roots to Africa.  His father was from there, but, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii.


Now, I was a Satanist as a youth, but then I turned Christian as a teenager.  I was popular in school always with my Satanism.  But when I became a Christian, when I was a teenager going to high school, I changed and have opposed Satanism.  Why not, Barack Obama, about Islam?  He became a Christian.  So did I.  Why categorize me as a Satanist, still?  I was a Muslim when I was in 2nd grade.  But now I am opposed to Islam for the heresy it is.  But, I still love them.  They deserve civil rights like anyone else does.  This I believe, because I am a Christian.  Why do people say, President Barack Obama, is different?  Propaganda to demonize him is what it is all about.


The Preacher from the Church of Christ.  The preacher to the church, President Barack Obama, went to was exposed for his statements.  He said, “God bless America not, but God damn (curse and judge) America.”  The word “damn,” was to mean the word, “damnation.”  It was not meant as profanity.  What if, Barack Obama, never liked it?  Many people who go to church don’t like everything the preacher says.  That happens everywhere.  I have heard preachers that used words that sound near profane that I never liked.  I went to many churches that I visited.  Now consider this also, lots of preachers almost say the same thing.  They say on the radio and from pulpits that America will be judged for living like Sodom and Gomorrah.  And they preach that America has become like them with pleasure and prosperity.  What is wrong with that?  I am an Assemblies of God Baptist Evangelical.  These are preaching to bring people to repentance.  Consider that, Robert Schuller, is one preacher who is famous who I am against, because of his positive thinking teachings.  I was a Satanist and used to go to occult bookstores, where I would find books on positive thinking there.  Then what is called, the New Age beliefs began, and they re-categorized them these books as New Age.  It is still the occult to me and I will always be against it.  But can they be saved?  By the grace of God, yes.  Well, Governor Arnold Swatzenegger, went there and is shown whenever you see, Robert Schuller, on Television.  But, why is that anything of great importance?  There is to be no separation of church and state, meaning you cannot outlaw the Church of Christ people from office, simply because the Baptists are the majority.  That is all that it is.


President Barack Obama said on Television.  He came out on television and announced he would not allow anyone to hide anything from him or his administration that is labeled “national security.”  That is a good that he has done.  He was a civil rights attorney and he is concerned with the civil rights of people.  He was against the abuse that happened at Guantanamo Bay and at other military prison facilities.  That is what we need with the presidency always.  What is good with any law enforcement agency if they cannot be investigated?  What would we be suffering now?


The National Debt.  I have read many books and opinions on this.  But, this is something that all presidents are blamed for.  I know it needs to be reversed.  But, President Barack Obama, is not the only one.


Tax U.S. Corporations on Foreign Soil.  The movie portrayed the President as Communist.  Why?  I and many Americans believe the same as the President does.  It is called being a Democrat for these matters.  They deserve to be taxed.  These are corporations like Levi’s who moved to Mexico, so they don’t have to pay workers as much as anything close to this nation’s minimum wage.  These countries these corporations move to tax them.  They should get taxed, since they had the privilege of moving to Mexico or elsewhere to pay less for producing their products.  It hurt America and its economy.


I am for whoever become President.  If, President Barack Obama, does not get re-elected, I will honor whoever becomes President.  The Bible says, “honor the king.”  We don’t have a king, thank God, but still it applies to our President.


The End.

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