CIA indicated to me, yesterday, they killed one good person who wanted to expose secrets and who had been working in CIA for a long time. CIA real boss used robots to kill him.


The real boss has to be a Rockfeller family member technical staff. He and his assistants might be pretending to be opposing what the old man is doing. Although he is not too old, but he still believe lying is sustainable. It is him and the old one who wanted to kill me and other good people in CIA who do not think damaging humankind by hiding secrets and encouraging more killings is sustainable. Otherwise, there is no reason that they are still insisting on hiding secrets by deleting traces of what really happened. They are trying to kill more good people like me.


Whatever lies the CIA real boss gives, they can’t lie on what they are really doing today and what they did yesterday. They are trying to kill more good people only.


The killing of President Kennedy gave them a deep impression that secrets can be hidden for very long long time. They are trying to make it a forever secret. They are trying to delete everyone and every robot who know secrets. That is why the original plan was to kill everyone. Why is there no one puts the CIA real boss and the other helpers into sleep and let them sleep for a long time to give other CIA employees an opportunity to make good things happen?


Hiding the non-lethal weapons and on purpose killing people is completely not reasonable, no matter what excuses are given.


There would be no death penalty after good things happening. What else could they worry? What else could they lose? If they insist on not exposing the two technologies themselves, there is no reason other people cannot do it to stop killings.


Killing killers who do not stop killing using lies is saving lives.

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