The T.I's Guide


The guide is a simple and very general guide for Targeted Individuals to help you cope, survive and fight.

1. Don’t panic- whatever is happening to you try and stay calm, it seems much worse than it actually is at first. This can all scare the hell out of you when it first starts, you will be surprised how adaptive you can be and most things us T.I’s face is fixable or fixes itself over time.

2. Stay sane-I use my sense of humor, spend time with friends that understand, try and find bits of enjoyment in life, these things just help keep you going. Try to think in a healthy and positive manor.

3. Adapt- know that over time you can learn and adapt. You can learn how to be tough, how to survive and how to fight.
4. Fight- our lives may be hard but we do have a fighting chance to get out of our situations. Keep going as best you can.
5. Learn to jump in- with telepathy and mind control sometimes you have to be quick- your enemy can hear your thoughts so you need to do things before they can prepare, if you see a chance go for it.
6. Find friends and supporters- Perpetrators will try and keep us isolated so try get as many people as you can supporting you.
7. Suicide watch- if you feel like suicide I urge you to contact one of us on the site. We are here to help, especially during these kind of times and always remember- there are people out there fighting for you.
8. keep a diary- or write your story and let people know what is happening; make some noise.
9. Never give up- you aren't alone, if you fight long enough, help always arrives.

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  • Great idea Damian,

     New coming TIs need  some basic  advise to cope with  situations just too difficult to admit or share with non TI s  and old TIs may also need some back up  when they are down and too tired to think clearly.

    n°6 seems  an important and difficult point to acheive, since perps will try attack your friends and relations and play tricks on them to intimidate them. Elaenor White gives an advise on this point as well  : joining religious communities  in the neighbourhood  and getting involved in common activities without mentionning the problems of stalking,  at first . 

    But , it mainly depends on who is behind the situation.

    Keep on working on this list , without making it too long.


  • 15.  Understand what is happening to you and around you and do not engage your family if they are unaware.   They may be influenced and not understand.   Be patient and understanding and ascertain if truly electronic harassment or some other type of torture you are experiencing and what you can do to minimize the affect so that you can learn to lead as normal an existence as possible using the great suggestions above.

  • 14.  Thou shall not be confused, mislead, and deceived by negative views, assertions, or assumptions by other.  This site is a mixture of members who are true targeted victims, perps or agents, or working for the agents, and the just curious.  Use your wisdom and discernment.  It is only you who knew or have known what you have experienced or have been experiencing.  The other cannot disregard or make an assessment of your experiences of harassment or tortures as the incidents were not directed at or experienced by the other.  It is "who was hit and affected", and "not who was not hit and affected" in the relevant circumstances.  The feelings and interpretations of the other "who was not hit and affected" are irrelevant in the circumstances.

  • Thank you Damion for your really excellent and accurate advice.  I hope everyone can learn from it

    Ok, I'll add one:

    10. Read a lot of the serious sites on the web, to learn overall how this is done and avoid falling inthe AI's numerous and always very destructive deceptions.

  • Please feel free to add suggestions

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