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SIXTEEN Questions

  1. Animals live for sensational satisfaction and power. What do you think human beings should live for and why?

(a)   Same as animals, as human beings are one type of animals. Living for family is equivalent to living for sensational satisfaction and power. Animals can do the same. Actually, we shouldn’t dominate the earth.  

(b)  Different from animals, as if human beings are not different from animals we should not dominate the earth at all. Human beings should live for the betterness of the whole humankind rather than living for sensational satisfaction and power, which is not different from any type of animals.

(c)   None of the above, we should follow our soul and what we feel. There should not be any theory to guide human beings as those who used those theories are communists who brain wash people and do not give them freedom of thinking. Different people should have different purposes. It makes our society colorful.

(d)  Others______________________________________________________________________________

  1. If you were a media worker and don’t have the capability of understanding a new secret technology, while reporting such secret technology being controlled by a Mafia family could save 10,000 up more lives each day, would you persistently persuade your supervisor and other colleagues to make it reported?

(a)   I should, because evenif the information is not accurate, by reporting up to 23 months everyday, the report content would be closer to the truth. Saving 10,000 up more lives each day is much more important than any embarrassment that might be brought about due to inaccurate or imperfect report

(b)  I should not, because as an employee I should always follow my boss’s ideas. I should not get into any trouble, as being alive the most important is having money to use and food to eat. I’m not the only media worker, those “important” things should be taken care of by others.

(c)   Others______________________________________________________________________________

  1. If it is true that a secret institute is using Electromagnetic weapons to kill innocent people mentally or physically or mind-control the sleepwalking mentally dead to kill themselves or others, who do you think should expose the secrets to the public?

(a)   Those who work in the secret institute, as other people do not have access to the advanced weapon which can kill anyone who exposes secrets immediately. Of course, they need support from those outside the secret institute after the secret technologies being exposed. Without support from the public, exposing secrets would be failure. Only evils do brain surgery secretly; only evils study and use mind control. Human beings protect humankind by making the whole world know what is remote surgery and what is remote mind control. Humankind only needs to read other’s mind. Humankind does not need to secretly control other’s mind.

(b)  Everyone who knows the secrets, no matter there are or not supporters in the secret institute, as the value of being alive is making the whole humankind better. If you know and believe the existence of EM remote surgery and remote mind control weapons, which caused many innocent people killed, but do not risk your life to make the whole world know, you are at least discouraging others from doing the right thing. Without bad people like you, the secrets of EM weapons had been exposed long time ago. (To prevent being used as a distraction, everyone should focus on exposing secrets in mainstream media, rather than exposing secrets to individuals only. The tycoon mafia family had been showing off their intelligence in front of the brain damaged by killing in name of education or in name of waking up the public for over 35 years. Education is a lie as when the environment is still hostile adults can’t be educated to change their purposes of living. Those who support mind control technically are not 100% morons. They are killing others and themselves, as they killed many who had potential of saving their lives. The tycoon family used adopted teenagers who were brain damaged when they were very young and mind controlled them to do bad things. The processes were supported by technicals, some of which knew what was really going on.)

(c)   Others _________________________________________________________________________

  1. If the EM remote surgery and remote mind control Weapons being controlled by a tycoon Mafia family is true, what punishment do you think should be given to the family members who didn’t stop blocking exposing secrets by encouraging the continued over 35 years’ killings mentally or physically when they knew they wouldn’t face life threat after the whole world knowing Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control? They blocked exposing secrets by encouraging killings of tens of thousands everyday mentally or physically by man-made cancer, heart attack and other diseases, turning normal people into moron robots with remote surgery and remote mind control, man-made-earthquakes, nuclear plant accidents, aircraft accidents. marine accidents, wars, sleepwalking suicide attacks, etc. in name of targeted victims. The mental and physical deaths of many CIA employees who could expose secrets of the EM weapons were flooded by the deaths of many ordinary victims.

(a)   Keep them in prison forever for those who didn’t stop blocking exposing secrets, as they killed tens of thousands everyday mentally or physically when they knew they wouldn’t face life threats after secrets being exposed.

(b)  No need prison. Tag the evils forever and make use of the evils to discourage others from doing the same bad things by displaying what bad things they did wherever they go, no matter they are regret or not, for those who didn’t stop blocking exposing secrets, as they killed tens of thousands everyday mentally or physically when they knew they wouldn’t face life threats after secrets being exposed;

(c)   Others______________________________________________________________________________

  1. Why did the EM mind control FIRM employees who were usually killed secretly after being used are helping to block exposing secrets by changing the contents of articles and leaflets by remotely changing the memory data of photocopy machines and computer, modifying camera images, sending theft to steal documents, replacing real witness with fake ones, modifying internet, hijacking telephone, damaging memories of journalists etc. using electromagnetic (EM) weapons?

(a)   Because not only the power of very few Mafia tycoons magnified by sleep walker robots created by CIA mind control technicals, the mind control FIRM employees were selected from those who didn’t know the simplest rules of nature- Everything is consistence, Evil is vicious to everyone. They thought they would be treated differently rather than being killed after being used as most mind control employees;

(b)   Because there are too many Rockefeller family members who directly participate the mind control;


PhD in Engineering

Because the privatization of CIA secret projects after Rockefeller & Church Investigation on CIA in 70’s, as what was indicated by former CIA officer Mark Philips in an interview with Jesse Ventura, resulted in the 100% control of American government by the family controlled mind control FIRM..

(d)   Others________________________________

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6. CIA Engineer Olson Frank who participated the EM (electromagnetic) remote mind control experiment in Pont-Saint-Esprit of France in 1951, jumped out of the window of a hotel after talking about resignation with his supervisor in 1953. Which of the following do you think is more likely the reason of his death?

a)      He might have committed suicide to demonstrate his resentment toward his supervisor after his resignation being rejected, as he didn’t want to continue the secret killings of innocent human beings with the EM remote mind control weapon anymore.

b)     His supervisor had him killed by putting drugs in his drink to reduce his main consciousness and used the mind control machine Olson himself used previously to make him jump out of the window when he was in sleep walking state, as after talking with him about his reason of resignation, his supervisor worried that Olson Frank might expose what they did to media.

c)      Others__________________________________________________________________________


7. Which of the following is more likely the reality of the assassination of President Kennedy in 1964?

a)      President Kennedy was killed because he led a military competition with former Soviet Union. Soviet Union government had him killed.

b)     It was CIA EM mind control technicals who mind controlled the richest military tycoon to pay money to CIA agents to have President Kennedy killed, because the mind control technicals needed a leader and they believed “someone who is the richest does not need to do bad things to get more money.  “, although they could read everyone’s mind.

c)      President Kennedy’s rejection of putting large amount of money into Vietnam War using excuses of “We choose to go to the moon not because it is easy…” enraged the richest American- military tycoon. The military tycoon paid money to CIA agents to have President Kennedy killed. CIA mind control technicals didn’t make it exposed through media after knowing it as most of them had accepted money from the tycoon family previously and the tycoon had close relation with CIA in weapon development projects. Later, those CIAs were killed by the tycoon family one by one.

d)     Others__________________________________________________________________________


8. In the Jonestown event in Nov. 1978, over 900 left-wing Americans committed massive suicide. Some victims left wills of giving money to Soviet Union. Some journalists and an LA congressman were also killed there. What is more likely the reason of the massive suicide?

a)     Soviet Union government asked them to kill themselves in order to get some money for Soviet Union;

b)      The left-wing Americans who always wanted equal right for the employees were brain damaged by EM Remote Surgery and mind controlled to kill themselves by the EM Weapon controller since 70s- the tycoon family who hated those left-wing Americans and wanted to threaten those who might do things against the will of the tycoon family. Part of the Focused EM remote surgery technologies won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997. Focused EM radiation on human body experiments by CIA in the 70s were testified by Christian deNicola in the Hearing on 15/3/1995, Washington DC.

c)     Those left wing Americans believed in a twisted religion. That belief had them killed.

d)     Others_________________________________________________________________________

9. Which of the following do you think is the real cause of the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991?

a)     People in Soviet Union believed “Capability of production determines which type of resource distribution system is more suitable”. They thought as the technology level of Soviet Union was lagged behind United Stated, Soviet Union should not become a socialist country, where basically free medicine, free education and even free accommodation were provided, earlier than the United States. They separated Soviet Union because they don’t want to be a strong enemy to United States anymore.

b)      After the Mafia Family controlling CIA EM remote Surgery and Remote mind control weapon, they found the strongest anti-family control targeted victims were from socialist countries. They killed 3 Chairmen of Soviet Union in 4 years from 1982 to 1985 with electromagnetic weapon, mentally killed leaders and media workers of Soviet Union and mind controlled them to believe separating the Soviet Union was what their majority people wanted.

c)     Others____________________________________________________________________________


10. Which of the following do you think is more likely behind the NY 911 incident?

a)      Former CIA agent Bin-Laden hated the United States because of the Golf War in 1991. When he and his relatives accumulated enough money and power in Afghanistan, he felt he shouldn’t live his happy life with a few wives in Afghanistan as a controller of that country anymore. He needed to wake up the world by attacking the WTC twin towers sponsored by the richest American family Nelson Rockefeller and David Rockefeller and the other buildings to give American government a lesson. He chose 8:23 in the morning because otherwise there would have been too many rich people killed when the building collapsed.

b)     NY911 was made by the tycoon family that had been controlling the CIA FIRM for decades since the privatization of CIA research projects in the 70s as testified by CIA officer Mark Philips in a TV show. The tycoon family mind controlled to collapse the building sponsored by their own family members to balance the killings of CIA employees and others who tried to expose the two technologies in 90’s. CIA employees Christian deNicola, Claudia Mullen, Brice Taylor, former FBI senior officer Ted Gunderson, Psychiatric therapist Valerie Wolf and many other unknowns had tried but failed, as the Mafia tycoon family had been monitoring the media closely themselves. In the meantime, controlling sleep walkers to create terrorist attacks enabled killing without sentence by the government, which made the killing of CIAs easier and redirected employee’s hatreds to American government. The killings of CIA employees and others who knew mind control were flooded by killings of ordinary victims. Many CIA employees were brain damaged and couldn’t remember themselves as what was described in TV series  <DOLL HOUSE> to hide tycoon-family secrets forever


PhD in Engineering


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11. Why did a Nobel Prize winning economist encourage killing poor people to “reduce low productivity”? Why did they use ZERO-SUM principle in GAME THEORY to describe economy since 80s, which is extremely harmful to humankind, as it took one person’s gain as another one’s loss that is only suitable to describe GAMBLING process? What type of tycoon mafia family could have been controlling the Mind Control FIRM since 70s?

a)     It is likely an ethnic Italian-German American mafia family as described in <God Father> who had been running Gambling and Weapon business for decades, centered by Rockefeller family that married daughters to British mind control scientists, controlling the CIA mind control FIRM. Eileen Rockefeller, born in 1952, the youngest daughter of David Rockefeller studied emotion-behavior interaction (This information was deleted from WIKIPEDIA website after it being inputted into an article sent to newspaper agency), which was one of the major research topics of CIA mind control projects. She published TWO Memoirs (in 80s and in 2000s). Eileen Rockefeller has 2 sisters. It is likely Rockefeller family members who had been mind-controlling economists and media since 80s in order to control stock-market, where they earn money. The privatization of CIA research project in 70s and the privatization of UK government facilities in 80s might all be related to that family.

b)     It is a mafia family in Italy controlling the CIA mind control FIRM.

c)     Others_____________________________________________________________________________

12. Why did the attempt on GUN BAN in America fail even after many massive shooting incidents?

a)     Because the mafia family controlling the mind control FIRM had to use weapons to force the CIA technical workers to do bad things for them, including creating earthquakes, creating cancer and other diseases etc.

b)     Because the mind control employees want to give their boss more opportunities to kill them in name of security.

c)     Others__________________________________________________________

13. What is the purpose of using remote experimental targets by allowing demonstrating the Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control technologies to them while not allowing media to report the two secret technologies?

a)     The Mafia family who are controlling the mind control FIRM used remote experimental targets to fool their technical employees, most of whom were college graduate or PhD degree holders so that they would wait for others to save them rather than doing something to save themselves. Remote experimental targets were used to distract the mind control technical employees when these technical employees are being killed secretly by electromagnetic remote surgery due to knowing too many secrets.

b)     By pretending to be American government, the Mafia family can kill CIA employees who knew secrets more easily in name of home land security using robots in government. Normally, remote experimental targets are easier to be fooled and their articles and sayings are easier to be twisted to set up government rather than directing to the mafia family.

c)     Others____________________________________________________________

14. If they can make anyone sleep walk instantly, is there any chance of exposing the secrets in media by the mind control employees?

a)     There would be chances only if the mind control employees are united together and never allowing being separated by the mafia family members in name of belief, race, personality, communist, etc

b)     Others___________________________________________________________________________

15. Is there any possibility that Mafia family could allow certain mind control employees to be alive for the purpose of hiding secrets forever?

a)     There is zero possibility that anyone outside the Mafia family could be allowed to be alive for long, as that Mafia family had a long history of killing every CIA after using them. More than 180 CIA agents had been killed after helping to kill President Kennedy. President Johnson was also killed the 3rd year after not being president after helping the mafia family to hide secrets and to earn large amount of money in the Vietnam War after the assassination of president Kennedy.

b)     Damaging the brains of youngsters’ showed obvious determination of killing everyone who knew secrets about mind control and secrets about the mafia family. The brains of the mafia family leaders were not damaged. They are clear what they are doing. They had been killing for hiding secrets rather than for other purposes.

c)     Others_____________________________________________________________________

16. What else could mind control employees do besides waiting for the nature deaths of the leaders in the Mafia family members?

a)     Do your best to expose EM weapon being controlled by a tycoon Mafia family not by the government to others;


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Tell everyone around you to remember you for over 30 years in case you were killed because of knowing secrets about EM remote surgery and remote mind control and ask them to do 3 things for you when everyone knowing the 3 secrets;

c)     Others________________________________________________________________

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