CIA technicals dare not to give the feelings of remote brain surgery and the feelings of being remotely mind controlled to American Presidents and every official newly appointed by the President. Those CIA FIRM technicals, including high ranking technicals prefer being killed secretly as what had happened to those in Johnstown in 1978 when 918 Americans were killed massively by CIA remote mind control after meeting a senator and correspondents, as they did not help to expose the two secret technologies in every media everyday reports and discussions.


Trusting those who are planning to kill everyone to hide the secrets of what really happened in CIA history is equivalent to preferring being killed secretly after being used to do bad things, including helping to fool others.


“Over 80% population knowing the secrets”  was the only thing what I wanted when CIA asked me “What do you want?”


Killing killers who do not stop killing is saving lives. Killing people mentally is also killing.


Mind controlling those who are brain damaged without the target’s permission is helping to justify doing remote brain surgery on themselves. Without those helpers, the CIA real boss has nothing to do to keep the technicals busy in order to figure out a way to rewrite their own legacies. The CIA real boss still believes lying can last forever.

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