I can never get over the absurdity and vulgarity of the things the perps say through v2k, AI? attacks, so I decided to compile a list. Add your own please if you'd like.

LINK OF THE BEGINNING, STALKING AND syn-telepathy aspect of my torture here: http://www.torrentech.org/index.php?showtopic=199243

1. "This is GAaaawd, you piece of shit"

2. "We're God you piece of shit" (an obvious contradiction to #1)

3. "I knew this was gonna happen"

4. "Young pussy's the best kind around."

5. "Tomorrow. ..." (a looming empty threat)

6. "I want this piece of shit off my planet"

7. "Sick mother-fucker we're dealing with." (This implies that there's a mutual discussion taking place and the insult.)

8. "Straight down for that."

9. "You're gonna tell me where your bodies are"

10. "Put him up."

11. "Its jesus christ we're talking to."

12."(random family member/aquaintence) won't say anything "

13. "Huhhhhh Mr. Pedophile? "

14. "I want this person off my planet"

15. "Straight down for this Mr. Pedophile."

16. "That's the pussy i've/he's been looking for"

17."(anyone you know's name here, and I've heard all of them)Came to his mind

18. "There's the one he wants to fuck."

19. "He has a bomb in his basement."

20. Any # you think of is followed by the words, "...year old pussy is not good enough for me"

21. "He's got a boner right now." (Of course it's never when i actually do)

22. "He's gonna kill somebody"

23. "I want him right now." (I say, "see you when you get here then.")

24. "He's thinking of ___________'s vagina" (basically,  anyone you've ever known because you weren't and they'd like you to be)

25. "You're going down hard for this you pedophile." 

26. "Molester cult huh Mr. Pedophile? " (in reference to the masons/knights templar/shriners etc.)

27. "You're not gonna live that long."

28. "He knows a lot about this kind of stuff." (Then they watch what comes to your thoughts to probe at you.)

29. "He wants a job." "He already has a job, it's to DIE!"

30. "He knows what we're gonna do to him/his daughter's vagina"

31. "We're gonna set you up."

32. If you think the word 'come' anywhere they use "cum in your daughter....etc."

33. If you think the word 'because' they always end it with "you're a pedophile / murderer"

34. "He did something he wants to tell us about."

35. "I think he did something." (Again, vague, veiled statements to probe at you coupled with any of the above to frustrate things.)

36. "You're a dead man."

37. "I So want you off my planet."

38. "THATS the man we're lookin' for."

39. "Sex with _______ is gonna be so great." (Any children's name)

40. "Child's pussy"

41. "_________ tells us what your penis looks like." (Any child or relative you've ever known)

42. "I knew you were gonna say that."

43. "He misses his daughter's vagina." (My first daughter was kidnapped by a foreign national.)

Viscious bastards.  Absolutely unforgiveable man i mean it.

44. "Is that jesus christ taking a shit?"

45. "I think he wants to tell us something." (To keep you ensnared in the dialogues )

46. "Now we're getting somewhere." (Falsely implying they're making progress, hoping you'd believe them.)

47. "We got you all messed up" (Again, hoping you'll eat the shit biscuits.)

48. "I didn't do anything. "

 (this is spoken in 1st person and as you know, sounds guilty as hell if you are denying anything all the time. Its also to put you on the defensive. ) these guys all follow thes ame psych warfare rulebook. 

49. "We're ready for this guy."

50. "I wanna taste his BLLOOOD on my fingers."


(Trying to find fear of crucifixion i guess, or implying i think im perfect?)

52. "That's the one he molesteds daughter." (Improper grammar just to irk you.)

53. "He's got a mind like a pedophile."

(* saying 'he' when speaking of you may have the effect of making you objectify yourself, thereby making you feel beside yourself after years of this if you're not aware of the desired effect. Also to make you see your critical thinking as 'wrong' sort of like the way fox news touts the 'conspiracy theorist label' to conspiracy facts.)

54. "He's bluffing...he did something, i know it"  

(again, a logical mind would deconstruct this. Would an all knowing entity bother guessing about everyone  you've ever known? The statement is vague to begin with hoping you'll go on a mental search for the next thing you think that might make you feel bad for them to use. I tell them, "I do something all the time." This is also a typical interrogation tactic to produce false confessions, police still use it. Repeat, repeat, and repeat are their 3 modes besides deflect when more than ample truth is provided or you challenge them to call the people they claim you harmed.)

55. "We'll get him" (classic misdirection again, its them breaking the law here, not you.)

56. "You're  daughter's coming with us."

(Why? With a military psychologist/psyoperative/psychopathic sadist that's doing brainwashing for 3 years and all this shit to you guys?  Over my dead fucking body. Just another empty threat again anyways.)

57. Another thing they do to gradually amp you up, is one will make an accusation, " He did it." And the next one will say,"Yup." immediately to try to cement the allegations in your mind, as if  all it takes is 2 people's accusations to make you disbelieve the truth. This sounds harmless as does most of this stuff to anybody not experiencing it, but you never get a moments silence in your head for creative thought to arise, or just for a relaxing breath if it's at all successful. 

Double entondres, vague threats, specific threats, insults and twisting all of your past around to the sickest possibilities.  They also speak about you to sound like they have a lot of friends with them, they dont. There might not even be any people talking, just a super computer, but if modulation is used a man could sound like a woman & vice versa. I'll stick to tactics though, even though the goal is to ignore everything they say, because psychology is a slippery slope if you aren't prepared. 

My personal favorites

1. "Show us your pussy-licking abilities. " (you can't make this shit up)

2. "He's eating a Vuuuuh-jjyyyyY- NUH!"

(I nearly sprayed the danish i was eating all over the hotel i was working at laughing so hard.)

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  • You aren't anybody any more...... Your marks don't mean shit to anybody. We've all got marks. You're the only one feeling'special' because of yours.
    You are past getting old-you're now Moldy. I can't wait until you're permo-banned.
  • Lo-Bo--Lo-gic.....
  • CO. Your blog post is appreciated.
  • Im not the one that has any document to produce, take your head out of your ass and stop assuming im dotty or robert or whoever you think i am. You're  either a fraud or delusional and i hate calling anyone either, but you are stuck on a treadmill for someone else like you need to fight with someone new every day.

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