TO: Victims of Electronic Harassments

(Targeted Individuals)



February 23, 2011



Jesus Opened My Eyes Through Soldiers' Confessions

By:  Eliseo Perez

El Paso, Texas, U.S.A.



Please believe me.  This is important and critical information that will help you on throughout your entire life living under surveillances.  You will need this as a reference tool and help.  So please read it all first, at least, before you make any decisions to get rid of it.  It may take a couple of days to digest it correctly.  You will see it is something useful and very meaningful.  It is the product of many years of struggling to live for Christ and voracious personal studies into the affects of chip implant technologies, with much experience applied to them.  It was desired that I be made a pastor in three Christian organizations and I was an Evangelist in one church, so I do have the scriptural and spiritual background to show and explain to you important tips on living a surveillanced Christianity.  May God bless you always with this knowledge.  It will minister to your soul and I pray that it will heal your life.  Amen.  It is specifically tailored for victims of electronic harassments.  If you did not receive the entire length of this email, please do not hesitate to let me know by emailing me at,  The best way to know this, is by looking at the very bottom to see if it has the song I dedicated to you and all other victims.  Please remember, I most of the time only look at my email account only one  (1) time during a month.  This is because I need to do other things and I have to get to the library in order to be able to use my email account.  So please do not feel bad if it takes many days for me to get to read your email, because of this.  You are important to me.





Jesus Opened My Eyes Through Soldiers' Confessions





You see, what this all I write to you tells about is what really does happen, when they who surveillance do make themselves known to the surveillanced individual.  I have bridged these known truths about their activities that are now understood by me and that also have been done in the open:  positively identified, traced, and studied of me to similar activities that an individual encounters, when he or she is surveillanced without the luxury of them making themselves known to the victim.  This helps in coming to grips with what it is, who it is, and what should be known about the activity.  What you have experienced is without positive linking to the causes and so they remain untraced in any logical manner that would at least satisfy you.  Nonetheless, once you match your experiences and encounters with what situations I have encountered of them, who have positively identified themselves to me, you will be able to relate them and reach the proper conclusions that these are the same; which can only mean that the source or origin of these things encountered is only the military in your case as well.  Through this it is my hopes, prayers, and wishes that God will open your eyes, so you can live with confidence in this world you live in.


But now, that these things are known and understood, what I would love to capture you with is what conservative approaches, stands, and adherences you should take possession of to walk in wisdom with your eyes open so you can see where you go.  These are the product of many years of struggles, prayer, reasonings with the scriptures, revelations of the nature of matters of fact, trial and error, considerations of the way I should go, and searchings to live with Godly solutions.  I have discovered appropriate Biblical applications and best practices to live out an effective and successful surveillanced Christianity.  But, even if you are not yet born again, you should use these methods to assure your stands and to walk with confidence.


What helped me greatly through my struggles trying to live in a way I could survive the vicious impacts these surveillances, electronic harassments, mind control experiences, wireless tortures, realizations of the loss of my freedoms, and hoaxes had on me, was the strong preachings I heard about suicide, when I was a teenager.  I stood up against myself and slew these attitudes, romanticisms, adherences, sentiments, and self pities.  Please reason out what I write to you about.  Think about it, before you toss it away.  It will heal your life and spirit, by the hand of God.  The preacher, Pastor Lamb, would stand up slaying the concept of suicide with his message through the Word of God.  The pastor preached the action is a criminal act God will punish.  Those that do are selfish, full of self pity and self love, without natural affections, and without any love towards them who love them.  It is a disgusting unclean spirit that one chooses to embrace and glorify through that act of suicide.  You need to get up and start being a man or a woman in the eyes of God; and stop crumbling down to the ground in self pity, glorifying what a bad deal you got out of life, crying, and licking your wounds like some wierdo, saying, "I just can't go on any further."  God hates it!  For the good of your spiritual psychology, realize it and understand it.  God did not create you to do that.  And if you ever commit suicide, you will wake up to the eyes of an angry God.  He will just throw you into the pit of hell, because of it.  I do this to strengthen and reinforce your thinking.


God did say, in the ten commandments, "Thou shalt not kill."  And that includes yourself.  Who are you to take your own life, God has entrusted you with?  And God said, "Thou shalt not steal."  Who are you to steal away those moments of you, God gave to the ones who love you.  Then God also said, "Honour thy father and thy mother."  How can you honor them the way God wants you to by taking your life?  God also said, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."  When you glorify that unclean spirit of suicide capturing you spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, God will throw you into the pit of hell, when you wake up out of your death.  You got to realize, God is not a play thing, a gullible individual, a manipulated Spirit by dramatics and theatrics, nor sympathetic about unclean spirits you embrace and dance with.  God also said, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."  When you take your life, you are bearing false witness, that you are incapable of living any longer.  And it is even a false witness against those who are responsible for the mind control, electronic harassments, and wireless tortures, since whatever they have done to you did not take your life.  It will have been you, that took your life, dramatizing, romanticising, and theatricizing you were incapable of living any longer.  Those that do their evil deeds, will be judged of God, to include whatever they do or did that leads to suicide.  But, that is a separate set of sins, God would be dealing with.  What about your own sins?  Take care of those.  The Bible says, fear God and depart from evil.


Suicide is also a spirit.  It is an unclean spirit.  Consider, whatever goes on inside a person that could ever bring them to commit suicide is the workings of something spiritually unclean.  And it takes the souls of men.  It has no mercy.  This is because that unclean spirit is an enemy of mankind and roams the earth seeking whom he may devour, for to kill, to steal, and to destroy.  Those who do commit suicide, are sacrificing everything that God has given them and everything God would have given them in the future.  On the altar of that unclean spirit of suicide they do this.  They sacrifice everything good God has given and promised, to that unclean spirit, like a god they worship.  Why would anybody make that offering or sacrifice to that unclean spirit, in worship?  Take heed of your spirit and cleave unto the Lord.  You got to rise up and slay those attitudes from working or expressing themselves inside of you.  You got to rebuke that spirit and that attitude in the name of Jesus.  Take authority over it in the name of Jesus.  Get mad at the devil and at yourself.  Cast the devil out of your life in the name of Jesus.  Plead the blood of Jesus.  You also need to bind that in His precious name.  And remember, the Bible says that, whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  That is His promise to you and He is no liar, that He should deceive you.  That means that simply because you believe in Him and His power, when you call upon His name, He will save you, even from any unclean spirit.  Just believe.  But how many times will you or should you have to go through this process?  Every time and every day you feel it, for the rest of your life.  You wouldn't be the only one existing like that in this entire planet.  Be militant against suicide and stand up and be what God created you to be.  In the name of Jesus, despise everything about it, fear God, and depart from evil.


Murmuring, complaining, and accusing God is another thing you must avoid at all times.  Don't accuse God of the situation man put you through.  Stop complaining that God was not gracious with you and chose not to use His power to deliver you from them who surveillance you, electronically harass you, torture you wirelessly, mistreat you, and seek to destroy your precious life.  It is not any of His fault or doing.  Don't murmur to God or about God, that things are bad with you and that it would have been better if He never gave you life.  Don't murmur that you cannot see how in the midst of this situation you are in, He wants you to live for Him.  Don't say that God is to blame.  You will wind up living in a world you will create for yourself that is darkness, miserable, disgusting, without solutions, without hope, full of defeat, and without the ability to see the helping hand of God.  When you reproach what blessings God has in His hand that He is providing you with, you will suffer. 


This can happen, because of all the murmuring, complaining, and accusing God you are taking a bath in, which blinds you, makes you incapable of seeing what God offers you.  If you do not see it, then how can you take it from His hand?  It takes faith that makes you praise His name with that blessing He offers you, to motivate you to take that gift of God from His tender loving hands.  It takes gratitude, satisfaction, trust, confidence, encouraging yourself in the Lord, and respect for that gift to work miracles in your life.  These all are the functions, expressions, and the natures of faith.  You don't have to walk through all of these for that faith to exist in you.  It does not even have to express itself for a long period of time.  It might just be for a short moment, no matter when.  But, if you spend your time murmuring, complaining, and accusing God you will not be able to appreciate the things God can do for you.  He can open doors wide open, but you will not walk inside, because you think there is something wrong there.  That murmuring, complaining, and accusing spirit will portray all that God does for you in negative lights, making it all look suspicious to you; and so, causing you never to experience the good of it.


And realize, if you continue murmuring, complaining, and accusing God they who surveillance you will enjoy that ammunition you give them and they will gladly gather it all up and use it all against you, too.  So just shut up, and please God!  You will also be bearing false witness against God to Himself.  Clear, through and through.  What you are murmuring, complaining, and accusing God about, offends Him.  He sees everything clearly, even from your stand point and there is nothing there He is guilty of at all.  He is witness of it, so march on, carry on, and press on.  You were a liar and a hypocrite!  So get it right and change that attitude.  It is not healthy for you mentally, spiritually, emotionally, nor physically.  God loves you, but He really hates that about you, when you do that, O.K.  And that keeps Him from blessing you with the Comforter, which is His Holy Spirit, the way you could be blessed.  They who surveillance you will target you with that to entertain themselves with you for sport.  And well, that is because they are mean, deviant, prejudice, hateful, unmerciful, riotous, vicious, and criminal.  They got nothing else to do, other than keep watch on you every single day of your surveillanced life, because they are the military portraying themselves to be someone else so you don't report them.  If you entertain those unclean attitudes and spirits, they who surveillance you will find it much easier and justifiable to defeat you, destroy you, and triumph over you.  They break out like savages attacking these things they can do to you for sport.  To them, you have been reduced into a "hilarity" or a hilarious depiction of some sort.  They cannot feel, because they have been desensitized by these devices they observe you with.  They don't mind invoking God and the scriptures as a strategy to play with you, defeat you, and destroy your goals in life.  They might even desire to theatricize that they are bringing down the judgement of God upon you.  To them, these are entertaining war games.  So, avoid these things.            


Always remember, God did not put chip implants inside of anyone He created.  It was man.  God did not develop surveillance devices nor hand them over into the hands of those who surveillance you.  What all this that you suffer has to do with is man.  God gave man dominion over the earth and man does what is not right in the eyes of God, with it.  That is why hunger exists.  That is why murder exists.  That is why corruption in governments exists.  That is why people who have power and authority do evil with it.  In fact, God is jealous against them that surveillance, because they can invade areas of your person that are His jurisdictions.  They have desired to become like God, knowing what you think, express, and are.  They can even influence these areas, where only God should exist having relationship with you.  God will judge it, but at the same time you have been introduced to these sciences that will be used on the people of the world, who will remain on earth left behind, after the rapture.  These sciences will the kingdom of the anti-christ take possession of and utilize as tools to achieve his ends.  But, that reminds me of some inspirational passages from a song, I now will share with you as follows:         


...death has triumphed.  That's what they say.  But, try to hold Him in the tomb.  The Son of Light Rose...

Look the gates of hell are falling, crumbling from the inside out.  He's bursting through with laughter.  Listen to the angels shout.  It is finished.  He has done it.  Light of the day.  Jesus Christ has won it....

Just listen to the demons screaming...

Jamie Owens Collins

Song:  The Victor


Say, now we know.  We are living witnesses of Jesus of this all down here on earth.  It is best not to tell anybody about it, just write about it to government.  What testimony we can give of this all, will come with time.  Jesus told people He healed, not to tell anybody about it.  Jesus, in Matthew 21:23-27, refused to tell what He knew.  Jesus said, in Matthew 10:16, that we are to be wise as serpents.  That means we are not required of God to tell anybody about our experiences as a victim of electronic harassments, wireless tortures, surveillances, mind control, and wireless communications.  Jesus told people He healed, not to provide that testimony to anyone.  So, don't feel like you have to provide information about you being a victim of surveillances to anyone.  Let me go over a few things, before I tell you about some threats you can overcome, with some tips I give you that are the product of much seeking the Lord through my struggles. 


You should not even tell your pastor, unless you don't mind him believing you are demon possessed or mentally ill, at least once every now and then.  They are human too, you know.  And, they may never believe you are a victim of the sciences you told them about.  But, if you do decide to tell your pastor, at least leave it for the case of an emergency, when what you are going through is so difficult you need him to have knowledge about that, O.K.  I just want your visit and stay at a church to prosper.  It might be that you might meet up with a pastor who will take your word for it with sincerity.  But, I would not risk it if I were you.  What will it profit?  Remember, as I disclosed to you at the beginning of this email, 3 Christian organizations desired me to become a pastor.  So, I speak from experience, knowledge, and understanding of the nature of all these things you exist in and the ways of the church.  Where it will profit you is in the hands of the civil federal government and civil rights organizations who fight to do things about injustices.  There, what you know, experience, and suffer can be useful to accomplish something positive with it.  Pastors can only pray, teach, guide, council, and hear, for example.  They will not desire to allow you to go through the church membership telling them what you went through, without notifying them they cannot endorse it, since they have no true proof of these matters you describe.  Then, they will find it their duty before God and for the church to teach and to preach to the congregation, because of you, about what they should do when strange things are presented to them.  Should they believe it or not?  They will say the Bible says not to embrace philosophies, doctrines, or knowledge that does not profit the Spirit walk, which will cause you to feel reproached of him and the church.  So, avoid these bad experiences, please, at all costs, in the name of Jesus Christ, who is all the wisdom in this world you need.


They will not understand and they will not believe it.  That will cause them to react against you in negative ways, so be wise as a serpent, like the Bible says, and tell no one.  But, you can speak to God about it.  In fact, you can tell Him about everything and anything having to do with it and about it.  Where God, I believe, will be capable of using you as a witness to provide testimony, is in the case of putting the matter down over to civil federal government politicians, officials, and agencies.  How about to civil rights organizations and others like them?  Another useful area to provide your testimony is to other victims.  It is human to talk about your personal life and experiences to someone for emotional release.  So, if I were you, get yourself a computer and write all about it there.  Try to develop ways you can put it into forms of Biblical studies for yourself that will help you with these matters of fact in positive ways.  What I do recommend is saving all your writings in some other folder in your computer that nobody will ever look at, while searching for documents they can read.  I developed short reports about these technologies and how they are going to be used in the last days that I passed out to churches I went to.  I wrote down prophetic scriptures and how these technologies will be used to accomplish what the Bible says.  Many loved them.  Others did not appreciate them.  But, I was blessed, because I was using my situations, experiences, trials, and testings to glorify God by testifying of these things without telling them I was the victim of them.  These are just ideas for you.  


And when you are going to a church, refuse to give that testimony, because it will harm you when they refuse to believe it.  They will mis-judge you and categorize you as someone who needs special attentions and also the hand of deliverance from spirits.  Those sort of things will only become obstacles, problems, frustrations, snares, and bad luck to you.  But, what you can do, instead, is use all the research you have accumulated about the sciences to show how these things are the fulfillment of prophecies.  That is a healthy and constructive thing to do with all of that knowledge you have acquired.  But, just don't desire to take over their concerns with these sciences.  They will separate you from their company, thinking you intend to develop a new gospel with all of it.  Just, use the knowledge you possess and have acquired to be a living testimony for Jesus.  Speak on it, once a year or just bring it up whenever the Biblical topics discussed have something to do with the last days.  But, also go without.  Don't demand it of yourself to step on toes, cross the lines, push your knowledge through, change the subject, or to interrupt the saints of God, especially when teaching.  It is good doctrine for members of the church to mark you if they catch you trying to change the Spirit of what is being discussed into other topics that are not Biblical.  They will tire with ongoing, long, and reoccurring presentations about surveillance technologies and suspicions that the government is doing something wrong, due to some reckless mistakes they refuse to fix.  That is because those things cannot save them, nor fill them, nor cause them to worship God.  What they need is the Spirit of God, instead.


Now that I have revealed to you, by the grace of God, that they who surveillance you are only the military, you can break through all the illusions they created for you and live with confidence wherever you live.  Jesus has broken you free from the illusions that the mafia, the local police, the neighbors, your community, or even your family is a part of these wireless surveillances and electronic harassments.  It is true, they can still make you suffer, but not as bad anymore.  You cannot be manipulated of them anymore.  You don't have to rearrange your living habits, change your jobs, run from your community, or loose out on good relationships with others that could bless your life.  You can thank God the mafia was not, is not, nor will ever target you.  All these suspicions, fears, worries, and troubles the military created for you are now gone, in the name of Jesus, because the truth shall set you free.  And now, you can begin to develop more useful gatherings of facts, explanations of what you suffer, exposures that properly explain, and traces of origins those you complain to, can work with in more useful, meaningful, logical, and understandable ways.  This is one of my greatest hopes for you in God.


What else is especially healthy and will strengthen you is knowledge and understanding about, Eternal Security.  I am not a Baptist, so I kept away from these supposed doctrines that I considered to be false teachings.  But, when I found myself in these wireless surveillances and electronic harassments, God showed me the wealth that is to be gained from these scriptures for the very first time.  I was an Assembly of God Pentecostal, still am, and will always be.  But, what I learned through these teachings were the highlightings or focusings on scriptures that speak on how one can be secure in Him.  These are promises of God that we are supposed to trust in and have faith in.  Then is when I realized that though, one can loose their salvation, one can still be secure in Him.  This is how I still word it, because I am a Pentecostal Assembly of God child of God at heart.  I begin with the story of Samson, who sinned, but yet the Spirit of the Lord would come upon Him.  This continued on till the seven locks of his head were shaved off.  Then it was, that the Lord departed from him.  But, the hair of his head began to grow again and Samson called unto the Lord and he received his supernatural strength again. 


Before I will continue, I first want to explain to you why I know these scriptural truths are extremely valuable to victims of surveillances, electronic harassments, mind control, wireless tortures, and wireless communications.  This is all especially important, because they who surveillance do have the power to accuse you, condemn you, judge you, prophesy false things of the Lord against you, and curse you through wireless communication technologies they were issued of by the military government.  They even would communicate to me that God was so mad at me, that He hated me, portraying themselves to be others of my community.  They would say to me that these surveillances and electronic harassment capabilities that were activated on me are the proof of that.  They would say that God gave them the power to do all these things to me and that so it was God who was judging me through them.  They made me awake into the middle of a live strategic arena that they developed for me, that challenged me and my faith in God, daily. 


The critical reasons I am going through these rigorous explanations to instruct you is so you are able to stand and remain strong.  The military who surveillances me targets me wickedly with wild accusations, reproaches about the quality of my service to the Lord, and fierce questions of doubt.  What enables me to overcome is my strong background in the things of God.  Since a teenager, I was applauded for my intense research into the profound meanings of things through the Word of God.  I am able to answer their devil questions and accusations with the Word of God.  They spit out at me with defeat saying they wished I were a novice, so they could convince me to loose faith in God for sport.  I have too many years of history in the things of God, so they cannot defeat me.  Yet, it makes me fear for those who are mere novices and of even supposed experts who have not yet obtained masteries with the scriptures.  Should they suffer these consistent daily attacks on their faith and understandings, they might crumble at a matter.  They twist the nature of the scriptures and portray bad fate to be the very hand of God against the victim in order to achieve masteries and feelings of justifications against their victim.  This can lead to disasterous psychological, emotional, and spiritual troubles of helplessness, defeat, and sorrow.  They seem psychotically sensationalized to affix themselves in managing to triumph over me for purposes of self entertainments and sport.  It is what I call the psychological affects these surveillance devices have on them that use them for long periods of time.  For this purpose I am putting forth a rigorous set of explanations of the scriptures that will strengthen your view of things as they truly exist through the Word of God.  Through these it is my desire to minister to each and every one, any and all.     


They even made me believe that they of my church believed I was a reprobate, which means rejected of God.  They portrayed themselves as church authorities, who were surveillancing me and prophesied I was being judged of God through these surveillances.  They would speak out and say God was setting me up as a sign unto them that He was beginning to mark them whom He would leave behind during the rapture.  They would say that the chip implant was a sign that those who existed like me belonged to the beast already, since these powers of surveillances were going to wind up under his authority.  They would rise up and state God had cursed me alive, with the mark of Cain on my life, which was that chip implant inside of me.  And my punishment was to live out my days having my daily matters exposed to the community through these surveillances.  They would only speak out as if to have been introduced these devices of police authorities, but they would not speak directly to me, but only in generalities.  They did not desire conversation with me.  These were only short expressions they would burst out, but they would not continue on.  They just did it to convey what they wanted over to me and then would disappear until another day.


Then, I stood up and defended myself with the scriptures, speaking out in hopes they could hear me through these surveillance devices, I then believed were planted around my house by investigators or that it was a chip implant inside of me; they wound up replying wirelessly, that now God was going to judge me, because I had risen up to judge His church.  They would give me the message that they were going to keep an eye out on me to see how I lived for God and if they would find sin, it was because this was a sign to them that God was judging me, cursing me, and punishing me through these surveillances, because I was playing games with God, they said.  These were not even gross sins.  This activity continued on, sporadically, so that when they captured me in sins, they would use that against me to judge me, curse me, condemn me, and rise up to inform me God had forsaken me and cut me off from His presence, for good.  These things I expose to you so I can relate to you, to detail how and what I struggled, and to bridge the reasons why my tips I will soon give you are important and effective. 


They would await like hunters seizing scriptures I would hear, read, study, or even think about to use them against me.  They wanted to endoctrinate me to believe through the scriptures that I would only come to encounter, through revelation of God's Spirit of goodness, that God was in fact judging me and punishing me through them.  Anything they could interpret like that, which I encountered at any moment during my life, they used in this way.  They studied the Bible through me and seized scriptures they could use against me to formulate new scripture strategies that would gag me into accepting what they urged, on behalf of the Lord, as some possible truism, that God hated me and was judging me through them.  The military was having fun with me portraying themselves as people from my church, who were exposed to these surveillances of the police.  With that they caused me to withdraw myself from churches and that is when they had me each and every time.  They questioned my decisions, judged me, condemned me, and scolded me with scriptures and sayings, that I was walking away from the Lord and that I would suffer the punishments of God for it.  Then, with bad luck that just so happens to everybody, they began to repeatedly tell me, these were the acts of God against me. 


These all became spiritual delusions and scriptural challenges that were extremely hard to discern or properly understand.  The nature of which took years for me to properly organize using the entire Bible to discover the scriptures that would reveal the undeniable truths about these matters of facts and accusations.  It was difficult for me, even though I was considered an expert about the Bible.  How do I know through the Bible that I am not being judged of God?  How do I know that God is still with me and on my side against these surveillances?  Why is it that God would not choose to punish me through these chip implant technologies?  How do I know for a fact that I am not delivered into the captivity of the devil?  These were all questions that needed the appropriate and undeniable Biblical answers to and these questions materialized, as a consequence of their accusations, condemnations, judgements, and inquiries.  What could I answer them to make them realize their actions were not of the Lord?  And what scriptures would satisfy my want of truth and understanding, to cause me to know with confidence these answers are solid and from the Lord, for the sake of my beliefs about these matters of fact?


Then, things really got complicated when I needed the Biblical answers to the questions having to do with the police, the community, and the church surveillancing me.  What could I say?  Why were the justifications of those who stood up to declare before all who listened in that this was the judgement of God upon my life, not of the Lord?  This, especially when, that would encourage them to work the works of evil against me, believing that they were doing a work of God upon me, with fierce approval of his judgements upon me.  Why was it wrong, criminal, and an act against the Lord for them who were authorities of the things of God to surveillance me and target me with scriptures that defined my actions as reasons God was judging me, not of the Lord?  These challenges were all the stuff I was confronted with at times.  They defeated me over and over.  These came like riddles, which I could not understand, spell out, nor answer.  Like when they asked me, "why did God allow this to happen when nothing happens without His will?"  These have the power to plunge you into darkness, where you no longer understand where you stand, where to go, how to overcome, how to approach this new life one exists in, nor how to get the answers of this all from God.  But, all of these were the worlds they created out of my community and my surroundings.  They worked their theatrics, impersonations, their trickeries, their strategies, and their hoaxes with excellence.  It has to do with us having a low I.Q. and not having any traces of what this all is, though we eat voraciously information about these technologies.  I will shortly, after exposing my fears for your well being, go over Christian tips and best practices you can apply to your life.  


Well, what the Lord God did, was strengthen me by introducing me to the Baptist teachings of "eternal security."  Since I had the religious background that you can loose your salvation, they were using these beliefs against me to slamb my face into the ground, where my sin was that I had committed.  They did this with fierceness to bring the message home to me, over and over, that I had sinned against God, again.  They scolded me as though they were authorities of God.  Then, they would drop comments down that God was against me, that He was not on my side any longer, and that He had departed from me.  They also would drop down other disasterous comments like, God does not hear the prayers of the wicked, that God was tired of me, that they themselves were tired with my inabilities to stop committing sin, and that I was just a hypocrite who did not appreciate the things of God nor honor Him.  These are fierce psychological tactics to destroy a person's ability to cope with life.  They wanted a shattered and junked product out of my life.  They said I was the type of thing they hated in the church I went to.  They portrayed themselves as people who were members of the church I went to, who were representing it.  So, when I left their churches, because of this, it made me feel like God was not with me, since I was not stable.  Then, it would kind of cause me to feel unsaved or like a heathen.  It made me feel like the devil was winning territory into my affairs: to have the authority to afflict me and because I had no church where I could feel the strength of the Lord.  They would say I should realize I am just a hypocrite, walking out of the presence of God by leaving the church, that God's favor could no longer be with me, and that He was angry at me for not getting it right, again.  This they uttered to psychologically implant subliminal types of effects into my thinking, using wireless communication capabilities that made it seem it came from remote places around the neighborhood.  This all weighed on my mind very severely.      


This all had affects on me while I worshipped God as I heard Christian music.  They would wirelessly harass me condemning my actions of worship and praises to God.  They did this repeatedly till I felt ashamed and did not feel like I was walking honorably in the things of God before their observations.  It affected me wickedly, because I wanted to be a minister.  It was desired I should be a minister in 3 different churches.  They who surveillanced me, brought shame to me that caused me to withdraw from practicing the things of God, like not going to church, not walking with boldness and confidence in the Lord, and not believing that God was with me to comfort me.  I also felt ashamed to continue my walk, because they made me feel guilty for reaching out to God to have relationship with Him, after I would ask Him for forgiveness.  But, because I wanted to be a minister, regular sins they confronted me about had damaging affects on me.  And since I would leave the church, they would win victories over me, making me feel separated from God and defeated.  They would make me feel that His promises were not something I qualified for any longer.  They made me feel like God left me to myself without His favor or helps.  And this, because I could not maintain the kind of testimony in Him that was beyond reproach in the sight of others who surveillanced me.  These are the struggles I went through and I reveal them to you to strengthen you life in the Lord, before I begin providing you with great Christian tips on living a surveillanced Christianity with success.   


This is how cruel their psych games can get, for sport, without mercy, and with every intent to cause you to live a defeated, unpurposeful, unproductive, and fearful life full of doubts.  These are the types of things the military that surveillances entertains themselves with, using all the communication and interactive chip implant wireless capabilities they were entrusted with of the military government.  This births depression and they don't care about that, at times.  It's their joy, many times.  These things become some sort of a mind programming or subliminal messaging that hooks you on to believe it, accept it, and consider it as highly possible, so you begin to trust in their versions of it and even have faith in it after much targeting of your thinking with these messages.  These are psychological strategies that cause you to be convinced and converted to their portrayals or versions of what is going on with you and around you.  After someone keeps telling you that you are ugly for so long, you wind up believing it too.  Then you find yourself acting like it, thinking like it, and even walking like it too.  This can slamb you down hard if you are living for God seeking ministry or seeking to be an influence to others for Him.  It makes you feel like you fumbled the ball and now you have lost the game for good, never to be repaired or given a second chance.  But how?  How did you loose something so big and valuable?  And now you lost it and cannot have it any longer.  But, when it happens again and again, for years, it can destroy your faith.  You loose sight of what is going on or where you stand.  And they who surveillance will almost always be there to kick you around with it till you are a defeated individual who has lost his or her faith.  This is especially because people hate someone making them feel how wrong and away from God they are.  They will seek to destroy your religion.  This is why these scriptural truths I will share with you are so important to receive.  Receive them in the name of Jesus.      


The Apostle Paul, asks through the Bible, "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?," in Romans 8:35.  Then he goes on to state in, Romans 8:39, "Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."  What this talks about, is not that you have the fortitude to prevent yourself from being removed from the presence of His love, due to your love; but that it is His love that will remain with you, no matter what.  This does not talk about us being able to remain in the things of God and the love of God, because we were converted to this calibre of faith, either.  But, it can mean that, for sure.  But, what it speaks about is that you should never accept nor believe that the love of God will ever cease to be with you.  This is the right perspective and the authoritative manner you should consider these scriptures.  And, it will make you realize that your failures to live up to the standards of Christianity and Biblical requirements do not separate you from your Love.  It is because, when this scripture is read wrong, it can make you believe that you walked away from His love.  And when you feel that, you begin to start believing that God has separated Himself from you.  You can forfeit your salvation, depending on what practices of sin you engage in, but He will never separate His love from you.  You can loose your born again experience with God, but not other types or levels of salvation He blesses you with, still.  This is why it says in, Acts 2:21, "And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."  There are other levels of salvation, God showed me, which He gives unto men, so they can continue in Him.  These will not, however, qualify you to inherit heaven as your home, alone.  But, they are the work of His goodness, mercy, and love.


This is extremely important, when and if, you find yourself in the situations I found myself in, being challenged of them who surveillanced and that portrayed themselves as dignitaries of the Lord.  When they speak to you with authoritative religious fervor, believe them not nor follow their ways.  But, still, when not understood to be the military, they can truly bring you into spiritual bondage with the scriptures.  Remember, the devil used scriptures to tempt our Lord Jesus Christ.  That means that scriptures can be used in ways that do not please the Lord nor further His kingdom.  And, since they observe everything you do, say, and think, they are able to catch you in sins, easily.  It is so different when they portray themselves as pastors, church dignitaries, and prophets who present challenges to you about the matters of what the scriptures say, having to do with you and your practices of sin, exposed to them who surveillance.  You cannot justify yourself in the presence of God or His people, because you want to honor God, the scriptures, and His people.  So, by the honor you yield over to them, they tear you down in pieces.  They can act like saints that are strict, strongly converted into the things of God, and people who don't play games with Bible scriptures, because they live them.  These are all just characterizations they make for themselves, because it is an effective and entertaining way to strategize against you.  And, since it is understood that God is whom you yield to, they realize that if they throw the scriptures at you in certain ways, they can achieve manipulating you, defeating you, breaking your spirits, depressing you, and affecting you psychologically, which is their end, for sport.  They do know and realize that if they invoke the name of the Lord, they can accomplish penetrating your understanding and your will, to punch their way through into affecting your psychology.


But remember what it says in, Ephesians 1:13, that, "In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise."  This is the Word of God.  It states, after you heard about Jesus, you believed, which sealed you with the holy Spirit of promise.  This is for life!  Though you sin and are not yet, born again.  This is salvation.  But, it is a different level of salvation, which does not quite qualify you to inherit life in heaven with God, all together.  This is why the Word of God puts it like this, that you are sealed with that holy Spirit "of promise."  It is a promise and a hope within you.  That is why you have experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit, before, the revealing of His good nature and will to you, though you were not even born again, and lived in sins.  This, simply because you believed.  And in Jesus, in whom ye also believed, you were sealed with that holy Spirit "of promise."  So, whenever you feel like you do not qualify to experience Him or have Him there with you, just check yourself and ask if you still believe.  If you do, then realize, God promises you are sealed with that holy Spirit.  The Word of God is not a lie.  So, live with this comfort, that Jesus nor the Holy Spirit has abandoned you, though you live in sins, simply because you still believe.  God desires to have fellowship with your acceptance of the truth, His kingdom, and His son.   


Remember, what you need to hold on to is the promises of God, not their judgements, opinions, suspicions, justifications, or prejudices.  The Word of God states in, John 6:37, "All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."  Realize, that Jesus Himself is assuring us that our turning to Him, seeking Him, and calling upon Him is the work of the Father.  All that encourages you to come to Jesus, is the gift of God, which the Father gives unto the Son, Jesus Christ.  And all that cometh to the Lord Jesus Christ will He in no wise cast out.  That means that until you die, no matter what, Jesus will not deny Himself to you whenever you come unto Him.  He will not cast you out.  You are accepted into His presence.  That is why it also states in, Romans 10:13, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."  This is one way the Lord God fulfills the scripture promises and assurances of, Romans 8:35-39, that there exists nothing that can separate you from His love.  It is of His will and not of your actions that this nature of the goodness of God expresses itself unto man.  Yes, not even anything you do can separate you from the love of God that will always remain present with you through His omni-presence.  That means God is everywhere.  And since He is everywhere, His love for man exists everywhere as well.  But, it is appointed for man to die, then cometh the judgement.  That is when you can be separated from God, completely.  What man has done is separate themselves from relationship with Him, ignoring Him and His ways.  But, He is always there and He knows everything.


Jesus said in, John 10:27-29, "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.  My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand."  When you realize that the answers to all your situations is the Lord Jesus Christ, you are hearing His voice, which may even come through rememberances of scriptures, acknowlegements that He is the One, and even a leading of your understanding and spirit to turn to Him for solutions.  Jesus already said, that if you come unto Him, He will in no wise cast you out.  And if He will not cast you out, then you are in His eternal hands.  And also in the eternal hands of God the Father.  And from there will no man pluck you out.  You can live a discouraged and defeated life, but you are still in Their hands.  It still has to do also with what, Ephesians 1:13, stated that, " whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise."  And because you believed, in this way, Jesus speaks to you through that Spirit of promise as the good Shepherd of your soul.


Then, Jesus further assures of this fact in, Matthew 13:47-50, which states, "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea, and gathered of every kind: which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into vessels, but cast the bad away.  So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just, and shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."  The kingdom of heaven is like a net that gathered of every kind.  But, until the end of the world, shall the angels sever or cast out the bad or the wicked.  They were there, though they were the bad, the ugly, and the wicked.  They were existing and living inside the kingdom of God, like illegal aliens who just moved into a nation, but have no legal right there.  They were caught and remained within the net due to the goodness and mercies of God, which is likened unto the kingdom of heaven.  These were people who called upon the name of the Lord, and were saved, but did not continue in the salvations God had supplied them with.  But, they remained until the end of their life, within the kingdom of God.  What I mean to say is, if they enjoyed the good of the kingdom of heaven, though they were or were not citizens, since they were the bad and the wicked, why is it that you can't reach out to God for salvation?  You don't have to be like them.  Reach out for His promises, for it is His good will and pleasure to bless you.  I am going to tailor what I am explaining in a way that will meet the needs of anyone and all. 


I am bringing these matters home to you in a way that will cause you to understand just how much of a right God has given you to have access to Him.  I do believe strongly that God intended that verse to cause you to realize up to what end He will be patient with you.  I am dealing now with that attitude many get when they realize they still live in sin, but the question of salvation comes in.  They know they do not qualify to call themselves saved, because should they die that very moment, they cannot inherit heaven as their home, because of their sin.  So, they deny themselves of intimacy with God, because of that feeling they get that they just don't qualify to have relationship with Him, just yet.  But, they are wrong!  You see, when these feelings come in, you can feel defeated and without hope in God.  It is just the stuff they who surveillance you will enjoy and use over you, for sport.  What truly does exist is that you are not and cannot be saved to the calibre of a born again believer, since you still live in sins that disqualify you from heaven.  But, there are other levels and forms of salvation I want to go over with you that will give you the confidence to reach out to God in times of trouble.  It is all scriptural.  I will show you.  God revealed this to me through my struggles as a surveillanced individual.  And, you can enjoy also much of His blessings.  I am not saying you should not live right for God, only that you can exist within the kingdom of God, saved from evils and even from not being able to have relationship with Him.  So, what I mean to say is, just call upon the name of the Lord, and you shall be saved.  These scripture truths will keep you strong, even when they who surveillances you heckle on against you, portraying themselves to be whoever or whatever.  It is my will that through this all you will serve God.


Lets get back to what Jesus was saying in, Matthew 13:47-50.  I am putting this in a way I can prove a point.  Consider, the bad and the wicked, lived within the kingdom of heaven, enjoying the good of the kingdom.  They were like illegal aliens who cross the border and make their home in a foreign nation, without the appropriate legal permissions being granted them.  But with God, things are different.  Please just listen.  What do illegal aliens do?  They get jobs!  And with those jobs, they buy cars, live in apartments, and pay their tithes.  And, if and when someone commits a crime against them, they call the police.  They even sue their neighbors.  They also receive government assistance, like food stamps, here in the United States.  They get citizens to rise up for their causes and attorneys to defend them and their rights.  This is all why I say to you, never stop living, trusting in the Lord.  Why should you withdraw yourself from the promises of God?  Why should you stop calling upon the name of the Lord?  Why should you stop taking your problems to God?  Why should you please them that surveillance?  They don't care about you or love you the way God does.  They never will, even if they could.  Why seek to please them by turning from Him who loves you and takes care of you and your needs?  These are avenues God has provided to show you He has already desired to give you everything.  He welcomes you.  There are different levels of salvation God has established to work out a conversion process in the lives of people who believe on Him.  To qualify, you just have to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  And with it all, He begins to establish His kingdom within you in stages.  You will only be the bad or the wicked that is cast out, if you die in your sins.  Till then, there is still breath, which means there is still time.  And Jesus makes full use of this.  It is His will, because He loves you and gives you the kingdom.             


What I do recommend, is that you do not wait for good things only to happen to you as a sign that God's favor is for you.  He already gave you His word, so why do you provoke Him with signs you request of Him?  The Bible says in, Luke 4:12, "And Jesus answering said unto him, It is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God."  The New International Version of the Bible puts it like this, "Jesus answered, It says: Do not put the Lord your God to the test."  Yes, do not put God to the test with signs you demand He provides you with, as if you were some holy Old Testament prophet of God.  These signs at times people wind up looking for to get the message from God, whether He is or is not going to be on your side against injustices suffered.  If you don't snap out of it, you will continue on living a life with a fate that depends on whatever you encounter.  Then everything that goes wrong will seem like signs to you; and the days can be full of them, even for the just.  So do not live that way.  I encourage you in the name of Jesus not to.  Plus, you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to please God without faith.  The kind of faith that says, no matter what happens, I will believe in You and that You will see me through whatever I go through, is the type of faith that pleases God.  You need to have faith that the Lord is there for you, though He may not answer you in the form of a sign or miracles and wonders, the way you want Him to.  Jesus said that you will have trials, tribulations, persecutions, and testings.  That is what was said of the righteous apostles and prophets of God, who are we that we should be excluded from all of this?


What God revealed to me through my struggles is that there are different levels of salvation.  These have comforted me and I know these truths will strengthen you.  What those who surveillance you might try to do is what they did with me: and that is to judge, condemn, and heckle you into believing that you have lost your salvation, walked away from it, or have forfeited it; and cannot get it back, because God is that angry at you.   Since they watch you for so long, they can capture your acts of sin you commit, to use against you and to wear you down with them, into accepting that you no longer should consider yourself as someone who qualifies or is worthy of experiencing the touch of the Holy Spirit.  They await and position themselves against your faith, when the times come for it to be tested; and so they arise up against you and you have to deal with it all by yourself, the way God calls you to do.  It is at these times the military may use the occasion to fight you down to the ground, as they did me, with their speeches and their devices, to insist you give up believing you are still saved.  This is because they know you are weak spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally.  It is a bad feeling when things look like your best, somehow did not cut it for you, but just was vain, or without worth.  Of what value are your efforts, energies, times invested, sacrifices, labors, sufferings, and refusals to have fun, if you are still not saved nor cannot be saved at the end?  These are the types of things we all struggle with that can empower them over you.              


But, how can you know and understand for yourself that you are saved, genuinely.  Or, how can you be sure the Holy Spirit will touch you and comfort you, in your time of need, though you are not born again?  How do you prevent yourself from getting frustrated and junking everything you are doing in God when you feel, and they also make you feel, like what you are doing and how you are living is so wrong; so that you got to get a new life from somewhere again?  This can frustrate you to the point you loose faith that you are even saved.  And so you believe that you have to do the frustrating thing, and start all over, when that is not the case.  You still believe, and it is that part you don't have to start over.  But, if it is, Jesus, will be there to meet you and guide you through it.  Starting over can defeat you, especially when you feel like you got to do it, over and over again.  It is at those times you yearn, struggle, vex, and twist yourself into desiring the sign of the touch of the Holy Spirit.  But, when it does not come like, Pastor Lamb, once said, then it is because these are times of spiritual drought that Christians go through and they must continue by faith walking on through to the other side.  These are not signs that you have lost your salvation, walked away from it, nor forfeited it, but instead that you are being tested.  It is something fierce when God removes that feeling and that touch of the Holy Spirit that empowers you to continue in the things of God, so that you have to get up and walk of your own selves and remain by faith in the salvation God has called you to.  What complicates this all in the middle of it, is when the military begins to attack you during days like these with their inventions. 


What complicates things about that is that since you are going through these times of doubt, it becomes difficult for you to come to grips by faith that God is still operating His work of salvation on your affairs.  You begin to wonder if the God of your salvation will also save you today from whatever you will be facing.  This happens, because you just don't feel Him.  And, since you don't feel Him you wonder what there is of Him that is at work on your behalf that would make you feel safe and secure about things around you.  You need to believe He is with you there, by faith.  It was through times and struggles like this that God revealed to me by His Spirit the fact that there are several levels or stages of salvation.  And, once you come to understand that, you will struggle less, feel more confident and secure in Him.  I am tailoring it to meet the needs of every victim of electronic harassment, mind control, wireless torture, and wireless communications.  


First, the highest level of salvation is spiritual.  This level of salvation is revealed to us in, John 3:3-8, where Jesus tells Nicodemus, "...Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God...Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.  That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit..."  One may ask, "what is it?"  It is when Jesus forgives you of your sins, making it possible for God to enter inside of you and have a personal relationship with you.  Then, you may ask, "saved from what?"  Well, you are saved from having to be cast into hell forever for your sins.  And, you are saved from having to experience the judgement of God here on earth, too.  You are also saved from belonging to the devil to do whatever he wills with you.  You are also saved from being bound by the chains of sin that keep you captive and enslaved to it.  But, remember, this salvation is given to you on credit as a gift from God.  You are saved from all these things to the point that if you should die at that very moment, you would wake up in heaven.  And then that salvation would be complete.  What do I mean by that?  Why would it be complete and how is it on credit?  It has to do with what Jesus said in, Mark 13:13, that, "but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved."  Yes, we are to continue in His salvation throughout our entire lives until we die for that salvation to qualify you and materialize you into heaven, and then it is complete, done, and finalized.  I am going to tailor these explanations to meet the needs of any and all.


How does God forgive sins?  Well, on one occasion, Jesus, forgave a woman who did not even verbalize a single request to be forgiven of her sins.  This happened in, Luke 7:37-50.  It is recorded that Jesus said, "Wherefore I say unto thee, her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much...Thy sins are forgiven...Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace."  This is what happens when one is born again.  In their act of worship and praise, while they realize their sinful nature too, they are in the state of existing without sins, though they commit them, because they are forgiven them perpetually or without cease.  That is the miracle of the salvation power of God through Jesus and it is what God promised, saying He would make you holy before His sight, because it is His good pleasure and His perfect will.  This is found in, Ephesians 5:25-27, where it says, "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word.  That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish." 


Then, Ephesians 2:8, goes on to testify that, "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift from God:"  This is when and where the problems, questions, and struggles of salvation begin.  It has to do with what the Bible says, like it does in, James 2:18-20, that, "Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.  Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.  But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?"  You are most certainly saved through faith, which is just believing in Jesus and existing with a relationship with God who lives inside of you through His omni-presence (God is everywhere), which is known as the Spirit of God.  But, if you do not live for Him, then that faith does not keep alive, through actions, that salvation that God has given you.  Your salvation will remain without faith, functioning out problems in the way of empowering you to higher levels of God's salvation.  That is what, Jesus Christ meant, when He said that he who continues to the end, shall be saved.  Without works of faith, your salvation will die out, but not completely till you die, since through faith you are saved, but you are not showing your faith by your works.  Complete faith includes living out what you have faith in.  You have only allowed your faith to convert your mind about the matters, but not your actions.  Saving faith is what you need to carry on until you die, if you plan to get to heaven.  Then it is, because you chose to endure till the end, just like Jesus said, that you will experience the complete work of the salvation God, that He has planned for you, when you wake up in heaven before His presence.  As I mentioned before, my purpose is to explain these levels of salvation God revealed to me in a manner that would be tailored to all or any.  But, don't condemn yourself for your failures to practice works to complete your faith, so much, but do keep it in mind, it is necessary if you want to get to heaven.           


This is especially when these levels of salvation are revealed.  This is important, because God showed me you don't have to be born-again-saved, to be saved of other things as well.  This I reasoned out during my times in thought about the nature of the matters and questions of what sorts of salvations exist.  That is part of what the Bible meant by stating in, Acts 2:21, that, "And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."  That is because, God loves you so much, that even though you are not yet born again, which is the highest level of salvation here on earth, He will save you from your troubles when you call upon His name.  I will show you, that just because you are not yet born again, He will come to your rescue in times of trouble, which is something that every victim of electronic harassments, mind control, wireless tortures, and wireless communications needs.  It will come in handy, during spontaneous encounters with troubles.  He loves you so much, He intends to be there for you, now, when you call upon His name, without you having to go through the steps of being a born again believer, first.  He knows that will take time and that also you don't wanna play games with Him, going through all these steps, just to manage to get a hold of God for your salvation from a thing.  Jesus did that to the multitudes on the spot, whenever they called, without asking them or even demanding them to get born again, first.  That is what an awesome God we serve.  But, his healing miracles were signs to them all pointing to the realities that they must realize God exists and that they should worship Him.


In, Matthew 19:25, it states that the disciples of Jesus became amazed saying, "Who then can be saved?"  And again in, Mark 10:26, His disciples were astonished out of measure, saying among themselves, "Who then can be saved."  They were living for God, they did believe in Jesus, they had accepted Him into their hearts, yet they questioned if they even could be saved.  They knew they had obtained the salvation of God, but questioned if they could enter into the kingdom of God.  This reveals the different levels of salvation.  It has to do with what Jesus had said also, and that is, that "he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved."  That is the answer to that mystery.  This is important, so you can live with confidence that the Lord is with you, always, especially when you call upon His name. 


They wondered if they had it in them to reach that level of salvation, which was promised, but was far away from them, since they were not at that end yet, which is death in Him to enter into heaven.  They had not died in the salvation of God yet, that would qualify them to enter into heaven and they did witnessed what Jesus said others would have to do in order to inherit eternal life.  That caused them to understand that they had not yet obtained that highest level of complete salvation of God.  Yet, they were saved.  Without a doubt.  Absolutely.  Then, Peter, went on to become an apostle and clarified these things in, 1st Peter 4:18, by stating, "And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear."  How is it that the Bible says that, whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, and yet, Peter says that the righteous is scarcely saved.  This is what clarifies all the things about salvation that people at times believe are contradictions.  It has to do with the fact that there exists different levels of salvation.  The end goal of God is to save you to the end, when you die or are raptured.  His goal is to take you through unto receiving the highest level of salvation He offers which is life in God in heaven.  His deepest desire is for you to obtain it.  That is why, when you call upon His name, you shall be saved, but that does not mean that you have obtained that level of salvation that qualifies you to enter into heaven, yet.  For what?  For just calling upon His name?     


The will of God is revealed through, 1st Timothy 2:3-4, where it says in, the New International Version of the Bible, "This is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth."  It is His perfect will that men should be saved.  Jesus says in, Mark 16:16, "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned."  In this, we understand that they who believe and get baptized are saved.  These are they we accept as full fledged born again believers.  They were ready to be saved, or say, born again; so they went ahead and got baptized too.  That is a very high level of salvation.  It is authentic and good.  But, it is not the highest level of salvation, which can only be obtained of them who endure to the end, like Jesus said.  This is important, to clarify what it is, but also to enable you to walk and live in the other levels of salvation that come from God, in hopes that you can be brought up higher and higher, till you allow the workings of that complete salvation of God to have its way in your life.  But also I explain it like this, so you can exist in it, knowing though you are not born again, He is there to turn to.  God wants all men to be saved, says the Book of Timothy.  No one alive has yet obtained that highest level of complete salvation in God living with Him in heaven, until they die or the rapture happens.  But, they can be saved on credit, living as though they were the chosen people of God who will be in heaven once they die or get raptured.  But, it is not known yet by anyone if they will ever get there, but by God.  They must endure to the end, yet God accepts them as full citizens and legitimate children of His, blessing them with the fullness of His salvation as though they were already His children with Him in heaven.  Yes, the end of whether they will or will not enter into heaven depends on whether or not they will endure till the end.  Jesus said, that whoever comes to Him, He will in no wise cast out.  He meant it! 


What is good about knowing and understanding all of this, is that it enables you to continue in Him, struggling it out not to just throw in the towel and every bit of things you have achieved with and in the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you fail, don't throw it all away and resort to avoiding the things of God with religious ritualisms.  This will retard you and ensnare you from making it a habit of going forward with God, instead of backwards, all the time.  God knows you do it to respect Him.  He understands you do it to honor the things of God.  Also, it enables you to at least exist in the salvation of God, though it is not still complete in you.  What I am saying is that, yes, it is possible to live in the salvation of God, though you are disqualified from heaven for something you have still not let go of.  If you call upon His name, He will save you from not being able to have relationship with Him, and not being heard when you pray.  Ask Him for that and for the forgiveness of your sins.  Consider Samson, whom the Spirit of the Lord would come upon mightily.  This, though he walked in sin.  It says that he judged Israel.  Why did God not just reject him?  But, things like practicing the sins that Samson walked in, do disqualify you from heaven.  But, God was someone Samson still had on his side.  God's love willed God to remain with him, like it says in the Bible, that nothing can separate you from His love.  But, realize, once you die, then comes the judgement.       


What I am trying to say is that I understand what you are dealing with and I know that it is hard to even be capable of being in control of matters, when you are being electronically harassed, wirelessly tortured, experimented on for mind control projects they set up for themselves, and wirelessly communicated to by them who surveillance you.  Because you cannot produce that life style that qualifies you to be legitimately saved at the highest level God offers, does not mean that you cannot still be saved.  So relax, breathe, and set up some goals to knock out your problems in this area, piece by piece.  That is important when you need that comfort of the Spirit of God, but you think and rationalize that you do not qualify to experience Him in your affairs, because you are not a born again believer, yet.  Yes, you do understand that you believe in God, but, you feel like He is beyond your reach and so is His salvation, because you cannot be born again, just yet.  It is something that you cannot produce even if your very life depended upon it, right that minute.  Plus, that level of salvation, may take time, unless you happen to have a miracle, which, at times is a product of faith, and that complicates things when you also want and need assurances, like the power of the Holy Spirit being poured out on you that very minute.  I did promise you I would tailor this material in a way that would meet the needs of everybody, in one way or another.  I meant it, because it is my sincere hope in Jesus that He will begin to reach out to you through the Holy Spirit and minister to you.   


I am not justifying your sins that disqualify you from heaven.  People can loose their salvation from hell, eventhough they still live in His salvation, because they still believe on Him, but they have committed some practice of sin they need to take care of.  These truths are what clarifies things that seem contradictory, but are not.  They can walk away from it and they can forfeit it, due to practices of sin.  For instance in, Matthew 18:23-35, Jesus talks about the kingdom of heaven being likened unto a certain king who forgave the debt of one of his servants.  But, that servant turned around, and put one of his fellowservants into prison, till he should pay the debt.  Then the Bible goes on to say the king said in, Matthew 18:32-35,  "...O thou wicked servant, I forgave thee all that debt, because thou desiredst me:  Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellowservant, even as I had pity on thee?  And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due unto him.  So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses."  This is what can and will happen to born again believers who refuse to forgive.  They lived in the salvation God had given them, but they became disqualified from heaven, because they did not forgive someone.  It is clear, these will not inherit the kingdom of God in heaven, but will only be delivered to the tormentors, which is the pit of hell, if they die in that sin of unforgiveness.  This is why, Peter, said, "the righteous is scarcely saved."  That person's salvation from having to pay the debt of eternal punishment in hell, was revoked or taken away from him, by God.  He lost his salvation from hell through unforgiveness.  He forfeited it.  Yet, he continued to exist in salvation until the time of reckoning materialized into being, which is when one dies, chiefly.


But, what this also reveals is the fact that different levels of salvation exists.  These born again believers continue on within the kingdom of God receiving the blessings of the Holy Ghost being poured out on them, while they worship and praise His name in His very presence.  They express the evidences of salvation by the Holy Spirit who marks them as His own with it.  God will always continue to inhabit the praises of His people.  And like Samson, the Spirit of the Lord will continue to come upon them, empowered of God for the work of His purposes, though they sin.  The Word of God says in, Judges 15:20, "And he judged Israel, in the days of the Philistines twenty years."  It is because, God is not like unto man, breaking off relationships readily on impulse.  If He would, that would mean He would be leaving the spoils over to the devil to glory in such treasures of God.  


In this, we see that Jesus fulfills His promise He made to mankind in, John 6:37, by saying, "...and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."  And the Bible also says, whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  They are still saved from not experiencing the blessings of the kingdom of God, the outpouring of His Spirit, receiving the knowledge of God, and even His favor, but they are disqualified from heaven, because of unforgiveness until they get it right.  One can live and exist in this level of salvation through which men obtain mercy, grace, blessing, and favor of God, who works to finish the work He began in us.  He leads the horses to water, but if they choose to refuse drinking the waters of forgiveness towards others, then if they die like that, they forfeit that highest level of salvation, which is life in Him in heaven.  This leading to the waters of forgiveness happens through the preaching of His word, through readings of the scriptures, and through the convictions of sin to let go of that unforgivness, so the work of God's salvation can be completed. 


Matthew 1:21-23, states, "And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.  Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying,...they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us."  Now who is us?  He includes us as we read or hear that beloved name.  God meant He is, "God with us," indiscriminately.  That is why the Word of God also states in, Acts 2:21, that, "...whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."  He would be, God with us, with them also.  He was not guaranteeing that they would inherit the kingdom of God in heaven, when they called upon His name.  But, that is His end purpose for our lives.  I did mention, my aim is to tailor these explanations to meet everyone's needs, leaving none out.


Now, I will go over with you the miracles of the salvation power of His love.  I begin with, John 1:12, where it assures, "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name."  That means that just for receiving Him for who He is inside of you, God gives you the power to become a child of God.  Even if you just believe on His name.  What that means is that when these things exist in you, God bestows you with the power to become His son or daughter.  You do not have to be a born again believer to have this power of God available to you.  It is within you, since that day that you just believed on His name.  That resident power that is within you is the salvation power of God.  This testifies that there exists different levels of salvation.  The power to become a child of God is salvation, for it saves you from hell, darkness, the curse of sin, the bondage of sin, and from following the devil when this resident power of becoming a child of God is activated by you.  It is already inside of you, because you believe on Him, like the scripture says.  God put it there.  But, until you use it, you will continue on existing in this lower level of salvation, which is a salvation, but does not make you into a legitimate child of Him nor enables you to inherit heaven, should you die at that instance.  For this, you must be born again.  


You don't have to fear that you do not measure up or have not met the necessary requirements to obtain His salvation from troubles encountered.  Once and because you receive Him or at least believe on His name, you are given that active power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to work in you His salvation and conversion to His Son, Jesus Christ.  But that does not yet make you born again at all in itself.  If you want to get to heaven, you must be born again.  Yet, this is the salvation power of the Word of God operating through you and in you.  Like it says in, Romans 10:9, "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."  How many of us understand that you can do that all your life and continue in a life of sin that disqualifies you from entering into heaven?  What is the contradiction here?  Are you saved or not?  The Bible clearly says that your beliefs, confessions, and the receiving of Lord Jesus Christ is salvation.  It is the gift of God bestowed on each and every individual on this entire planet.  It is legitimate and you can walk in it with confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ, but while you are at it, or there, God wants you to take further steps into obtaining higher levels of salvation.  He wills you turn your entire life over to Him.  That is His end plan for your life.   


It all also has to do with the fact that God loves you, for as He created you and all things for His pleasure.  So that through what Jesus has done, now, He is able to have relationship with you, which is what He always wanted.  Jesus forgave sins at times, even though He was not asked to, like in, Matthew 9:2-7 and Luke 7:37-50, because He chose to in the power of His goodness and love.  Jesus felt like He should include that as an extra blessing to them.  With that, He is also able to enjoy relationship with you.  This is salvation.  The work of the saving power of God.  Jesus wants to visit you the way He visited, ate, and drank with sinners.  The "Lord God with us" has  need and desire to spend time with you.  He is actively involved through His Spirit and the Bible in working out His power and kingdom in you, through you, and around you.  He will exercise His will and dominion everywhere, but He created you with the power of choice, which He purposed to give you to do what you will to do.  And if you do not will to receive Him nor embrace Him, then you chose that to the hurt and the destruction of your very soul.            


It is my purpose to explain these Biblical truths to you, so you don't ever feel like God has left you in your times of trouble.  It is difficult when you realize you have sinned against God.  Even if these are not wicked acts, they can weigh on you.  And since the military surveillances you, they can exercise their prejudices with cruelty upon you to break you for sport.  In these hard times you need the assurance that the Lord is with you.  What I intend is to explain to you how it is so.  It is better for you than just hearing words that comfort.  This is because you need to know through the Bible, the very Word of God, that it is so to enable you to bring your mind to that concrete set of undisputable facts.  And so, that is my purpose.  Right now, I am going to provide you with some definitions of the words, "save" and "salvation," to enable you to better grasp that no matter how you live, you can obtain the salvation of your God, when you call upon His name.  This is to give your stands assurances in the Word of God.  You need to know for a fact that you can stand on the salvation of your God, so that you can approach life with sure confidence.   


The Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary, defines the word "salvation" as follows:  "In the Bible the word "salvation" is not necessarily a technical theological term, but simply denotes "deliverance " from almost any kind of evil, whether material or spiritual.  Theologically, however, it denotes (1) the whole process by which man is delivered from all that interferes with the enjoyment of God's highest blessings, (2) the actual enjoyment of those blessings.  The root idea in salvation is deliverance from some danger or evil...In the OT salvation is at first thought of as deliverance from present evil in a temporal and material sense, but with the deepening sense of moral evil, salvation acquires a profound ethical meaning...In the OT, complete trust in God was the most important of the human conditions for salvation...In the teaching of Jesus, salvation is often used to denote deliverance from trouble, like illness, but it usually means deliverance from sin through entrance upon a new divine life...Salvation is represented primarily as deliverance from sin.  The whole NT lays stress upon the sufferings and death of Christ as mediating salvation.  As in the teaching of Jesus, salvation throughout the NT is regarded as a present experience, but it is eschatological as well.  Indeed, the blessings of salvation the believer has now are only a foretaste of what are to be his in the coming age, after Christ comes.  The salvation Christ brings is not merely deliverance from future punishment, but also from sin as a present power.  It includes all the redemptive blessings we have in Christ chiefly conversion, regeneration, justification, adoption, sanctification, and glorification.  It provides a solution for the whole problem of sin, in all its many aspects..."


In these definitions of the word "salvation," we also see how there are forms or levels of salvation that may be exercised to help the needs of individuals.  It says in the Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary that, "salvation is often used to denote deliverance from trouble."  The Bible says in, John 1:12, "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name."  This is all you need to have the kingdom right to call upon His name, so you can be saved from your troubles.  He is your God and your salvation.  And when you call upon His name, He will forgive you of your sins when you ask Him.  This is salvation.  Jesus taught His disciples that they should forgive, up to seventy times seven.  This was to demolish what, Peter, believe was reasonable, being only seven times.  Meaning, He is not a hypocrite or a liar.  He lived and still does what He preached.  And He demands you also forgive.  If you do not forgive you cannot inherit heaven as your home.  This is the highest level of salvation one can only experience after death or the rapture.  But, for the moment, you are saved from your sins.  With that He can enjoy having relationship with you.  Also, it feels better to go through this easy route of asking for forgiveness of sins, while you ask Him to save you from your troubles also.  This is a way you can also begin to deal with your sin of unforgiveness.  Ask Him to help you with that sin and to begin working this out in you. 


Remember also, that a definition of the word "salvation" is, "the whole process by which man is delivered from all that interferes with the enjoyment of God's highest blessings" and also "the actual enjoyment of those blessings."  This already happened when you trusted in Jesus, after you heard the Word of God, the gospel of your salvation.  This though, you are not yet born again, and live in sins.  I told you I would tailor these explanations to meet the needs of everyone and all.  But, all according to the truth.  It says in, Ephesians 1:13, "In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise."  You are saved from all that interferes with the enjoyment of God's highest blessings, though you live in sins, because you exist how this scripture says would cause you to be sealed in Him with that holy Spirit of promise.  You are free to enjoy the things of God through the Bible when you read it.  The Spirit of God still touches you and deals with you through the Spirit of the Word of God.  This is salvation.  It is also, as the Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary defines the word "salvation," being "the actual enjoyment of those blessings."  That is why you can experience God touching you when you involve yourself in the Word of God, though you are still a sinner and not born again, yet and still.  So, snap out of it, have faith in God, and realize He is there with you through the Spirit of God that worketh in you His salvation power and influence to make you realize again, His promises are there for you to have, at will.  You can enjoy the Spirit of God blessing you and making you aware of your sins; and that He is there with you still, but that even though you don't readily act upon it, but just cherish the moment.    


The above definition of the Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary, also states, "The salvation Christ brings is not merely deliverance from future punishment, but also from sin as a present power."  This means He will save you from future punishments for your sins, by forgiving you when you ask.  This is a level of salvation you obtain by asking, though you are not even born again, that He provides, because He is good.  He makes the sun to shine on the good and on the bad.  Through this He intends to influence you to realize you should and must get rid of your practices of sin, so you can have a better relationship with Him as a citizen of His kingdom.  If that person leaves his or her sins, then there is a greater chance He will not punish, because He has forgiven.  But, if you have killed someone, you will be forgiven in heaven for it, if you ask Him, but you must pay your debt here on earth.  That is because, the Lord is not mocked, as it says in, Galatians 6:7, "Be not deceived: God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."  Though you are reaping what you have sown, you can be saved by grace: walking in his salvation power as a forgiven believer.  You will be living and walking in the salvation of God from His punishments for it (sin), which would include hell in the future, when you die.  You will also be saved from you sins, in that you can experience God in your life, though you have committed sins.  That is the salvation power of forgiveness.  You can have relationship with God and the touch of the Holy Spirit, while you live in sins.  This especially can happen with the experience of the outpouring of God's Spirit upon you, when you are letting go of big sins or have left them, but yet still exist in other sins you know you have to deal with in time.  This is how God leads you to Him and encourages you to continue in that direction.       


The other portion of this definition I am explaining is that, "The salvation Christ brings is...deliverance...from sin as a present power."  That is also the end He intends with your life.  This also does involve different levels of salvation, that work His work of rehabilitation in you and through you by His Spirit and through the Word of God.  I will use a worse case to prove a point.  When a drug addict calls upon God, He saves him through the power of His Word (Jesus) he receives, believes, and starts to confess with His mouth, which would include accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.  The Spirit of that Word (Jesus) begins to convince, influence, teach, reveal, and reprimand the individual; thus there is light.  That is a level of salvation God has given him, because he has done what, Romans 10:9, says, which is, "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."  This work may take a long time.  And then, through Jesus that man stops doing the drugs.  And so now, through the passage of time of walking in the first steps or levels of salvation, he has obtained a higher level of salvation, by letting go of the drugs.  He has been saved through God of his drug addictions.  Just because he still lives in other forms of sin, does not mean that person is not saved, walking and living in the salvation power of His love.  But, that level of salvation is not yet the highest level of salvation, which is life in heaven with God, unless he endures till the end.  And perhaps, he has not made a decision to be born again, yet.  But, I think not, for most in this case.  But, he might be aiming at that next.  But, the work of the salvation power of God's love operates in the work of rehabilitation to restore that individual as he or she once was, when a child, fully and automatically accepted into the kingdom of God.  Jesus speaks about this in, Mark 10:14, by stating, "...Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God."   


These things are all important, because once you realize there are different levels of salvation, you can stand confident that you are not left to yourself of God.  You will realize He has not abandoned you, especially in such times of trouble.  Seeing that you do not qualify to be holy or even a saint of God, your hearts will faint, because you will be wishing you could have Him there present with you in your times of need.  And because you see salvation as only existing in the form of being a born again believer, you could wind up trashing everything, labeling it all as not good, because what you are looking for is to stand, walk, and live in His salvation right then and there, at that very moment.  But, you feel you cannot and think it does not even exist, by mistake.  This disables your faith, which is very important to be able to stand in His salvation with confidence.  You need to realize that you already do exist in His salvation and in the hands of The Living God.  But, He desires and it is His will to take you to higher ground, so you can exist in the highest level of salvation He offers you, which is life with Him in heaven, when you die or the rapture occurs.  Till then, to get there, you must first be born again.  That is the highest level of salvation that the living on earth can obtain.  It is complete, but not to the end of experiencing life with God in heaven, which takes you living and enduring in that level of salvation to the end.  But, it is ever progressively working towards that end. 


But, if you fail, just realize you are still in His hands of salvation.  You just got to get back up again and obtain that highest level of salvation, which will take you to heaven should you die that very moment.  This might take time.  That means you will live and exist in a lesser level of salvation.  And that is because your sins have disqualified you from heaven, should you die that very moment.  But, it is still salvation.  With that you can work on it and for this purpose He provides it.  For instance, you are still believing and confessing the Lord Jesus Christ, at least a little bit, even in your private moments.  Better it is that you work it out from there, instead of throwing it all away, then having to start all over again.  If you do, you will lose or weaken your confidence in God, which is a present help to you, a victim of electronic harassments and the such.  You just have to come to realize that the salvation you now stand in and live in is truly authentic and of the Lord.  God will work with you.  It says in, Romans 15:5, "Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus."  This scripture reveals to us that God is "the God of patience."  It is my purpose to explain to you all the possible avenues of these levels of salvation God revealed to me, so that you will be able to overcome, be strong, and live with confidence in the Lord throughout your surveillanced life.  This is also the reason I am going through all the necessary avenues of scripture, so you will be fully informed and enlightened by the Word of God, who is Jesus Christ.   [PLEASE READ ALL OF IT.]






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