Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

TIs LIsten Up - Patriots in the US will Help Us TIs - Group Up & Take Action

TIs Listen Up, These Patriots are listening to Us and they are concerned about the US! 2 Days of Worthy Streaming for Freedom. Here is the Live Stream Address for today and tomorrow Noon CST - 9PM Central Standard Time
Streaming also from:

Plug in with these People, Watch, Pray, and take Action. Just listen to these guys try and save the Western World from the NWO literally... We have to keep demonstrating and finding ways to teach People how bad the PsyOps / Torture portion of Targeting is.. not just in the US but all over the World! Look NTD is funded in part by Falun Dafa and thats the People China is organ harvesting in concentration camps.

At the Nov. DC Rally and it was an amazing Democratic Feast of 1,000,000 Families Who would listen to the Targeting People's call for help. We need to get big and stop being picked off!! God Bless in Jesus' Name!

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How to stop electronic mind reading but first you have to know real physics. Which is hidden from us. Physics which we learn at school is fake.

All this universe is made of 2 thing's. Force and matter. Its the force which controls matter.each matter got electron and proton. They are south pole and North pole . They are negative and positive is a lie. Even paper rubber got magnetic field but it's so much low. You need 5000 times powerful magnet than normal. This magnet can even lavitate water. Amazing isn't it.

Fake physics tells us in schools. Electron travels in conducter. And in iti collages electron vibrates. Electron got negative chage and proton got positive charge. Despite this they can't answer.
How lighting happens.
How battery generated electricity has magnetic field.
How kinetic energy works.
They can't answer this.

Well here's the real physics.
Electron neither travels nor vibrates but it spin on its axis.
If you spin electron you got travelling magnetic field.
Electricity is nothing but travelling magnetic field and in standing postion it is magnetic field.

This travelling magnetic field is EMF. That's why it can pass through anything.

Each Electron is south pole and each proton is north. Each Electron and each proton magnetic field depends on kind of material they are.iron got too much magnetic fields and other materials got low. Like copper aluminium etc.

Both this forces north and south pole always collides at centre. In single conducter respective of their side one moves above conducter and another at centre but in opposite side of each other.

To stop this EMF we need 3 mm of magnetize iron plate wrap it in normal iron plate.after put 1 mm of paper on it and put 2 layers of copper plate. Each one separated with paper. Then give alternating cutter to it ( I mean is alternating current). One copper plate should have negative ( south) signals and other copper plate should have positive (north) signal.

This negative ( south) and positive (north) generating circuit can be buit for just rs 250.

With this real physics students will become nuclear scientist in 10th standard. This is the reason they have hidden it. To stop forces you need forces. absorption won't work with forces.

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Having this video, "final account", I am not afraid of anything.

Obviously, by hacking International Bar Association and International Criminal Court, they stop me from launching  international (legal  ) proceedings against "them".To end with this video " final account" : send it, please transfer it . Not only for me.UN ICCPR UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council Amnesty International International Bar Association International Criminal Court International Court of Justice…See More
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Everything in the world to be the property of the state. You penniless.

EVERYTHING THROUGH OUT THE WORLD WOULD BE THE PROPERTY OF THE STATE WHICH IS ALSO KNOWN AS THE CROWN CORPORATION. THEY ARE PLANNING TO MAKE US PENNYLESS SLAVES BUT MOST ARE UNDER MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING TO THE POINT OF APATHY.Viruses are not contageous. The so-called covid-19 vaccine is a slow acting poison. Those who have received it will die within years. Many who believe that they have received the so called covid-19 vaccine have not actually received it because many nurses who are in full…See More
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