TIs Listen Up, These Patriots are listening to Us and they are concerned about the US! 2 Days of Worthy Streaming for Freedom. Here is the Live Stream Address for today and tomorrow Noon CST - 9PM Central Standard Time
Streaming also from: https://www.steeltruth.com/

Plug in with these People, Watch, Pray, and take Action. Just listen to these guys try and save the Western World from the NWO literally... We have to keep demonstrating and finding ways to teach People how bad the PsyOps / Torture portion of Targeting is.. not just in the US but all over the World! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukikb1gpJFI Look NTD is funded in part by Falun Dafa and thats the People China is organ harvesting in concentration camps.

At the Nov. DC Rally and it was an amazing Democratic Feast of 1,000,000 Families Who would listen to the Targeting People's call for help. We need to get big and stop being picked off!! God Bless in Jesus' Name!

Check out my Brighteon Channel : https://brighteon.com/chaneel/mh4bright





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