The trillionair, billionair, tycoon Hitlers had been Setting up Government for bad things did by themselves for tens of years for the purpose of redirecting hatred toward governments and magnifying their power by pretending to be government. The shooting of former actor President Reagan by a former mental patient in the 80s was one of the direct results of setting up government using brain damaged sleepwalking government officials.  There is no reasonable reason any government could kill innocent humanbeings on purpose. There are government officials who did bad things for the interests of themselves or the interests of their family in name of government. Government is the biggest enemy of Mafia Family control. Privatization starting from 80s in UK and other countries severely reduced the power of government and increased the difference between rich and poor and deteriorated social welfare especially medical benefit.

The Privatization of CIA secret researches in the 70s after the Church and Rockefeller Investigation on CIA legalized family control of the Electromagnetic Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control weapon. It is reasonable to suspect Rockefeller family is the GOD FATHER family due to 5 reasons. These were not reported by any media. (1) Nelson Rockefeller started to run for president after the assassination of President Kennedy; (2) Nelson Rockefeller participated the privatization of CIA secret researches in the 70s; (3) Eileen Rockefeller, born in 1952, the youngest daughter of David Rockefeller, had been studying emotion mind control, which was major research of CIA mind control FIRM. She published TWO memoire. (4) Rockefeller foundation had been a conduit of CIA fund; (5) The WTC twin towers built in 1976, collapsed in NY911, was sponsored by Nelson Rockefeller and David Rockefeller. It is reasonable to suspect that Rockefeller family members mind controlled brain damaged sleepwalking employees to attack their own buildings in NY911 to sooth the hatred toward Rockefeller family by mind control employees after many witnesses and CIA employees being killed due to failure of exposing remote surgery and remote mind control secrets in the 90s mostly because real witness being replaced with 100% morons.

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