Principle of Mafia tycoons: separating and creating conflicts among employees and victims by twisting.

(Number < 60) Mafia tycoon Rockefeller family members who controlling American mind control FIRM

FIRM employees (both elderly and youngsters) who are
 helping Mafia tycoon family
Victims inside mind control FIRM whose
brains synchronized by mafia tycoon family’s program
(“Shawn the Sheep”s and “Brice Taylor”s)
 \|/            /|\
Victims A receives Reply of Evil B which was the talks of Victim B after twisting by Rockefellers
Rules are 100% lies, otherwise secrets had been exposed long time ago. Rockefellers had been killing in name of education or in name of waking up the public for over 35 years. Nearly 1000 Americans were killed in Jonestown in 1978 35 years ago using excuses of sacrificing 1000 and waking up a whole nation. Rockefellers had been repeating the same killing process for over 35 years.


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