UK influence

Hi I'm new and sad to say I am also a TI. I am hearing them 24/7 and they keep trying to set me up to be some sort of perv or a terrorist! They are crazy and very stupid.. I sent out 10 copy of documents around the world today targeting all the major news agency's NATO and even European parliament. They have lot if different tactics most if which are fairly simple to work out. I have resorted to writing a few secrets down and putting them in my pocket in case of my demise. Aluminium hats fail as well as a silver lined hat so don't bother. You have no device on you they use the mobile towered to send pulse modulated microwaves at a low level with embedded frequencies which go straight to your audio cortex. I'm bent on making public more aware! Glad to find similar people in the same boat. Try telling them you know it's all a show ;-) peace R

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