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UK Vigil and Prime Minister Time Meeting - Covert Harassment state responses in UK and Europe

Hello all, hello to our UK friends, hello Sandy. I lived for two years in England and I would be glad to go to London for the TI vigil or the Prime Minister Time but I cannot. Was anyone thinking of going to either of these two events by any chance? 

Vigil & Meeting during Prime Minister Time at UK House of Parliament against CovertHarassment on 2016-07-13

There is also an interesting update on the facebook event saying that another vigil will be held the Wednesay after this and explaining why this timing is important.

I was wondering what we could say about efforts in the UK against Covert Harassment.

To Sandy

Thanks, Sandy for the information you had posted here.


Comment by Sandy Lomax on July 6, 2016 at 6:07pm

Hello information-book

Did you see the European Parliament`s Resolution on this tech, proposed by UK Green Party, and passed in January 1999? It remained a resolution and did not become a law, resolution A4-0005/99.

See in particular paragraph 30 under Legal Aspects of Military Activity: "...a global ban on...development of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings...."

The Green Party are sympathetic to the issue. But as the UK have just voted to leave the EU, Green Members of the EU Parliament can no longer help us! Maybe the Green Party in France could help - you could get advice from them.

(end of comment by Sandy)

The judiciary document I had previously mentioned (comparative law on electromagnetic harassment) cites this as the only proposal for resolution in the EU. After search on the web I have found that the UK Green Party support the resolution based on this. I cannot find the information that the UK Green Party brought it to Parliament. If there is a link for this, I would be glad if you could post it. Thanks.

I found this on how it was proposed and further below I found some info on the very important issue of the UK Political Party Support.

In February 1998, the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense Policy held public hearings in Brussels on the U.S based weather warfare facility developed under the HAARP program.  The Committee’s “Motion for Resolution” submitted to the European Parliament:


UK Political Party Support

Excerpts in quotes below:

In 2004, “Charles Kennedy MP, leader of the UK's Liberal Democrat Party, declared the support of his party for the sentiments expressed in European Parliament Resolution A4-0005/99 paragraph 27.”

“The support of the UK's Green Party for getting electromagnetic weapons and other weapons for manipulating people banned was expressed in a long email recently sent by Dr Caroline Lucas MEP, to a UK activist (…)”

Letter on the above link as well as on this link

“Since receiving a copy of the Dr Lucas' email, CAMS has also received a supportive statement from David Campanale, Chair of the Christian People's Alliance”


I would appreciate very much any additional info that we could share on the event link to create awareness. Thank you.




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information -book,

I had a look and I can`t find a link saying that UK Green Party took the resolution to the eu parliament either. I suggest you contact UK Green Party directly, on their website you will find Get In Touch, and a general office enquiries email address and phone number, they can tell you.

Also, there is Europe Ecology, Les Verts, the green party in France, you could contact them.

Thanks Sandy.

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