Under constant pressure

I felt a need to write something, a need to hear some comforting words, a need to speak with people who are friendly with me...During the last period I was avoided as the plague...insulted, emotionally assaulted...and lately, after being labelled as terrorist and dangerous for a while, they are labelling me as "psychopathe"...It is not easy to  deal with people who shoot you as soon as you turn the back "insane, silly, foolish, psychopathe.., I hate you..." The new-comers to the university are usually kind with me but few days later they are as "awarned" to not speak with me so they change their attitude towards me...It's an unbelievable silly situation...
I am struggling to focus on my job but I have to confess that takes me an superhuman power...I cry when I come back home and sometimes I can't even stop myself crying at work so I hide in the toilet until I can manage my sadness...
If these people know how kind and lovely I am they will stop that ...they will know that what they are doing is cruel...is a crime...Why they don't ask themselves: how could a such lovely girl be a terrorist? or dangerous person?...they won't believe such a lies... Nevertheless, sadly they do!
It seems that the majority of people like to gain self-esteem by speaking badly about others and that a cooperative movement of such widespread makes them affirm their belonging: we are accepted at this society because we are engaged in the harassment and punishment of the same "evil" people...we are better than this trash that we were asked to torture..and that will give them the privilege of "Collaboration"... This unbelievable but true...
I am doing tremendous efforts to focus on my work but it is a very difficult task !! every aspect of my life was controlled to make me bring me down, to lead to my failure...

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    Connect sound to rf circuit indicated
    Connect wi signal from wi fi antenna to lo circuit indicated. Or connect signal jammer to lo circuit indicated
    Connect speaker to output circuit indicated.
    You will need to change capacitor

    When you get free your neighbours will shoot more radiation. This people wi fi signal can be detected even 2 kilometers away.

    There is another.
    Make helmet of neon gas light put underneath iron and copper plate for your head protection. Now use microwave oven circuit to switch that on instead of neon circuit. Microwave oven circuit got 2.4 ghz in its out put current in high voltage.



    La meilleure défense est de prier avec ferveur chaque jour et sans cesse. Priez, allez à la messe, même si c'est sur internet.

    Je crois que les personnes les plus gentilles sont les plus attaquées, essayez de vous dire que plus vous êtes attaquée, plus vous savez quelle est la qualité de votre valeur. Le mal attaque toujours le bien. 
    J'ai aussi été traitée comme une terroriste et je prie pour que plus jamais cela ne revienne.

    Je prierai pour vous, je suis en état de survie constant aussi, nous sommes fortes/forts, c'est pour ça qu'ils ont de la haine pour nous. Le démon veut prendre la place de Dieu sur la terre. Il veut assombrir la lumière qui est en nous. Un jour, la lumière sera là pour nous. Ici sur terre aussi je le souhaite. Le mal échouera. Et il sait que son temps est compté, c'est pour cela qu'il se déchaine. 
    Donc tout ce qui est beau, le mal veut l'attaquer par jalousie, orgueil  et rage! C'est à cause de cela que Jésus est mort sur La Croix, lui le plus doux et le plus gentil de tous.

    Je pense bien à vous, 



  • Here's the details.
    Download Google sound analyser apk SPECTROID. Open it. Zoom the nfrasound part on graph. You will see as you breath deeply. Graph fluctuate according to breathing. That means you need sound which can penetrate deep inside head.
    For this you need 5Hz 8 Hz 11 hz 13 hz 5 kHz 8kHz 11kHz 13khz put 2.4 ghz wi fi signal in it. And play it above head or on ear. As soon as you do there will be pain with vibration on head neck and shoulder. That's it.
    you can generate sound using tone generate apk from play store.
    You just need mobile phone, wifi router and small circuit which will can send wifi signal to heradphone through wire. A type of mixer circuit.
    Mind reading they are doing is not only on infra sound. What they are doing is using low bass ,mid and high treble frequency so that low frequency gets interfered. They still got mid and high stable frequency.
    That's why most of the interference doesn't work. They create Heterodyne frequency music.
    What you need is sound which penetrates deep to head. Besides 2.4 ghz you guys can try and use 550kHz or mhz and above for penetration.
    Once your sound reached there sound get blocked.

    Please use high frequeny in low volume.whatever you do it should be in low volume. High treble frequency will burn you and low bass will generate to much heat

  • It's an as*-backwards mentality when people are paid to harass other people, but somehow that's what this program is about, so try to laugh about the stupid tricks that they play. Mine even have kids infiltrate the neighborhood and get the other kids into the harassment program. Some of these kids are 8 yrs old or younger, but they seem to be testing what my reaction will be as they trespass upon my backyard to play football. I tell them calmly and firmly to go somewhere else because they're committing a crime and trespassing upon private property. They usually listen and go elsewhere, but they seem to test my reactions regularly and it does become annoying.
    It's incredible that a program pays people to be bullies, so I guess I do my best to humanize these bullies.
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