[VIDEO] - You can't help but get upset when you look at the body of work done by the advocates at AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. I admire them for the work they do. Their research is incredibly focused on each topic of concern. Currently, their website has a comprehensive section dedicated to ‪#‎TORTURE‬ which will make you cringe with disbelief that these tactics are actually BEING DONE to human beings; and by another human. And guess what. We see these TACTICS 'acted out' in teevee dramas like ‪#‎Scandal‬, ‪#‎PersonOfInterest‬, ‪#‎Homeland‬, the list could get really long I suppose.

BUT, back to these inconceivable torture techniques. Here's their list:
Boiling water poured over the skin
Forced administration of drugs
Extreme heat/cold
Body joints drilled
Cigarette burns
Mock executions
Prisoners threatened with violence against family
Hooding and blindfolding
Deprivation of food / water
Forced to drink dirty water, urine and chemicals
Sleep deprivation
Judicial corporal punishment
Medical care denied
Needles pushed under fingernails
Prolonged isolation
Forced abortion / sterilization
Use of dogs and rats
Muslim men’s beards forcibly shaved
Electric shocks

They say the revolution won’t be televised. With social media, it doesn’t need to be. THIS MADNESS MUST STOP!!!

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