Water making me feel worse

HI, Can anyone help me with solution / problem solving as to why water would make me feel worse. I have a coating on my tongue and when I drink water I just get thirstier and it feels like poison -- any idea how to figure out what it could be? I can't eat vegetables either, same thing. It makes my entire body feel worse. I am on medication called Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) for blood clots on lungs and had switched from Warfarin a few weeks ago to see if it would make a difference. Could it be they've targeted my throat / tongue with electronic harassment? I don't know, this is all new to me, but desperately need help. Any ideas or solutions, much appreciated. Blessings, Joanne

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  • Well, you count on your own defense capac=ities, conscious OR unconscious, TRUST YOURSEF is the best method, and there aren't that many others. Otherwise , read a lot to learn about the technology: what is done and how, finally stay aware, observe, decypher what's going on? I don't have any better advice. Good luck!

  • Joanne, what Chanath says is true and its possible change yr senses (via yr brain) its also a common "trick" initially having the victim believe he/she´s being poisoned via water or even via AC´s, as the main reason is to make you tell that to yr doctor or others, and thereby seeming to be paranoid. You are not poisioned by water or so, that I can tell you for sure! (if you dont live in an area where the water is bad for all citizens) You senses are manipulated to feel this way, its possible making you perceive the water you drink tasting Ananas or whatever taste yr brain have memoriesed, just by stimulating certain areas in yr brain.)BUT also the beaming or the heat up (if you get that?) could make you thirsty aswell, I do, its like you have been in the sun all day and feel dehydrated. Or it could also be manipulations with body functions, letting the water you drink go just through yr body very quick. So, drink as much as you can, the bad tase will vanish when you let go of the "poison thoughts" eventually and hopefully. Take care  

  • Hi Joanne, yes, it could very well be that it's targeting "your throat and tongue", or rather YOUR BRAIN, in the sense that it's giving you false or artificial sensations. They're not there really, it's just an illusion, the system is expert at this kind of tricks.

    Water is particularly necessary in our situation, vegetables can't do you any harm: I would say, drink and eat what you need and like as much as you want. It actually has been changing the taste of my meat recently to a rather bad one, and my rice has been tasting saltless, if not watery lately, don't let it fool you.

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