What is technology invention patent ?

As an inventor, I hope toexplain what is Google patent, please check the picture below. When a patent listed into World Intellecture Property Orgnizatio, all counties patent office can see it and all technoligical and engineering personels can admit it. So such a technical invention patent must have scientific baseis which all technoligical and engineering personals understand and accept, ai this time , such invention patent can not include abstract religious concepts and conspiracy theories. I have checked the most advanced computer software  there is not any software can pprgram human emotion till now, so the conclusion is there is not mind or behavior control. 

Physiology currently does not define the soul or mind, so there is not mind control. Of course, anyone can think soul or mind in religious belief, but if you want to solve the abuse of technology of V2K and Remote Neural Monitoring , you only can believe in existing science and technology which all countries patent offices and technoligical and engineering personels can accept. Thanks.

                                                                               Da  Li

                                                                          June 2. 2021  West Covina , USA 

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