What Ive learn't about V2k.

They can use any voice they want, they try to make it a subliminal thought to the person they are using ie a celebrity, dead person, or relative. basically anybody. They can make a voice come out of them but it doesn't make them use there lips. That's how you know its not the person. None of the celebrities I've met really know me. The person that is suppose to be murdering me is half a sleep now, I can tell because of the time 5 am, and he sounds dead tired.

So you may think its a certain person but they just use people to give you the wrong idea.

For example I watched a movie of Hitler on ww2, then Hitler starts to talk to me, he isnt alive but he they can go into their voice and say anything and it will sound like them minus the emotion. Im sure he would have been madder at me for what I was saying.

I had a conversation with my cousin, the way she was answering without her lips was common. I started asking her questions about my childhood. She knew some because I was giving the answer away before the question. She also sounded like a robot. Then when an actual person goes into the persons head to talk you can tell.

I hope this helps others.

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  • Am I getting this right? You could be talking to a relitive and you can hear the relitive talk as if the words were coming out of their mouth, but it is only Z2K. But the only way you can tell the difference is to look at your relitives lips (to see if they are moving)? Am I getting that right?

  • R.I.P.

    Miriam Carey

  • I agree with this very strongly. My perps tried framing people I know and tried programming me into killing them. Then they kept framing me and tried sending people after me. If your head is full of voices that can't be trusted, try and remember that you might be mind controlled too, and that the beliefs you have concerning who is guilty, and who the perps are might be mind controlled into you. Firmly decide not to commit any violent acts against anyone until things calm down in your head, and you can rationally think about who is responsible, and what appropriate action is. Never trust any information that you get from perps, or that enters your mind when there is no order amongst the voices.

    • Are you still alive Warren? Who was Miriam Carey?

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