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I think I am dealing with satellite beams, but I'm not sure what kind.

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You are most likely dealing with electromagnetic waves of radio/ microwave wavelength (as per Ms Soleilmavis's post.. I've been chatting with her and we've narrowed down the most probable and portentous "emf to "Lilly wave/ pulese" now used  as safe electro-stimulations in neurosurgery....

Lilly wave was "stolen" from Dr John C Lilly by the US military and turned into a mind control weapon with it's first known use during the Gulf War (1990/ 1991) coming to light via whistleblower Dr Robert Duncan (former CIA) with assertions supported by Dr Patrick Flannagan (US Navy friend of Dr J C Lilly)

with regards shielding- I'm not too sure about some of the claims being advertised here about chemicals in a cap with metal wire and the like.. but I do know that any waveform can be disrupted or over-ridden by another waveform eg: like disrupting a TV signal

Maybe, have a read of  the following web-sites

"the Lilly wave can be neutralized via pink or white noise generators connecting to the non-voltage A/C ground and neutral of the homes power grid. (Rense, 2003)


Can I ask, why do you think it is this Lilly wave? I think I am targeted from a satellite beam of some kind. Is this the same thing?

I do believe a faraday cage or similar will break the sonic tracking...
Only thing can stop mind harrassing speaker is another speaker

What you need is images and voices. you can put voice and images in 10 hz frequency with the help of 2.4 ghz frequency modulation. You just have to install Matlab software. And then install Matlab EGG lab software. This is the software which converts images and voice in to brain data. This is free online research software.
Combining images,voice in 10 hz with 2.4 ghz will interfere any mind reading but it should not be encrypted or coded signal. Just open signal.
What you need is helmet like bike. With three layer inside.above head
First above head plate is negative
Second plate above negative is positive
Third cotton cloth

1 St layer above it 2 mm of magnetic steel with negative charge connected.
2 nd layer above it should be your positive signal which you created.with combination of 2.4 ghz and 10 hz infra sound.
3 rd layer 5 mm of cotton wet cloth.
After this connect small speakers of mobiles which are available In market at cheap price. To your negative and positive plate.
Each speaker you can connect at distance between of 5 cm to 3 cm. Use sound only of extreme low frequency which is between 50 hz to 30 hz to activate speaker. This sound won't her anyone.

Don't keep constant 10 hz vary it 5 hz 10 hz 12 hz etc.
You should know about sound barrier. I don't mean sonic boom. When two speaker place facing each other playing different music. You will see neither speaker sound crosses another after certain distance. At certain distance you can observe both sound crashing each other creating some kind of invisible wall. This has to be observed in between speaker. Speaker has to be mounted at shoulder height.
Before giving wi fi signal to mic connection it has to be converted to negative signal for which you will be needing NPN transistor or you can directly imput this to aux connection which is made for positve.
But speaker method works. Those tiny mobile speaker has to be mounted on positive plate and other end end has to be connected to below
negative plate.
Besides speaker Nothing works for it. I even tried 3 inch steel. It's useless. One more thing I found out lead doesn't stop X rays. It reduces it's effect little bit. We were living in fake world.
All are suffering same like you. until now but speaker method should create tension to enemy's

What do you think you are being hit with? I think mine is light beam with visual light or some kind of magnetic resonance. I had someone come in to inspect microwaves and radio waves and they couldnt find anything so I think the technology is newer. I know people had mentioned terahertz waves before but it seems like a lot of technology is moving to light waves so it makes sense that this is what im being hit with. Its not as much attacks as it is mind control. It seems like they have actually mapped my brain and are manipulating it with different light programs much like information is sent in a fiber optic cable. Right now I am trying to research what might be able to attenuate light beams at the photon level for all major color wavelengths. I have heard about ultra or infrasound but not sure if that what i've experienced.

I bought a lead cap and it actually made it worse. I agree it doesnt work. I am trying bentonite clay as a suggestion from a reddit post so I will let you know if it does anything.

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