Internal problem can only be solved by internal people. Now, majority CIA technical employees still didn’t know (1) they are working for a Mafia Tycoon family, they are not working for any government; (2) Most CIA technical employees are being killed secretly everyday by the tycoon Mafia family using electromagnetic weapon remotely by man-made cancer, man-made heart attack and other man-made diseases, by man-made car-accidents, man-made aircraft accidents, man-made train accidents, by man-made earthquakes, man-made collapse of buildings, man-made landslide etc. in order to hide secrets about what the tycoon mafia family did forever, including the killings of two president, the repeated killing in name of education for over 35 years and the killing of nearly 1000 left-wing Americans in Jonestown in 1978.

American CIA above 60 year-old electromagnetic weapon technicals, including Eileen Rockefeller who are expert in mind control, and 3 husband of Rockefellers, you are evil source. Without bad people like you, electromagnetic remote surgery and remote mind control had been exposed long time ago.


Why only me a new immigrant in Hong Kong who grew up in Bejing China, born in 1965, PhD in engineering, former Postdoc Fellow in NUS, working in HK Polytechnic University for 16 years, is protesting weekly in front of the American consulate in HK against the Mafia Tycoon family controlled CIA’s doing Electromagnetic remote surgery and remote mind control experiments remotely?

I’m not the only targeted individual in Hong Kong. Ms Tsang Yuk Lam who had talked with me a few time in 2010 and stopped contacting me since Oct., 2010, former part-time tutor in Dept. of Social Science was one of the TIs whom I can’t reach by any means later. Her former colleagues told me that she had been sent to mental hospital for a while by her family. I told her we should not be separated as it is not easy for targeted individuals to be understood. We should help each other and be witness of each other. However, she didn’t try to trust me.

 Another Targeted Individual 歐陽嘉芬, I didn’t know her English Name, she worked as a civil servant in Hong Kong government before applying for early retirement later. I only received one email from someone who called herself Ms Chan. I never met her or talked to her.

 I’m calling all Targeted Individuals in Hong Kong, including Ms. Tsang Yuk Lam, Ms. 歐陽嘉芬 and even the over 70 year-old George Kwong to unite with each other and protest together with me against My 5-year (2009-1014) weekly protest in front of American Consulate on Mafia Tycoon family controlled CIA doing experiments remotely on targeted individuals using EM weapon not being reported by every mainstream media as what they did to protest by Falungong and other protests in Hong Kong. CIA fabricated a fake me. I don’t know which targeted individual was contacted by the fake me.

Please help to do 3 things for us who might have been killed or turned into sleep walker like robots when the CIA electromagnetic remote surgery and remote mind control secrets being exposed,: [1] Same surgeries on those who enabled electromagnetic remote surgeries on innocent people, especially those who made decisions. [2] Build memorial buildings in every country to memorize the heroes killed or disabled due to exposing the secrets. [3] Use numbers to replace names of bad people to discourage doing bad things to leave names in history.(e.g. Evil 123 in the 2nd World War to replace Hitler; Evil 001 in EM weapon crisis to replace Rockefeller if Rockefeller family was really the controller of the mind control FIRM.)










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