The reason the CIA mind control FIRM can kill people so easily is because the boss who encouraged killing of innocent people was not stopped by technical staff who can stop him but did not. Some of the technical are from the same family of the Boss. That is the reason one evil boss can control the whole CIA mind control FIRM using the family members directly or by mind controlling technical staff using family members.


Which technical staff is blocking saving lives? He/she might be one of the family member or being mind controlled by that boss family. The reason the CIA Mind Control FIRM only recruit people from prison is to be able to kill them easily after using them, because these people have less credibility than the boss family members. All the bad things would be attributed to those recruited rather than the boss of that family.


For those from Italian, South Asian (including Hong Kong), South American and some other ethnic people, they are difficult to be objective when facing vicious deeds made by their own family members. Those who emphasized the Big Family concept did not intend to make people help each other for a purpose that benefit majority CIA and majority people in society but to strengthen their FAMILY responsibility to cover each other’s bad deeds only, which only benefit the real boss of the Family who enjoyed the feeling of being powerful including the power of killing anyone.


Many human-robots are both helpers of evil and victims. They were brain damaged by secret remote brain surgery, which they did not know. Most of them are youngsters who are easy to be fooled by what the boss says rather than judging the boss by observing what he/they really did. When people did not know they can be mind controlled, people may be mind controlled to do bad things. However, after knowing the two secret technologies that can damage their brain and making them do bad things, people who are not 90% morons can be themselves most of the time. People do not change their purpose of living after becoming adults. That is why everyone is consistent. By observing what they did rather than what they said anyone can see what their real purposes of living are. Living for power and sensational satisfaction rather than for the betterness of human kind is the reason the real boss could kill so many people and he/they still can live with it when knowing tens of thousands people are being killed every single day because of hiding of the two secret technologies: remote surgery and remote mind control.


There is no education. Killing people for the purpose of power is the only real purpose, although the boss pretended to be someone who had dreams of an idealized world. No human kind could be so vicious and irresponsible by making killing people a good thing. That is the consequence of allowing a Family to control a mind control FIRM rather than allowing the general public to control it.


Killing killers who do not stop killing is saving lives.

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