CIA told me it is an Italian-British family controlling the Mind Control FIRM. Besides the elderly people, there are many relatives of that family, at least 2 sons of 40-60 year-old and one daughter (40-60 year-old) and some in-laws and many grandsons and granddaughters.


If it is true, the emerging of that family might be related to what happened in the 70’s when the movie GOD FATHER was produced. That family could have been involved with the mind control project. That might be the reason a movie like GOD FATHER, which is so apparently anti-authority, anti-rules, anti-laws could emerge in 70’s when CIA’s mind control technology was booming. Besides the “CHURCH” investigation on CIA since 1974 after the NYtimes’ report on CIA’s experiments on Americans, and 918 Americans who were used to do experiments in Johnstown being killed in 1978 by mind-control, some experimental target in CIA including Christian deNicola were released in 1976. There might be over 100 family members in that family, most of whom were educated in the same style by putting social responsibility at the least important position. Otherwise, they could not live with it when seeing so many innocent people being killed every single day due to the hiding of the two secret technologies: remote surgery and remote mind control.


Is there any evidence for the existence of a family running FIRM? Besides what CIA demonstrated to me in their DRAMA like shows, and GOD FATHER was mentioned in some occasions, the possibility of the existence of a family controlled CIA mind control FIRM is also supported by what happened in human history. History proved that Kingdoms controlled by family were normally much darker than systems controlled by not related people (CIA controlled system should not be counted).


Today, even if one of the old ones wanted to change, he might not be able to do anything when the younger generations are so possessed with the power they did not have opportunity to enjoy before. When one of the family members realized that he/she should take social responsibility, he/she might not be able to survive in that family controlled system.


Due to the possible existence of a family running Mind Control FIRM, killing all human robots and others who know secrets might be the real plan. It is highly likely become true if there are many people in that FIRM connected with one single family. Of course, it is unavoidable that some of the family members will also be killed in the process of competing for power rather than competing for doing anything good to human kind. If they have ever thought about the damage to human kind due to hiding of the two secret technologies, there would not be so many stupid killings and tortures, which are being used to silence people and reduce the number of people who know secrets.


Killing human-robots is only a start. More horrible things may happen, as the TOPs who are doing those bad things lost their own minds as well.


They never ask themselves: what do they really want? What secret had been secret forever in human history? Would they delete their own memories?

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