I am an Assembly of God Christian.  The Bible is my religion and my law.  Only the books of the law of the Old Testament are not to be lived, but studied to educate ourselves about God's declarations about what sin is.  We are supposed to live by faith and the love of Jesus Christ.  Jesus said that the two greatest commandments are these: 1. You shall love the Lord your God, with all your heart, mind, and soul, which is the greatest commandment; and 2. You shall love thy neighbor as thyself.  And on these two hang all the law and the prophets.  We are under a "New Testament" and "New Covenant" of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And these things are what I believe in.  I took courses from the Berean School of the Bible, an Assembly of God Bible University.  I did not complete my bachelors, but it was desired for me to be a senior pastor for a Hispanic congregation at North Austin Christian Church.  I was an Evangelist there.  And it was desired for me to be a missionary at Christ is the Answer, where even a missionary from the Philippines asked me to go with him, but I knew it was not where God wanted me, so I turned it down.  Also at another Christian Fellowship it was desired that I be a pastor or a missionary.  And last at Jesucristo Es La Respuesta, I was appointed leader of the youth to teach them Sunday school classes.  I love Baptists and all Christians.  I believe that even by the grace of God, Apostolics will be raptured and go to heaven, though they don't understand that God is Three in One.  This because the Book of Revelations says that there are 7 churches, as one reason.  Jesus said, he who has the Son has the Father also.  God is merciful and full of grace.  Why would he not pardon the ignorance of some Christian denominations?  But God sees they do love Him and the Lord Jesus Christ which is all that matters to ensure true salvation.  To accept Him as Lord and Messiah and the Son of God.        


I am "NOT" a "Conspiracy Theorist" for many reasons.  These I will now share with you, dearly beloved.  God loves you so much it is not his will to be taken by every wind of doctrine.  Watch out with these false doctrines "conspiracy theorists" preach.  The vast majority are just ignorant and don't know they are full of misstatements.  They know that these things about chip implant technologies and government surveillances are a sign of the times, but then they mix it up with beliefs that the true 666 system is being erected here in America, for instance.  This is not so that it is.  These are false teachings.  These are all just surveillance powers the military sciences has seized the opportunity to master and use for purposes of national security and looking for terrorists through these means.  It is illegal, but they don't care.  This is evil.  But, they are not going to conspire to enslave mankind and erect a super totalitarian military government 666 Beast system at all.  I do believe these sciences of surveillance, chip implant interaction technologies, and mind control will one day be used by the Anti-Christ, but there has been no nuclear war to kick it off yet.  This I will show you while in this chapter.


I did in fact become interested in it long ago, because I am an eschatologist.  What that means is that I study end times prophecy.  Have for about 25 years I have studied them.  I do like how information is out there with great ideas how new surveillance and mind control technologies will be used one day when the Anti-Christ appears.  This by his kingdom here on earth.  But, I read so many gross and vicious errors that mislead people into believing that the Anti-Christ is here almost or behind these surveillance projects, perhaps.  And then they talk about UFOs and space aliens who are going to invade the earth who are supposed to be true living breathing demons who will erect and establish the kingdom of the Anti-Christ to enslave mankind.  These are for instances of things I know you should know so you don't pay attention to them ever again if you have.  There are much others who don't preach the UFO-space-alien doctrines, but they are mislead, for lack of knowledge.  I don't know what to call these Christians in the love of Christ, but our "space brothers" who have the wrong idea about things, entirely.


Now, especially what I need to inform you is that for instance, conspiracy theorists have begun to demonize President Barack Obama.  They portray him as Adolf Hitler who is going to enslave us all.  This is a disgusting portrayal that is far from being true.  He is a Black person.  Don't the conspiracy theorists understand that Blacks are super for Civil Rights?  Their ancestors suffered slavery and they remember it through school books, which is the best thing a Black person can learn in school concerning this.  Don't they understand that Black people are "highly-super sensative" to the word, "slave" and slavery?  Why would President Obama betray the Black people of America for some supposed power that exists where he would be the only Black person there with all the prejudice that exists in these days.  Even ex-Secretary of Defense, Collin Powell, cried on TV saying he encountered much racism in the military.  Don't you see how these conspiracy theories got their story all wrong?  Then conspiracy theorists super exaggerate about President Obama's past Muslim background.  What is going on is that he was a Muslim as a child, but he turned Christian.  What he tries to do is use this to gain the sympathies of Islamic nations for the best interest of this nation.  And with it, try to stop terrorism from exploding on this nation where he leads.  I believe he believes strongly that perhaps because of his past Muslim background, terrorists might sympathize and like something about the United States.  I know this is positive.  And perhaps, great thinkers, like psychologists and sociologists have come together and instructed him to use this as an influence for the best interest of the United States of America.  His past may just accomplish much more than we can fathom.  So please stay away from President Obama demonizations strange, disgusting people publish saying he is part of a global conspiracy to enslave us all.


Also that the United Nations is going to enslave us is not Biblically sound.  I have read much stuff in this area for sure.  But, what I see is that the United Nations is in New York City.  If it were anywhere else, then I would not trust the United Nations.  I even read a book on "globalism" meant for politicians to read that talks about them wanting to reach out into the world to Americanize all nations into a friendly world atmosphere.  This is much needed.  In fact what that does is enable 2 prophecies to be fulfilled, which is that first the gospel shall be preached in all nations and then the end will come.  And the other is that, and then the gospel will be published in all nations and then the end will come.  These are things that are going on that are positive to Christianity.  Americanism at a global scale is safe.  This is not a platform for the Anti-Christ, but for the last couple of revivals that will sweep entire nations before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


In this chapter I will show you how first a nuclear war must happen, before any world kingdom of any Anti-Christ will gain power.  Please read it.  It will open your eyes to the truth about the gospel in these directions needing light on these dark corners conspiracy theorists are dabbling with.  The Bible says, and when they shall say "Peace and safety," then sudden destruction shall come upon them.  You will read about this in detail.  And it has much to do how they who surveillanced me tried to use conspiracy theories to shock my mentality, but my strong and years of Bible study and Bible background revealed the fraud about their claims.


And also, what I want to let you know about "Freemasons" is that I see how they are called a "conspiracy" when truly they are only a political club where they learn world politics and international relations at higher levels.  For instance, not all freemasons believe in globalism.  I even read it in a John Birch Society booklet I bought called, Tangents.  It says in Page 16 that, "[Condemning all Masons as conspirators] would be like condemning all American Jews over the crimes and cruelties...I don’t believe that the ordinary American Mason today is subject to any such discipline."  But, still they are not conspirators, but a school of thought only.  That is what they truly are dear one.  What is going on is that there truly are people who believe in a one world government, because of their religious beliefs.  But, through freemasonary clubs American politicians do learn how to interact with such strange people.  Jews are still waiting for their messiah, but it is because they did not know it was Jesus.  They want his kingdom here on earth, but not for evil, but for good.  These Jewish people sometimes join the freemasons to learn how the political system works world-wide in ways they can maximize their influence for better interests of Israel, their country, and Jews world wide, for instance.  Islamics are the strangest ones.  Now these do believe in a world government, but that a new prophet will arise like Mohammed who will lead the way into establishing Islam as the only world religion on this earth.  Now, when will that ever be?  After the rapture!  Till then, they cannot do much in these directions, because there is no prophet amongst them and they have no power or directions from him at all.  Now there are other strange political people around the world that join the freemason lodges or such for the same reason, who also believe in a one world government, but in much the same way.  Now these are the people that American politicians have to study and understand their religion and their culture to know how to establish good relationships with, so that they can relate with them for the best interests of this nation.  And that is what "globalism" is all about, according to a political book about it I saw at the Library, kind of. 


Even Baptists have joined freemason clubs.  But, I am against it because they preach and teach false doctrines and they have secret oaths.  Neither The Assemblies of God nor the Church of God will ever allow anyone with any kind of secret oaths from anywhere to become members of our churches, because they may be religious types of oaths or something.  They may be blasphemous, for instance about the nature and the character of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Now also it has been found that satanists do join these freemason clubs and that is another reason the Assemblies of God and the Church of God cannot allow them to become members, unless they renounce all oaths in the name of Jesus.  What if they were told to say an oath by some satanist freemason that is twisted and seductively blasphemous?  They can only come and remain as visitors for life, but not members.  These are all the schools of thought and religions that exist in freemasonary.  But, that does not mean they are a conspiracy to enslave government.  They don't have the power.  I will tell you why this type of power does not exist.  But it will one day, after the rapture and after a nuclear war, happen and be headed by an Anti-Christ.


But what conspiracy theorists do see is trends and new technologies that are signs of the end times.  That is what I do see clearly with my eschatological understanding.  But they are uneducated in the field of end times prophecies.  I am not.  That is why I stopped reading that stuff.  They don't know any better and go off on some strange and unbiblical tangents.  This is not healthy for you at all to digest.  It creates worries and fears, especially if you are a victim of surveillance and electronic harassments.  Conspiracy theorists do see the illegal surveillance, mind control, and electronic harassments and conclude that it is the mark of the beast falsely, for instance.  It is not.  Neither are chip implants, unless the false prophet of the Anti-Christ pronounces it to be world law.  Which means they will implant a new chip implant with a different and unique identification frequency number.  Some believe the number 666 means, "000000-000000-000000." Meaning every one will have a number that is different, but in this same format.  This then would be your new world identification number, much like a U.S. Social Security number.  And it is to become a new unique identification frequency chip implant number trackable by satellite.  And with it they will be able to mind control them who have it to glorify the Anti-Christ as god and to blaspheme God, as well as persecute Christians even deadlier than during the first 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation.  So you see, chip implants are not the mark of the beast.  But, I do not recommend anyone accepting any chip implant, because the military can surveillance you.  These can be called signs of the times, but still, that is all it is.  A sign.  But the idealism of thought policing is true amongst the military government only, but they will never share what intelligence they have with civil government authorities at this level ever.  If they do, they know they can be betrayed and that by millions of politicians.  That is no way to keep a secret.  Then it would not be "covert or top secret."


Another thing is that I do realize that these surveillance, two-way interaction, and mind control chip implant technologies are the perfect solution for the terrorists, when they find him or them.  I am against surveillances on citizens, altogether.  But, honestly, I do wish they would catch the actual terrorists before they bomb places like federal buildings and the such, where hundreds or even thousands of lives can be killed off by one terrorists attack.  I have seen and noticed the effectiveness of these chip implant technologies and they are the perfect way to stop a true terrorist and even have him put in prison.  With these type of chip implant devices they can interrogate and find out who, where, how, when, and why his or their terrorist connections elsewhere anything.  They can destroy their operations with these technologies with time and scrutinization.


What I propose is that victims of electronic harassments and surveillances get specific with civil federal and military governments, detailing the why whatever categories they have for tracking down terrorist suspects is wrong, for the best interest of others and self.  Why not them only target Jihadists?  This is one common denominator throughout all terrorists bombings.  That is who they need to go look for, instead of others, who are no terrorists at all.  Especially, without any felony convictions, like me and perhaps even all of you.  Timothy McVeigh was not a Muslim, but he did partnership with Muslim Jihadists, when he ignited the bomb at the Oklahoma Federal Building.  These people were not to blame.  These are the important and critical leads they need to be focused on.  You need to try dear victim.  This man is probably in hell right now, unless he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior before he died.  And that is all I can truly spell out about him at all.  If they would have desired to look closer at the Muslims that partnered with him to detonate that bomb, they would have found that Jihadism is what they need to be looking for, instead of combing through the population for probables or suspects.  This is the new direction they have to attack at and not us, who love God and country.


Why do I say this, because I know for a fact they will never stop surveillancing the population as long as terrorists exist.  This is one great and very important avenue to communicate to the civil federal and military governments.  The military government is never going to stop, even if they are caught, because for instance, Jihadist Terrorists rammed a jet plane directly at the U.S. Pentagon.  This means war!  And they will always believe that civil federal government is stupid.  Their military concern is national security for purposes of war against terrorism and they approach things differently in want to stop this, before another tragedy happens ever.  Later in the chapter called, "The CIA, the FBI, or The Military," I will show you a news media report and documentary about Jihadism.  They showed how serious this is and I believe as the news media tells, that far too many politicians don't like the black and white truth, because it is somehow felt and seen as politically incorrect to target someone specifically for this type of behavior.  But they, the Jihadists, are the ones who are the guilty party always around the entire planet.  Even in Russia, Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe.  The whole world is at an alarm.  But what the failure of politicians to force eat the black and white truth does is cause them to declare them and other types as well as potential suspects to fulfill their political correctness.  And that is why you and I, dear victim, are victims of electronic harassments and surveillances.  Not even the military who surveillances me understands why they were ever ordered to surveillance me in the first place.


I bought 2 books that talked about chip implants being the mark of the beast.  This was new scientific news I had acquired and it shocked all soldiers I showed it to.  And I was reported to my drill sergeants.  And one of the books talked about the Waco massacre, which by coincidence was the reason even President Clinton said Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building.  I never even understood anything much about it, only that the leader of the Waco compound was a false prophet.  But, I allowed the drill seargent during interrogations about the books I had to thumb through them.  I did not make anything of it.  It made no sense then, that it was the cause of me ever being surveillanced.  It makes sense, you see.  It means that red alerts were out to check our or even spy on strong spirited individuals against the Waco massacre.  But, I was against what the Waco people did by firing on police.  But I did hate what happened to the children.  I was never even asked about Waco, but he did thumb through my books.  I know he was looking for information to report this activity.  But, if he had asked me then, he would have found out I was for police, but strongly against how careless police was about the children.  I had not much concern about the adults, because they should not pick up weapons against police, ever.  I am an Assemblies of God Pentecostal Fundamental Bible Believing Christian.  How dare they!  They labeled their activities New World Order activities.  I still believe it was David Koresh who was guilty.  He should have just turned himself in to save the flock, if he was a Christian at all.  They were going to arrest him.  Why did he use the Bible to encourage his flock to pick up weapons against police?  This is demonic in nature and no Christian or you should ever excuse him.  He could have served his time and then left prison if he was truly not guilty to preach again.  I think they just wanted him for the stock-pile of weapons.  I could be wrong.


But now, look at me.  I am being surveillanced every day magnificently of a good number of military who surveillances me.  They interact with me daily using mental visualizations they speak to me through and they respond to what I say.  We have developed a forced relationship that has been ongoing for years now.  I have told US Congress and still no response or action.  But I am putting together new material that will open their eyes.  But I thought also, I would use it to put something together especially for you.  So you can have knowledge and understanding, which is my duty to God to provide you with in the name of Jesus. 


Anyhow.  Consider who I am.  I am a Christian.  I have been a full charge bookkeeper for many years.  I don't have a felony conviction record.  One of my older brothers retired as a First Sergeant from the Army.  That means he has three stripes up and three stripes down with a diamond in the middle.  That is E-9.  He is now a police officer.  My younger brother is now stationed near Washington D.C. and has the rank of Captain in the Army.  My best friend, George Blancas, Jr., was a counsellor of pastors.  He is a millionaire.  He plays tennis with the actual number one General of the United States Army here at Fort Bliss, Texas.  He is number one in charge and in command there.  He plays tennis with other U.S. Commissioned Officers of very high rank.  My father is a minister.  Has been for over 50 years.  And so, why me?  I believe that these things they who began to surveillance me never reported back to the military government, though it was part of my daily life back when it all started.  Instead, they demonized me.  But, I am finding new material, avenues, and confessions of these who surveillance me out of mistake from their part that are making these things very clear to me.  I know it is God.  This is because I prayed a long time ago that He would show me the end of these surveillanes.  And He has.  Now I know He does not do anything without purpose.  I have strong faith and belief what has happened to me will launch magnificent investigations to crack down on this illegal surveillance activity on the part of the military government.  Please pray for me also, dear one. 


I will now clarify some things, just for a bit, before I continue exposing the tactics, tricks, and techniques of the military.  But, remember always, I am an eschatologist at heart and not a prophet.  I also took courses from the Berean School of the Bible.  But, anyhow, I am an eschatologist.  That means I studied end times prophecies for many years, since a teenager, when I got saved.  That is more than 25 years, now.  This I say, because I want to point out some things that must happen, before the anti-christ appears on this earth.  This is critically only because the military that surveillances me tried to fool me and make me believe they were the satellite surveillance special forces of the anti-christ who were announcing his appearance; and that it would come during my life time.  This after they portrayed themselves to be world surveillance government authorities, who cleaned the area out of all the mafia, during about the year of 2006, I think it was.  They did this for kicks. 


I just don't want any of you to be captured by this dangerous practice of theirs, should they attempt it ever upon you.  This can truly have a harmful affect on Mid-Tribulationists and Post-Tribulationists, who believe the rapture cannot and will not happen until after the anti-christ appears first.  I am hear to guard you in all respects from their harmful, psychotic foolishness:  they who surveillance.  But, in the way, they introduced themselves to me like this, saying daily to me, get ready for the rapture, before the anti-christ comes, whom we are preparing the way for, to speak to everyone through their chip implants.  They got this from my teachings.  So, it was semi-safe and they felt I was stong enough to handle it.  They did make sure they did leave me comforted and secure in the Lord.  But, they took my Bible knowledge to develop this scenario for entertainment, while they urged me to get ready for His coming and not wait for them, because they chose to stay behind, which made me feel incredibly sad.  But, it makes me fear for you with Godly concern for you.  No telling what combination of whatever types of psychotics and intentions you might encounter of them the military government sends out to surveillance individuals through their chip implants.  But, because I know so much about the topic, they could not fool me and cause me to live like that.  But, I understand how it can grip someone and spell-bind them into irrational spells of spirituality, that are harmful to one's spiritual, emotional, psychological, and even physical health. 


These are horrifying theatrics they can inject into your being and perceptions through your chip implant, which is why I take the time to untangle these hoaxes for you, to make you strong and to destroy its effectiveness on you, should it ever come upon you.  So, I want to clarify these end time prophecy things to you, so you will not be fooled by any probable false announcement of the coming of the Lord of them who surveillance you, which will take a bit.  These things I cover to release you from any cruel tactics, tricks, and techniques the military who surveillance you, oh dear victim of electronic harassments, may use on you for kicks and entertainment.  They did this to me, because they got all the freedom in the world to do it and nothing to keep them busy doing something constructive with their time. 


First, the gospel must be preached and published in every nation, and then the end will come, as Jesus prophesied in the Bible.  Then, as 2nd Thessalonians says, the power which restraineth that power of the anti-christ must be taken away, first, which is His church that will be raptured.  Then, there must be a world wide nuclear war that cripples the United States of America, before any would be anti-christ will or can ever rise to power as sovereign, because this is the Protestant and Christian Capitol of the entire Earth.  Only due to world wide chaos will it be possible for anyone to be capable of managing to become any kind, type, or sort of a world leader above the rest amongst and throughout the nations of the world and their national leaders.  Jesus prophesied about a nuclear war by stating the effects of it in, Matthew 24:29. 


This promise that a rapture must happen first is found in, Revelations 3:10, which states, "I will also keep you safe from the time of trouble which is coming upon the whole world, to test all the people on earth."  That was Today's English Version.  The Living Bible puts it like this, "I will protect you from the time of Great Tribulation and temptation, which will come upon the world to test everyone alive."  The New English Bible puts it like this, "I will keep you from the ordeal that is to fall upon the whole world and test its inhabitants."  The King James Version of the Bible puts it like this, "I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth."  Then, the New International Version puts it like this, "I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth."  This is important to know, because that would mean you should never worry about the anti-christ's power working against you through the electronic harassments you experience, even though the military that surveillances you might desire to be cruel, wicked, and mean trying to make you believe that it is, just to have evil fun with your psychology.           


Where many go wrong has to do with misunderstandings or being misguided, chiefly and especially with, Matthew 24:30, where it says, "And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory."  Then, it goes on to say in, Matthew 24:31, "And he shall send his angles with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other."  You see, it has to do with it coming right after the scripture, being, Matthew 24:29, where Christ prophesies about the coming nuclear war.  The misunderstanding has come from people failing to read the next 1 word or 2 words of the next scripture, being, Matthew 24:30, accurately.  This is the word, "Then" or the other words used, "And then," depending on what translation of the Bible you use.  People often interpret the word, "Then," to mean, "And after that [nuclear war Jesus raptures His people]," when it truly means, "Also [Jesus raptures His people]."  Or the words, "And then," to mean the words, "After that [nuclear war, then Jesus raptures His people]," when the Bible word truly mean, "Also [Jesus raptures His people]," as well.  The dictionary also states that the word, "then," can also mean, "in addition or moreover or yet, [and] on the other hand."  What that simply says is that the word, "then," also means the word, "also," which is what the Bible is talking about in, Matthew, chapter 24, verse 30.  So then, what the Bible is saying is that Jesus Christ, simply prophesied about nuclear war (Matt 24:29) and then he prophesied His coming (Matt 24:30-31), how it would be.  But, that is all He did.  Jesus never meant that any time right after a nuclear war that He would come for His people.  But, instead, through other scriptures, has declared He would take His people away from the earth before any of those things happened.  But, the true and most authoritative Greek interpretation reads, "[nuclear war happens = Matthew 24:29] + "As soon as" [Jesus raptures His people]" = Matthew 24:30 and 31.


Please be patient with me, because this will clarify things so graphically that no one will ever be capable of fooling you with these scripture wordings.  Now there is another different wording that is used in the New International Version of the Bible which says, "At that time," instead of using "Then" or "And then".  But, realize, what it is saying as well.  "At that time," does not mean "After that [nuclear war, then Jesus raptures His people]," which would then cause the scriptures to say, after a nuclear war the rapture will occur.  For this is not so.  It is theologically wrong.  But, instead, it is stating that "At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky."  Which could also mean that Christ is still referring to what He was asked to answer, when His disciples asked Him, "tell us...what will be the sign...of the end of the age?"  That is the authoritative way to read this verse.  This is found in Matthew, chapter 24, verse 3.  In fact, almost everything Jesus is talking about in, Matthew, chapter 24, has to do with telling them what they wanted to know about that time.  Meaning Jesus is saying "At that time" of the end of the world I will appear and rapture my people.


So then, this verse is actually expressing, "At that time [having to do with the end of the age and the signs of it] the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn.  They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory."  Then, verse 31, states, "And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other."  And that would mean that Christ is simply saying, "At that time" of the signs of the end of the age etc..  Which would mean, Jesus is implying "[also] at that time [during the end of ages] He would appear and rapture His people."   This would cause this New International Version of the Bible to agree with, the King James Version, with the Living Bible, the Phillips Modern English Version, the Revised Standard Version, Today's English Version, the Jerusalem Bible, the New English Bible, and the Amplified Version of the Bible, which use the word, "Then" or the words, "And then."  Meaning "also," that He would appear and rapture His people.  But, this is to happen before a nuclear war.  I will go over the promises God made through the scriptures about that being a fact.  But please remember, the New International Version of the Bible is a good translation also.


But, right now I want to go over the original Greek term that was used for this translation, so that you see how it is that Jesus said that He would also be rapturing His people during these times, but not after a coming world wide nuclear war.  It is before it, instead of after it.  The Greek word used to translate into the word, "Then" or words, "And then," or "At that time," at the beginning of Matthew 24:30 is the term, "tot'-eh."  Here is the definition of that term from the Greek Dictionary of the New Testament from the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible: "tot'-eh - from (the neut. of) hot'-eh = the when, i.e., at the time that (of the past or future, also in consecution: - that time, then."  Hot'-eh, is defined: "at which (thing) too, i.e. when - after (that), as soon as, that, when, while, [and] tot'-eh."  Remember that, i.e., means, [Latin id est] "that is."  I will now go over why "As soon as" and other like terms are more authoritative than the word "also" as used and meant in all these Bible translations.  But, truly, I believe they used the word that meant, "also," so they don't imply or state that they know when the rapture happens, because Jesus said nobody but His father in heaven knows when that is.  That is why the word, "also," truly is more authoritative from their perspective.  If I was them, I would do that too, so as to guard and protect the authoritativeness of the Bible.  Please remember these definitions, because I will use them in the next paragraphs.


The first definition used here, is, "the when."  Which means that the Bible is saying in Matthew 24:30, "[the when] the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky...."  Meaning, the nuclear war prophesied of Jesus in Matthew 24:29 will happen, "the when" Jesus comes for His people, as stated in Matthew 24:30.  Then, to make it clearer, lets take the entire definition, which says it should say, "the when, (that is), at the time that (of the past or future, also in consecution)."  So then, the nuclear war shall happen (Matthew 24:29), "[the when, (that is), at the time that (of the past..., also in consecution)] the sign of the Son of Man will appear (Matthew 24:30)."  That means the nuclear war will happen at the time that "the when" the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, first.  The rapture will be a thing of the past, when the nuclear war happens, but which was explained first.  You see, it's simple.  Never loose faith in the New International Version of the Bible.  It is a good version only that the choosing of how to interpret that first Greek word of Matthew 24:30 was tricky, so they chose to put, "At that time."  Notice how most of the Bible translations interpreted this scripture to say, "Then" or "And then," according to the other definition of the word, "tot'-eh."


Now, the best way to see it clearly, is how this used term, tot'-eh, is defined as from the term hot'-eh, which is defined as follows:  at which (thing) too, (that is), when after (that).  And yet, the definition of "hot'-eh" is also, "tot'-eh." That means that Matthew 24:29 tells about a nuclear war and then Matthew 24:30 states, "[at which (thing) too, (that is), when after (that)] the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky," and He will rapture His people.  All that is within bold brackets ( [ ] ), means one word.  Yes, a nuclear war will happen, "when after that" the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky.  The definition also puts it, the nuclear war will happen, then (at which thing too), but "when after that" the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky..."  Isn't that wonderful of Jesus and our Father which is in heaven?  Then, the next definition for the word hot'-eh, is even better, meaning, "as soon as."  This would mean that the Bible should read, a nuclear war will happen, "[as soon as] the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky..."  And, last of all, the word "hot'-eh", also means the word, "tot'-eh," as stated 2 paragraphs above.  These definitions are at the top of this same paragraph.


This is very important, especially since you are being electronically harassed, because they can lead you to believe that you are one of the first surveillanced individuals of that coming government of the anti-christ, to spook you out for kicks.  Why not?  They did that to me.  You see, what these scriptures state is that Jesus is saying first, that a nuclear war will happen as a sign of the last days.  Then, He goes on to say, "also" or "As soon as" He would appear and would rapture His people or His church.  Which means only that you should realize it is not possible for the kingdom of the anti-christ to arise around the earth or anywhere, because a rapture must happen, before a nuclear war.  Not after.  I tell you this because it is a great-big sign to you that the anti-christ cannot be setting up his secret surveillance special forces anywhere, because Jesus cannot come after a nuclear war, but only before, according to scripture.  Where is that nuclear war?  If there is no nuclear war, then how could anybody be the secret surveillance forces of the anti-christ?  I am just clarifying all of this, because I am concerned for your well being. 


The other way around, it looks like it says that an anti-christ power will rise, then there will be nuclear war, and then Jesus will rapture his people from the earth.  Which is not so.  With that, they can fool you and develop a world you will believe in and be lost in.  The power the military who surveillances chip implanted individuals have in their hands to achieve this deception is very influential and effective.  I just want to awaken you to this so they don't use these tactics on you like this in anyway that would triumph over you.  These they will do just for the kicks of seeing if they could accomplish it and cause you to live like that in fear, just for the kicks of it all.  I just want you to be safe.  Remember, that prophecy about the rapture and then a world wide nuclear war that will occur has not happened first, so how could any of them be scrutinizing you about what you feel, think, and believe about the anti-christ, in ways that they could possibly manage to use that against you with the power to incriminate you for it?  This I tell you with fear for you so you will be wise and never fall for their (the military people who surveillances) psychotic mental war games.


So, remember how these things must occur and the promise Jesus made in, Revelations 3:10, that He would keep you from that 7 year tribulation which is to come upon the earth, before it happens.  That means He will come and rapture His people first, who are that power which restrains (to limit, restrict, or arrest) that mystery of iniquity, which is the spirit of the anti-christ.  That is how much power His church has here on earth.  The devil does not have the right or the power to set up any anti-christ, because the body of the Lord Jesus Christ has not been raptured and it restrains that power of the anti-christ from being established on earth.  You see, the church is also the body of Jesus Christ, meaning it is the spiritual body of Jesus and a part of His spiritual presence here on earth, because He is there inside of them having relationship with them.  The Bible says that Jesus is the head of the Church and that we are all His body.  So it is Jesus, through His spiritual body and presence on earth (the church) that is that power that stops, holds back, restrains, or forbids that power of the anti-christ.  This is who it is.  It is Jesus who is doing this, but He is doing it through His body, the church.  That is who must be taken out of the way, first.  But, when "he" is taken out of the way, meaning the spiritual body of Jesus and His spiritual presence through and inside His church being raptured, then that Wicked One, that Rebel, that Wicked man, or that Lawless One will appear, who is the anti-christ.  How he is termed depends on what Bible version you use.  This is all in 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2.


But, remember that in, 2 Thessalonians 2:7, the Bible does not capitalize the word "he," even though it is the spiritual presence and body of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And this, even though it is truly Jesus who is stopping and limiting that spirit of the anti-christ from manifesting itself upon the earth, through the church, termed "he."  That is because God will not share His glory with anything that was created, which includes His church.  God will never capitalize His church, though they are His body and His presence is inside of them on earth.  To capitalize the word "he" would be to capitalize the church as Himself.  That is why it is not done.  But, we do have the revelation of it and the fulfillment of His promises told to us through even this scripture, that He would be in us.  Remember, His name is also, "God with us."  And the Bible says, greater is He who is in us, than he (anyone including the devil) that is in the world.   


And last, just to make it even more clear, is that Jesus said no one knows when the rapture will take place, not even the angels of heaven, but His Father who is in heaven only.  And then (also or as soon as) or then (also or as soon as) it states in the Bible He will come like a thief in the night at a time when you do not believe He is coming.  That means He is going to come when you are just being the you, you want and desire to be, with or without Him or having a true relationship with Him.  Were you appreciative?  Were you separating yourself from this world for God?  Or, were you in love with this world and engaging in acts of sin that disqualified you from being anything His, including His body?  He is coming for His body and no one else.  Not any imitation body or imposters, but His real church on earth.  His spiritual presence on earth through and inside of them.  (But, God is everywhere and will always be everywhere too, but this is how the Bible describes Jesus and His church on earth in 2nd Thessalonians, Chapter 2, before the rapture). 


He will come in a day and an hour when you think not, right in the middle of you, just being you.  So then, if that is the case, how would God be capable of achieving this to fulfill His word and the prophecies Jesus spoke into existence, if He is coming after a nuclear war?  Would that not cause you to stop being you?  Would that not cause anyone who did not love Him and did not desired to follow Him with sincerity to the point that they would loose their appetite for sin over, to break out of their sinful daily habits just to make it just in time for the rapture?  Meaning, those people who were hypocrites would run to God and transform themselves to be ready to be taken up to heaven immediately after they saw that "great sign" of His coming, just right before He comes.  And that would be a nuclear war!  This is all why the 1st 1 (one) word or words in, Matthew 24:30, mean "also or as soon as," and not "after that" in the beginning of this scripture.  Meaning, a nuclear war will not happen before He comes for His people, but only after.  This is because then not only Father God in heaven would know when the rapture will occur, but the entire earth also.  


After the start of a world wide nuclear war people would immediately start to quick change before they are punished, so they could achieve getting the good of what the Lord has to offer.  But, God said that is what He did not want, because He knows that these people will only do it for that, but when everything looks OK, they will run back to throw themselves back into the arms of the devil.  This is all another reason why Jesus is not coming after a nuclear war, but instead, before it ever happens.  How else could the prophecy of the 10 virgins who fell asleep exist?  This is in Matthew, chapter 25.  A nuclear war would alarm people around the world that "He" is coming!  Then, they would kind of know when Jesus is coming.  How would they fall asleep after a nuclear war?  With that atomic nuclear experience, people would live for years serving God with fear, who would not normally serve Him at all if they believed He is not coming till much later.  That is who the hypocrite is.  Jesus also says in, Matthew, chapter 24:37, that as the days of Noah were, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.  How can this even exist after a nuclear war? 


Consider, Matthew 24:38-39, go on to state, "For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away.  That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."  It clearly says, they were having fun up to the day Noah entered the ark, which means, God's rescue will happen during that time.  This is talking about the rapture here.  How can anyone be having this kind of fun after a nuclear war?  Every one who knew the prophecies would be expecting the anti-christ to walk into the scene to fix the ills of the nations.  That would make them worried and begin to wait for His coming, but Jesus said He will come when you think not and at a time that no one knows, but only His Father in heaven.  But, it says, and "they knew nothing about what would happen."  If there was a nuclear war first, then they would have been listening to Noah (nick-name given to the Church of Jesus Christ) and would go into the ark and not be left behind.  Especially, with the sun being darkened, the moon not giving its light, the stars falling from the sky (symbolic of what nuclear warheads will look like impacting the earth around the world), and the heavenly bodies being shaken, like is says in, Matthew 24:29.  This is talking about nuclear winter, here also.  The after effects of a nuclear war.  Perhaps the disappearances of millions of people around the earth will cause the nations to freak out and launch out on a nuclear war.   


Then, a prophecy in the Bible says in, 1st Thessalonians 5:1-3, that, "Now, brothers, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.  While people are saying, Peace and safety, destruction will come on them suddenly...and they will not escape."  Then it goes on to state in, 1st Thessalonians 5:4-5, "But you, brothers, are not in darkness...You are all sons of light and sons of the day..."  Then, it clarifies something in, 1st Thessalonians 5:9, saying, "For God did not appoint us to wrath but to receive salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ."  How else could God save us from this all, but by making us (the church) go into the ark, which is taking us out of this world, before evil happens, which would include the sudden destruction that the others who are left behind will not escape from.  This is what Christ meant when He stated in, Matthew 24:39, that, "the flood came and took them all away."  In, Zephaniah 1:14-18, it speaks of "the great day of the Lord."  It is a prophecy about the end of ages, or the last days, when the whole world will be consumed, by "the day of the Lord's wrath."  It talks about it being the day of distress, the day of anguish, the day of darkness, the day of trouble, the day of blackness, the day of ruin, and the day their blood will be poured out like dust.  This is not what God will allow His church to go through, for it says in, 1st Thessalonians 5:9, "For God did not appoint us to wrath but to receive salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ."  That means, no world wide nuclear war (the great day of the Lord) will happen, until Jesus saves us from it by taking us home with Him.


But, please keep in mind, that after this world wide nuclear war, there will still exist, other wars that the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation speak about.  This is after the anti-christ walks into the world scene in the middle of that nuclear war to speak to all the world leaders to establish peace, world-wide.  He will rise, with ten kings who will give all their power unto him, as foretold in the Book of Revelation.  He will declare himself to be the messiah of the Jews.  He will deceive them into believing he is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies and will portray Jesus, through blasphemies as being an imposter, to the entire world.  It says in, Revelation 13:2, that, "...the dragon gave him his power and his seat, and great authority.  This is when I believe he will begin to speak to humanity through chip implants and satellite technologies.  He will speak even to all national leaders, generals, and governments.  It says that, in the Book of Daniel 11:21, a vile person shall stand "whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom" or "the honor of royalty," depending which Bible version you read.  But, that "he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries" or intrigue (a clandestine love affair; to arouse interest, desire, or curiosity; plot; a secret scheme; or machination).


But then, the Book of Daniel 11:39, states, "he shall cause them to rule over many and shall divide the land for gain" or exploit the others: he and the 10 kings (the kingdom of the anti-christ) who will give all their power unto him.  It says in, Revelation 17:12, that these 10 kings, "have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast."  That is because the age of the kings has died.  They are blue blooded, but do not have the rights to claim any kingdom, so they unite with the beast (anti-christ) to exist as kings did in the past.  Well, China and Russia, will not like that at all and they will go to war with him and his kingdom.  It says in, Daniel 11:40-43, that the king of the south "will engage him in battle" and the king of the north "shall come against him," also.  This is a union between a resurrected Russia with all its neighboring countries and a union that will exist between the nations of the south, which the same verses state includes, Libyans, Ethiopians, and Egypt that will war against him simultaneously.  But, in the Book of Daniel 11:40, it states, "he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over."  I have read even now how the nations of Africa and those neighboring countries of theirs (sometimes) want to unite into one economic super power, mimicking the United States of Europe.  That would have to include, electing a President like the United States of Europe has done, or a ruler of some sort.  Plus, after a nuclear war exists the way Jesus said it would in, Matthew 24:29, the sort of suff necessary to cause them to unite, instead of existing alone as weak nations by themselves would follow.  Especially, because the Word of God will be fulfilled and God's prophecies are always, 100% accurate.


But then, "tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him..."  This is found in Daniel 11:44.  This prophecy is also about the mighty army of two hundred thousand thousand, spoken about in, Revelation 9:13-20.  Great eschatologists (theologians and students of the end times prophecies) have declared this can only be the type of number China can produce.  There is talk about a union of all Asian nations into one super power, too.  But, I don't believe this will ever be fulfilled, until after the rapture and after a nuclear war, which the anti-christ will stop before it destroys the entire earth.  If during the 7 year Tribulation nothing but world peace will exist, then why is it that it talks about this in the Book of Daniel and the Book or Revelation?  Revelation 9:18, states that this army of two hundred thousand thousand will kill the third part of men.  It is because, they, like Russia and the king of the south will not receive the anti-christ as soverign over them.  But, in Daniel 11:44, it states that the anti-christ, "shall go forth with great fury (against the armies of China and Asia) to destroy, and utterly to make away many."  After that, is when, as it says in, Revelation 13:3-4, that the "world wondered after the beast...saying, Who is like unto the beast?  who is able to make war with him?"  That is what it means in, Revelation 6:2, stating about the anti-christ, that, "he went forth conquering, and to conquer."  But, through peace, he shall become a world leader, from the start, through flatteries.  Then, after he has conquered, establishing himself as dictator over the world, he will through peace established with all the nations of the world, "destroy wonderfully," as it says in, Daniel 8:25.


These wars all occur during the 7 year tribulation and have nothing to do with the battle of Armageddon.  This is where many pastors and even eschatologists go wrong, by accidentally applying all references of wars to the battle of Armageddon.  But do not worry.  They are still saved and what they teach is blessed of God.  They just don't understand it that well.  It takes years for that.  But, pastors do know about what is important having to do with salvation.  And that is all that God needs to work through them the work of the Spirit.  This battle of Armageddon will only happen after the anti-christ becomes dictator over every nation and super power on the face of the earth.  Then, he will have the power to gather the kings of the whole world to the battle of that great day of God Almighty, as foretold in, Revelation 16:13-14.  Then, it is when the prophecies of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39, will be fulfilled, about all the nations of the earth, especially of Gog and Magog, coming against the land of Israel.  I strongly believe that the anti-christ will gather all these kings of the entire earth and their armies by speaking to all of them through their chip implants.  But, anyhow, Jesus appears, and wars with these mighty armies that try to invade Israel and slays them all, as spoken of in Revelation 19:15-21.  This is after the Jews realize that Jesus Christ was their true Messiah, prophesied in the Old Testament; and that this world dictator is an imposter and not their messiah, but the anti-christ as foretold in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel. 


So great will be this slaughter, that, Ezekiel 39:11-13, states that it will take the house of Israel 7 months to bury them, "that they may cleanse the land."  Then, as stated in, Ezekiel 39:14, there will exist, "those that remain upon the face of the earth."  I believe these are the women, the children, the elderly, the disabled, and so forth, that were not called upon to unite themselves among the numbers of the armies that came against Israel, to war against the Lord Jesus Christ.  Then, the Old Testament prophecies about the Jews becoming the light of the world and of the Gentiles, will be fulfilled, and they will become mighty teachers of the things of God to all the nations of the world.  I believe the world will gather this information and preserve every bit of it to teach their children, and their children's children, that the Lord Jesus Christ killed off all the armies of the anti-christ and threw him and his false prophet into the lake of fire, alive (Revelation 19:20).  I believe all this will be in the form of documentaries that the world will show all those who live upon the earth, for a thousand years.  Maybe, they will even be capable of capturing the entire event by satellite to show the world and make great feasts and holidays about it all.


This is when all the earth will worship the Lord Jesus Christ with the Jews for a thousand years, like it says in, Revelation 20:1-6.  Once the devil is thrown into the abyss for one thousand years, the nature of the animals will change, just like the Bible prophesied in, Isaiah 11:6-8, stating that, "The wolf shall also dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid...the lion shall eat straw like the ox...And the suckling child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice' (cobra's) den."  This all happens, right after it says, in Isaiah 11:5, "he (Jesus) shall smite the earth...and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked," which matches with, Revelation 21:15, which states, "out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations..."  It says in, Isaiah 11:9, that after that time, "the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea."  This also happens because, the devil whom man gave dominion over the earth by obeying him or listening to him, through Adam and Eve, will have no more dominion to make the animals a terror to themselves or beasts who can attack man.  This spirit of evil will no longer be god of this earth for 1,000 years.  And so, only the spiritual nature of the Spirit of God and the Lord Jesus Christ will have dominion on earth for these 1,000 years until Satan is released once again.


All this I teach to you, so you will be strong in the scriptures against your days of adversity, should those who harass you electronically ever decide to deceive you about them being the intelligence satellite surveillance forces of the anti-christ.  I know how difficult understanding that Christ will come before these tragedies can be, especially with those who teach that He is coming during the middle of the 7 year Great Tribulation (Mid-Tribulationists) or after it (Post-Tribulationists).  Their arguments are too strong sometimes for those who have not mastered this field of the scriptures.  And, they can end up making you believe their versions, which would cause you to become a play thing with it all in the hands of those who surveillance and electronically harass you.  But, thank the Lord for His goodness and for His deliverance out of these troubles and deceptions.  But, remember, those who are Mid-Tribulationists and Post-Tribulationists are saved, they just don't have these timings right, concerning the rapture and the scriptures about it.        


All these things have not happened yet, so never believe any voices that try to portray to you that they are announcing the appearance of the anti-christ.  There may exist psychotics, demon possessed people, and racists who would not feel guilty for destroying your psychology like that with these types of lies, but instead, they would wind up pleased with triumph over you.  Don't care what others say trying to trash you down that you cannot possibly be saved of Jesus Christ when you call upon His name.  But, don't oath anything to God, just do.  The Bible says, work out your own salvation and that includes working it out in stages, too.  The Bible says in Ecclesiastes that it is better for you not to oath anything to God, because He will punish you if you do not fulfill what you promised Him.  He is God and is worthy of being respected.  Also, if you oath, those who surveillance you will try to use what you oath to God to condemn you and terrorize you with it when they see you cannot fulfill it.  This they will do for kicks, so they can cause you to live improperly.  And remember, I still got a couple of things to go over with you about the tactics, tricks, and techniques of the military trade that will help you enjoy your life where you live much better. 


But, this is what they did with me, seeking to maneuver me to oath something to God through spiritualisms they would theatricize.  But, the others always realized they were up to no good, so they kept telling me never to do that, because it can be used as a tool against me, in very vicious ways.  They told me that they believed it was even possible for them to cause me to break my oath and then turn around and punish me for God as a method of feeling good about torturing me wirelessly, just to make them feel good about it and so they could have the pleasure of feeling justified for it.  Then, they would be capable of using my remorse about it against me to depress me, to condemn me, to cause me to feel defeated, and to cause me to feel like God is mad at me for that in negative, evil ways that are not the nature of God.  That alone may be enough to enable them to cause you to stop feeling like you deserve the things of God to the point that you will not involve yourself in them, neither take pleasure in them.  They would enjoy that if you ever felt that way, because it makes them feel victorious over you.  All this, that's right, to feel the effects of victory through you feeling defeated to make it more pleasurable for them.  And if you oath, then pray to God and ask Him to help you and forgive you. 


God does punish, but you cannot allow anything to make you feel that God will not have relationship with you when you call upon His name.  The Bible says that if you called upon the name of the Lord, He would save you.  And that means physically, mentally, or even emotionally from anything.  But, there is another level of salvation He desires for you, as well.  And that is to save you spiritually through a born again experience.  But, if you don't get born again, it is because you did not let Him save you that way too.  But, that does not mean He will not save you any of the other ways anymore, just because of it.  He keeps His word, because He is not a liar, like man.  So, that means that, you should call upon the name of the Lord, for He will save you from whatever you go through.  But, just please, don't tempt the Lord your God, ever, demanding He fulfill His promises the way you demand Him to.  What that means also, is do not put Him to the test, by demanding signs, wonders, and miracles where no miracle is needed, but maturity in the form of you just being a man or a woman.  He also needs you to get up and walk, instead of just remaining there on the floor thinking about how you feel defeated.  He said, you will suffer tribulation, trials, and persecutions too.  But, once you die, then comes the judgement, and you will be held accountable, so do the right things with it, always.  These are just a couple of directions I want to go over with you, so that when and if you ever meet up with these avenues, you will know which way to go.  Amen.


Remember, the Apostle Paul and the Apostle John were prisoners when they wrote books of the Bible, while still in prison.  That means, quite simply, that God will allow things to happen, even though they are not His will and have nothing to do with Him showing no favor for you.  The real reason things like that happen, is because He gave man authority and dominion over the earth, and He will not change that which He created thus to exist that way.  And, that is what man did, is doing, and may or will continue to do with that dominion God gave them over the earth.  Also remember, that the great Apostle Paul pleaded to God 3 times that He would remove that thorn in his flesh, a messenger of Satan, that would buffet him or torment him, but God finally answered his prayers and said, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness, in, 2nd Corinthians 12:7-9.  That means, God replied, "no."  Realize, that we are not so special that God is going to appear for us and tell them to go home.  Remember, I told you that they cannot go home even if they wanted.  The military government has ordered them to surveillance you.  But, the Spirit of God, the Comforter, will be there when you call upon the name of Jesus, each and every time.  These are just a few things I want to clarify for you, before I continue exposing to you the tactics, tricks, and techniques the military used on me, so you can use these experiences of mine for your own knowledge of understanding how to live with confidence where you live.


Also, God allowed Satan to bring evils upon His servant Job, for to test him.  He passed the test with straight "As" and God blessed him more than he had ever been blessed before, after that.  But remember, God understands you and He said He would not allow you to be tempted beyond what you can bear in, 1st Corinthians 10:13.  Then (also) the Bible says in, 1st Peter 4:12, that, "Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.  But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed."  And then (also) the Apostle Paul said, "work out your salvation," in Philippians 2:12.       


The End. And may God richly bless you with this knowledge always, dear victim of electronic harassments, surveillances, and mind control.  God loves you so much.  Please accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart today.  Today is the day of salvation.  Believe on Him and call upon His name, for He is your salvation.  May God bless you always.  Amen. 



El Paso, Texas

United States Of America



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