Worried and Hello All

This is my first discussion. Things seem to be going ok for me at the moment, meaning that people have been helping me and I have a new place to live. On the other hand, I'm naturally concerned that I am being set up yet again. Still don't know anyone that will believe anything I say. I am so isolated and poor now that everything I see on the computer screen could be fake and I have no money to go elsewhere and check it out and even if I did they can track me and set up another fake screen somewhere else. Those login errors happen with such regularity that I cannot be imagining it. But I do think things really are better, probably because I have been in contact with a number of people I know. I am being allowed to sleep, it seems. But only for a few days so far. I think was given some kind of Happy Pill in my last temporary place, because I was doing very strange things like applying for jobs and writing a lot. Maybe it was a truth drug.

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  • Hi Marni, welcome to Peacepink and thanks for sharing! Have to say, surprisingly not unusal unaware people do not believe a TI when he/she tells about whats going on. Think about it, if it was you hearing it from another one, BEFORE being targeted yourself, would you believe it or consider it even possible? I know I wouldnt have in my former life when not being aware, sadly and honestly, I would have adviced that person to seek for medical care..So its a form of strategy perhaps, wanting you to tell people around you, especially in the beginning phase, so that you will seem as mentally ill an paranoid etc. Sort of a simple way getting a victim "disarmed" (as if we werent already being in such a horrible and vulnarable situation!?) and totally non credible for the future, from the moment a TI perhaps get committed, from then on he/she will have a very hard time taken serious for anything they might tell about this. So my advice to you would be keep it to yourself at this point and be active, share and seek support on sites like this that have people in the same situation as yours, you are not alone in this horrible situation! We somehow have to be smart with spreading the information to the unaware and wait for the right timing, times are changing these days and it is becoming somewhat known and written about in media although, compared to just a few years ago. 

    If promptly wanting to tell a relative or a friend, show them articles about related things, that are credible and have a source. (there are for example articles, actually written by scientist themselves, describing the situation with experimentations on brains/CNS and that we are urgently in need for restrictions and new laws when it comes to science and research done on the human brain/CNS as we (they-the scientists, neurobiology techs,  etc) are so far ahead the public is becoming totally defenceless protecting themselves for having their brains used in experimentations) Having computor problems is another common thing by some of us TI´s, especially if not being very skilled in such area yourself, probably simply for stressing the victim like with the other harassments, we are hitted at our weakest points so to say, just drop it if you can, having access to your brain there is no need really having access, messing with yr computor other than for annoying and add stress, making your situation to reach out even more difficult. Take care/Annie   

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