Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs - one of the best Gangstalking sites you'll find

It's no surprise that the shills eventually descended on this and closed off their own discussion, effectively censoring any balancing views. Even though their post is in the "Discussions" area. This is because they are unwilling and unable to debate issues like these properly, openly and honestly.

Does anyone really care whether looks like a wikipedia entry? Really? What matters is the information itself, not how it is presented, or who presents it. You'll find very little real, genuine criticism of the information from the shills.

Time and time again the shills focus on how information is presented, and who presents it, rather than the information itself. Why? Because they have no convincing criticism of the information.

Did the shills actually ask the founder of how he arrived at the statistics? I think you'll find not. They just assume that the stats are made up.

Take a look at for yourself and make your own mind up.

You don't need a shill to make it up for you.

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Yep, textbook shill stuff, boring. They will trundle that out all the time to deal with genuine Gangstalking sites.

Wikipedia is well known for censorship, so I don't know why the shills suggest that people would be "taken in" by a wiki-based site. Colin Andrews for instance, who invented the term "Crop circles" has been denied access to the wikipedia entry for "Crop circles" ever since it appeared.

Philip Roth has similar problems here:

And as gangstalkingwiki says, all independent entries for Gang Stalking have been deleted. The only mention is in a section called "Stalking" in which it claims falsely that it's all a product of the mind. This despite Gangstalking being used in Russia and Zersetzung being rolled out across several countries.

Can anyone find Cliff Huylebroeck's email address? It would be nice to invite him to contribute to this discussion.


This is not a real wikipedia site ...look trying clicking on the side & top bars/menus

trying seeing a history or edit or even create account

this site only looks like something similar to wikipedia ….but is a poor look a like

yes they are just images upload to a static bog standard website



hay look I have now got a great looking site !!!!!!

People will trust what they read here !!!!!

it must be good research !!!!!

it just look like wikipedia !!!!!

what makes wikipedia good ?

Wikipedia is open to a large contributor base, drawing a large number of editors from diverse backgrounds. This allows Wikipedia to significantly reduce regional and cultural bias found in many other publications, and makes it very difficult for any group to censor and impose bias. A large, diverse editor base also provides access and breadth on subject matter that is otherwise inaccessible or little documented. A large number of editors contributing at any moment also means that Wikipedia can produce encyclopedic articles and resources covering newsworthy events within hours or days of their occurrence.

do we get this with  gangstalkingwiki ?

nope because it all down to this man


yes what goes on this site is solely due to him …..based on his research, beliefs ,biases and agenda

(his research looks like more what he has cherry picked from what other people have produced )

I kid you not this is what this guy actually puts on this website ….he even made a pie chart !!!

40% of all victims are men. 98% of them are gay.

Proud men with a high self-esteem attract this harassment.


Again don't be fooled by “looks”  or “pie charts”   …..what is he basing this on ? what data or statistics has he used ?or has he just pull these figures  out of thin air ???

also he claims this "FFCHS is a bogus government front group, probably FBI."

is Cliff Huylebroeck some occult expert ?  how has he determind what the occult meaning  is ?  were is the examples ?  ..... its just a billboard using standard fonts

Deca posts the same stuff without addressing any previous posts in this thread, or simply ignoring them.

I encourage readers to scroll up in this thread and read the comments about wikipedia and how "trusted" it is. Then consider the importance of the information at , rather than what the author looks like or how he presents his information. Both of those points are irrelevant and misleading.

Warning against phony victims

When you realize that you are a victim, then it’s normal if you want to contact other victims. Perps will pose as a victim and wait until you contact them and tell them things that you would normally tell no one. This is very bad for you, because it goes straight into official files.

have you not realised the spying/surveillance thats going on the capability they have ....also would they not of already profiled you before you were targeted .

How do you see the difference between real victims and phonies?

  1. Phonies will show that they know details from your private life.

Hmm this sounds like there are things in his privet life "skeletons in his closet " also its well know with PTSD that talking about events in a safe environment with people that understand  can help you over come the shock and trauma of them

Phonies will be disgusted when a victim used violence against perps.

this is a very dangerous and stupid thing to say first of all the mental health acts are based on weather somebody will harm themselves or harm others ,also violence is not the answer and can damage the who TI community 

I read "details from your private life" to mean things like your girlfriend's name, pet's name etc. Only a murky, cynical mind, would suggest that it means "skeletons in the closet".

And as far as I can see, his observation regarding violence against perps does not condone the use of such violence, it is merely an observation.  You're cynically misinterpreting what he's written and indulging in ugly character assasination.  And you know my feelings about this, before you tar me with the same brush: I do not condone the use of violence in any shape or form against anyone or anything, including perps.

next part

Warning against phony activists

If you are a journalist, then you should start to wonder why government finds it necessary to invent these personalities and display them on TV.

and not just Journalist.....again clearly Cliff does not know how difficult it is to get in the media to talk about these issues also WHY would the government want to make our claims sound creditable and get non TI people researching it ???  again this does not makes sense like alot of what Cliff has posted on his "look a like" website

How do you see the difference between real activists and phonies?

You can clearly figure this out simple by looking at what these people actually do and achieve (phonies will just talk alot and never actual get much done ....or poo poo what others do)

  1. Phonies will use disinfo items. ( does he know how disinformation actually works ? how does Cliff know how to discern what is disinfo or not  )

  2. Phonies will avoid to discuss the subject of artificial dreams.(nope they do talk about this ...but maybe not in the media if they only have a certain time to go over the basic facts as talking about this can confuse or discredit some of the more provable facts about targeting )

  3. Phonies will try to replace damaging terms with harmless terms:

    • They will replace gang stalking with organized stalking or targeting.
    • They will replace electronic harassment with electronic assaults.
    • They will replace V2K with V2S.

again alot of terms TI`s use are slang in-house ones coined by victims themselves thou they can be descriptive and emotional for victims they don`t always make sense or can confuse non TI`s ....also sometimes there are just better terms from the literature (science/declassified documents) and also legal terms i.e intimidation and harassment laws   

You see, this makes me laugh because the gangstalkingwiki site endorses all the technologies that Deca has ranted on about loudly for years. But Deca makes no mention of this. Why not? It's his area of interest.

But it deals with Gangstalking as well....and Gangstalking is "mysteriously" something that Deca is very, very, touchy about. Something that he is prepared to invest hundreds of hours online desperately insisting doesn't exist, despite many people on here experiencing it daily and despite its well documented use in other countries (Zersetzung).  Think about it.

look how this guy propagates FEAR

this looks like more like an advert for a horror movie than some advertisment to a website thats supposed to inform victims and non victims

this will just increase the fear and anexity of any victim seeing this .....and also scare away any non TI

nope Big L intimidation & harassment does exist

think about it not only are TI`s victims they are witness not unusually for witnesses of crime to be intimidated & harassed by criminals

And your "home invasion" discussion doesn't propagate fear? What about the one you posted about some EUCACH member being DEWed to oblivion the other day, which you've since deleted?

You spread fear but when someone else does it, according to you, then it's wrong. It's always been one rule for you and another for everyone else. And it doesn't look like changing anytime soon now does it.


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