Book “Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, authored by Soleilmavis Liu, provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with remote voice-to-skull and electromagnetic mind control technologies.


The Fact and evidence

Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency

Soleimavis Liu presented this paper at the E-Leader conference held by Fudan University (China) and Chinese American Scholars Association (USA) in Shanghai, January 5-7, 2015.

Soleilmavis was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and she was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong


The Arguments:

Soleilmavis case summary of mind control abuses and tortures

An anonymous Survey for Mind Control Victims (result on 19 Dec 2009)

Some lawsuits filed by Soleilmavis

Some News articles about Soleilmavis


I have collected many victims stories and wish everyone could remember their sufferings.


Books published by Soleilmavis

The first, “Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp,” provides the evidence of secret abuse and torture with voice-to-skull and remote electromagnetic technologies.

 The second, “The Struggles of an Ordinary Man - The Turbulent History of China Through a Farmer’s Eyes from 1900 to 2000,” is the true record of one hundred years of modern history in rural areas of the Eastern Shandong Peninsula from the 1900 to 2000.

 The third, “The Queen of the South in Matthew 12:42”,  is a strong and well-reasoned piece that demonstrates who the Queen of the South is, by using plenty of historical facts. 


Other Scholarly Papers Presented and Published by Soleilmavis.

Mind Control and Electronic Harassment questions and answersAfter 12 years of being a target myself and many years of research these are the most completequestions and true answers to every questions that people may hold in mind regarding MindControl (MC). These may not look very professional writing in terms of grammar andvocabulary but they are very simple and related answers to all the questions. This is a very gooddocument that can be used for legal action and to introduce the MC to…
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العدل للمحاماه ولستشارات القانونیهوکیل پایه یک دادگستری در دبی و امارات عربی متحدهدفتر وکالت العدل با سابقه طولانی‌ در امارات عربی متحده و با همکاری وکلای اماراتی و چند ملیتی خدمات قانونی‌ ذیل را به هموطنان گرامی‌ عرضه میدارد: امور مربوطه به املاک و ساختمان سازی کلیه امور جنأیی، تجاری و شریعت وصول طلب داوری و حل اختلاف امور دریأی و بیمه امور مربوط به ازدواج و طلاق ثبت شرکتتلفن تماس:…
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Justice Advocates and Legal Consultancy

JUSTICE ADVOCTES AND LEGAL CONSULTANCYA Law Office in Dubai, United Arab EmiratesJustice Advocates Law Office is one of the leading law offices in the United Arab Emirates in practicing the legal profession and in providing legal consultations.Justice Advocates Law Office:Is managed and operated by UAE national lawyers assisted by a number of highly experienced and skilled associates and solicitors.The Office represents and acts on behalf of a wide…
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Electronic Harassment By CIA

To whom it may concernMy name is Ahmad Fani. The purpose of this letter is to raise public awareness about a horrendous crime that is committed against us by CIA and its co-operative agencies around the world. And to reach for help from the public, human right organizations, human right activists, UN organizations, government officials, religious leaders and anyone with heart. There are hundreds of victims like me around the world that are being harassed, tortured and humiliated every minutes…
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  • Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh describes 'executive assassination ring'

    REUTERS/Fadi Al-AssaadJournalist Seymour Hersh speaking in Doha at an Al Jazeera forum on the media in 2007.
    Photo of Sign in New Jersey

    At a “Great Conversations” event at the University of Minnesota last night, legendary investigative reporter Seymour Hersh may have made a little more news than he intended by talking about new alleged instances of domestic spying by the CIA, and about an ongoing covert military operation that he called an “executive assassination ring.”


    Hersh spoke with great confidence about these findings from his current reporting, which he hasn’t written about yet.

    In an email exchange afterward, Hersh said that his statements were “an honest response to a question” from the event’s moderator, U of M Political Scientist Larry Jacobs and “not something I wanted to dwell about in public.”

    Hersh didn’t take back the statements, which he said arise from reporting he is doing for a book, but that it might be a year or two before he has what he needs on the topic to be “effective...that is, empirical, for even the most skeptical.”


    The evening of great conversation, featuring Walter Mondale and Hersh, moderated by Jacobs and titled “America’s Constitutional Crisis,” looked to be a mostly historical review of events that have tested our Constitution, by a journalist and a high government official who had experience with many of the crises.

    And it was mostly historical, and a great conversation, in which Hersh and Mondale talked about the patterns by which presidents seem to get intoxicated by executive power, frustrated by the limitations on that power from Congress and the public, drawn into improper covert actions that exceed their constitutional powers, in the belief that they can get results and will never be found out. Despite a few references to the Founding Fathers, the history was mostly recent, starting with the Vietnam War with much of it arising from the George W. Bush administration, which both men roundly denounced.

    At the end of one answer by Hersh about how these things tend to happen, Jacobs asked: “And do they continue to happen to this day?”

    Replied Hersh:

    “Yuh. After 9/11, I haven’t written about this yet, but the Central Intelligence Agency was very deeply involved in domestic activities against people they thought to be enemies of the state. Without any legal authority for it. They haven’t been called on it yet. That does happen.

    "Right now, today, there was a story in the New York Times that if you read it carefully mentioned something known as the Joint Special Operations Command -- JSOC it’s called. It is a special wing of our special operations community that is set up independently. They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office. They did not report to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff or to Mr. [Robert] Gates, the secretary of defense. They reported directly to him. ...

    "Congress has no oversight of it. It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on. Just today in the Times there was a story that its leaders, a three star admiral named [William H.] McRaven, ordered a stop to it because there were so many collateral deaths.

    "Under President Bush’s authority, they’ve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving. That’s been going on, in the name of all of us.

    "It’s complicated because the guys doing it are not murderers, and yet they are committing what we would normally call murder. It’s a very complicated issue. Because they are young men that went into the Special Forces. The Delta Forces you’ve heard about. Navy Seal teams. Highly specialized.

    "In many cases, they were the best and the brightest. Really, no exaggerations. Really fine guys that went in to do the kind of necessary jobs that they think you need to do to protect America. And then they find themselves torturing people.

    "I’ve had people say to me -- five years ago, I had one say: ‘What do you call it when you interrogate somebody and you leave them bleeding and they don’t get any medical committee and two days later he dies. Is that murder? What happens if I get before a committee?’

    "But they’re not gonna get before a committee.”

    Hersh, the best-known investigative reporter of his generation, writes about these kinds of issues for The New Yorker. He has written often about JSOC, including, last July that:

    “Under the Bush Administration’s interpretation of the law, clandestine military activities, unlike covert C.I.A. operations, do not need to be depicted in a Finding, because the President has a constitutional right to command combat forces in the field without congressional interference.”

    (“Finding” refers to a special document that a president must issue, although not make public, to authorize covert CIA actions.)

    Here is a tape of the full Mondale-Hersh-Jacobs colloquy, a little over an hour, without the audience Q and A. If you want to look for the Hersh statement quoted above, it’s about at the 7:30 mark.

    The rest of the evening was, as expected, full of worry and wisdom and quite a bit of Bush-bashing.

    Jacobs walked the two elder statesmen through their experiences of:
    The My Lai massacre, which Hersh first revealed publicly and which he last night called “the end of innocence about us and war.”
    The Pentagon Papers case, which Mondale called the best example of the “government’s potential for vast public deception.”
    Henry Kissinger’s secret dealings, mostly relating to the Vietnam War. (Hersh, who has written volumes about Kissinger, said that he will always believe that whereas ordinary people count sheep to fall asleep, Kissinger “has to count burned and maimed Cambodian babies.”)
    The Church Committee investigation of CIA and FBI abuses, in which Mondale played a major role. (He talked about the fact that FBI director J. Edgar Hoover not only spied on Martin Luther King but literally tried to drive him to suicide.)
    The Iran Contra scandal. (Hersh said the Reagan administration came to office with a clear goal of finding a way to finance covert actions, such as the funding of the Nicaraguan Contras, without appropriations so that Congress wouldn't know about them. Mondale noted that Reagan had signed a law barring further aid to the Contras, then participated in a scheme to keep the aid flowing. Hersh said that two key veterans of Iran-Contra, Dick Cheney and national security official Elliot Abrams, were reunited in the George W. Bush White House and decided that the key lesson from Iran-Contra was that too many people in the administration knew about it.)
    And the Bush-Cheney years. (Said Hersh: “The contempt for Congress in the Bush-Cheney White House was extaordinary.” Said Mondale of his successor, Cheney, and his inner circle: “they ran a government within the government.” Hersh added: “Eight or nine neoconservatives took over our country.” Mondale said that the precedents of abuse of vice presidential power by Cheney would remain "like a loaded pistol that you leave on the dining room table.")

    Jacobs pressed both men on the question of whether the frequent abuses of power show that the Constitution fails, because these things keep happening, or whether it works, because these things keep coming to light.

    Mondale stuck with the happy answer. “The system has come through again and again,” he said. Presidents always think they will get away with it, but eventually reporters like Hersh bring things to light, the public “starts smelling this stuff,” the courts and the Congress get involved. Presidents “always, in the long run, find out that the system is stronger than they are.”

    Hersh seemed more troubled by the repetitions of the pattern. The “beautiful thing about our system” is that eventually we get new leaders, he said. “The evil twosome, Cheney and Bush, left,” Hersh said. But he also said “it’s really amazing to me that we manage to get such bad leadership, so consistently.”

    And he added that both the press and the public let down their guard in the aftermath of 9/11.

    “The major newspapers joined the [Bush] team,” Hersh said. Top editors passed the message to investigative reporters not to “pick holes” in what Bush was doing. Violations of the Bill of Rights happened in the plain sight of the public. It was not only tolerated, but Bush was re-elected.

    And even Mondale admitted that one of his greatest successes, laws reforming the FBI and CIA in the aftermath of the Church Committee, were supposed to fix the problem so that “we would never have these problems again in the lifetime of anyone alive at the time, but of course we did.”

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    1. Hersh: Cheney ‘Privately’ Says He Prefers U.S. — Not Israel — Strik...
    2. Hersh: Joint Special Operations Command in Iran
    3. Secret police unit set up to spy on British ‘domestic extremists’
    4. The Political Assassination of Eliot Spitzer
    5. Cheney weighs fratricide to sell war on Iran
    6. Secretive Pentagon Spy Unit: Closed or Outsourced?
    7. Army deploys combat unit in US for possible civil unrest
    8. Hans Blix Would Testify Against Bush-Cheney War Crimes
    9. Bush Administration Not Neocon Enough for Liz Cheney
    10. Legal experts question US Attorney’s decision not to prosecute Obam...
    11. Cheney: Bush’s actions legal if not impeached
    12. The Cheney Doctrine
  • l_e7c9f5290b82df7864793e64d3d590e5.jpg

    Dave.. the money has been stolen by what is called The Belgian Electronic Accounting Service Terminal

    Above is a picture of where the Supercomputer that tortures and controls the world is located. It is called "Lilith" and is in Belgium in the Common Market. It must be unplugged and dismantled. UN inspectors need to be allowed in and make sure it is turned off and dismantled in order to comply with Article 1 of the 1975 Declaration against torture.
    Brussels Elekronical Accounting Surveying Terminal (Lilith or BEAST)

    Above is a picture of where the Supercomputer that tortures and controls the world is located. It is called "Lilith" and is in Belgium in the Common Market. It must be unplugged and dismantled. UN inspectors need to be allowed in and make sure it is turned off and dismantled in order to comply with Article 1 of the 1975 Declaration against torture.

    Dr. Hanrick Eldeman will be guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity unless he allows it to be turned off.
    Dr. Hanrick Eldeman, Chief Analyst of the Common Market Confederacy in Brussels, has revealed that a computerized restoration plan is already under way to straighten out world chaos. A crisis meeting in early 1974 brought together Common Market leaders, advisers and scientists at which time Dr. Eldeman unveiled "the Beast". They named it Lilith

    Lilith is a gigantic three story computer located in the administrative building of the headquarters of the Common Market.

    That monster is a self-programming computer that has more than one hundred sources distributing entries. Experts in programming have perfected a plan that will handle by computer all of the world's trade.

    This master plan would imply a system of digital enumeration of each human being of the earth. Thus the computer would give each inhabitant of the world a number to be used for each purchase or sale, removing the problem of present credit cards. This number would be invisibly tatooed by laser, either on the forehead or on the back of the hand. This would establish a walking credit card system. And the number could be seen only through infrared scanners, installed in special verification counters or in business places.

    Dr.Eldeman pointed out that by using three entries of six digits each, every inhabitant of the world would be given a distinct credit card number.


    Morgellons form in the human body from Chemtrails. The US military/NATO/DoD is responsible for massive torture/Murder

  • The mind control /Toruture is directly proportional to Chemtrails from NATO. NATO has been taken over since 2003 and the United Nations has been taken over since 2005 by corporations. shows the chemtrails.

    Morgellons are nano crystals that grow inside the human body and on the nervous system to create a human 2 way radio that is then controlled by massive Supercomputers to make people do things they noramally would not do. The antidote is massive shifts in your body PH via eating foods that are either very acidic or very basic.. one way then the other.. shift one way then the other in food intake. No water is untainted.. no processed food is untainted now with morgellons
  • From John Finches cases of Torture by the USA. I am number 9 on the USA list-,340-torture-cases-from-the-ame...

    Citizenship: USA
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 1998
    Email:,, ,



    We could use an investigation here in Florida, but by now the whole world is being assaulted with mind control. I hope you all are well and still thinking free and independent as possible. You most likely will not be able to respond to my e-mail.

    MK ultra has been used on myself since 1998. I broke away from it's devastating effect in 2000 and was allowed to work after being a fool and voting for Bush II in the first Election. I was brainwashed, as well as tortured in 1998. My torturer was William J Rigby as well as Daniel Rigby from Naperville Illinois. Google William J. Rigby Potassium Nitrate Production. He was my ex father in law.

    I helped write and edit a patent on Potassium Nitrate production. "White Phosphorous".. used in the battle of Fallujah in Iraq that is a banned UN chemical Weapon. I was told this was for fertilizer only.. it is also the ingredient in a horrible weapon. Once I realized what they were doing in Iraq with this the MK ultra was used on myself as well as my relatives- about 100 of us are being tortured.

    It has been a much more invasive assault after Nov 11th 2006 and I have worked to free myself of this device. The only problem is those around me are not free and it is very horrible to witness. Florida is a mess. I have seen the effects of MK ultra being used in many locations in the United States. MK ultra in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, California, Burlington Vermont, Up state New York I do believe the supercomputer that run the microwave control are located in Maryland as well as Israel... perhaps also Lincoln Nebraska and in Kansas...

    The degree of control is great and the degree of monitoring the human mind is full. Those that resist are punished... not given employment, not given social contact. Those that comply are rewarded with "things", "status". It is a sick system and very hard for most to resist. Fear, greed, hatred feed the fire of MK ultra. Once you release these emotions and fill them with courage, selflessness, love, kindness, the weapons fails... Plus you must eat healthy... no chemicals that percipitate on your nerve endings. .only bath supplies that are natural, only natural foods.. read every label.. drink no water with flouride...

    Schumann Resonance: The frequency is 7.8 Hz, about one sixth or one seventh of the frequency of electricity supplied to your home
    Pray for the 50,000 children of Montreal CIA MK Ultra. You did not die in vain and are not forgotten.
    Pray for the 100,000 Ringworm Children of Israel that died from MK Ultra May they not have died in vain.
    The Schumann Resonance generator will free your mind from ELF MK Ultra.
    Attempt 34 at freeing America and the world from MK ultra New World Order control. Attempt #33 works, but it is a bit shocking with the Van De Graaf generator-fun but a bit loud. I have been keeping on at night when I sleep and using one probe of the Van De Graaf on my foot while placing my head near steel charge globe. Disturbs the St. Bernard.. Hero does not like it too much!! So now I will move to a more logical whole house and body protection device. It is called the Shummann Resonance frequency generator..

    On a grand scale and more drastic scale this would free the world and and stop the New World Order. But the system could be taken apart just as it was built. The thing is no one would be willing to take it apart because they are under MK ultra control.

    There are millions of victims worldwide. Most do not even realize that they are being mircrowaved and beamed from satellites from the USA dep of defense. There are over 200 satellites up there.. from the US taxdollars. These weapons were to be used for war and not on civilians, but Bush authorized them to be used on Civilians and is guilty of mass murder, torture and is an INternational war criminal.

    I have been extensively tortured since November 11th 2006 by what is called Directed Energy Weapons by Rumsfeld, Bush, and Cheney, as well as my ex father in law who is friends and financial supporter of all of them

    Kathy Kelly told me to contact you several years ago when my torture from the infared satellite system started. Have you been in touch with her and is she OK?
    My entire family is being tortured by the HAARP and manipulated. It is beyond cruel and inhumane


    Ron Angell
    TEL: 239 693 3263
    206 888 1706
    WEB: , ,
  • Hello Ahmad i am honoured to be your friend thank-you.
  • Ahmad, You also can build a group for Arab language speaking victims, and invite your friends to join. You can publish your articles with your own languages.
This reply was deleted.