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The End?

It's been officially 9 years of Hell, 3 years chronic back pain, and massive diarrhea to top it off. Getting my buttons pushed and manipulated. I can't fight back or defend myself from these cowards. I am fighting a losing battle but yet I will not give up. I can't wait for my day of justice and freedom from these perps. I hope they get what's coming to them. I can't believe Canada let this happen. No investigations into my case and my rights violated like an animal. This is unacceptable and outrageous. I hope the government and police would do something about this torture. If my country could arrest and charge these perps I would change my perception and give me hope for humanity. 

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End Of The Line

I survived 8 years of Hell. Being a targetted individual for this long is exhausting. I'm so tired and ready to throw in the towel but I continue on my quest for justice each day. The stupid people involved in my pain and suffering shall get the same treatment one day. I don't bother even going out anymore as they'll send their extras or whoever to gang stalk me. I want a resolution to this nightmare. End of the line.

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Is the entire populace waking up yet? There's something fishy going around the world. All fingers pointing to War. If it's not Israel its somewhere else. I don't want to be here when they start dropping bombs nor do I want to goto some freaking concentration camp when the crap hits the fan. Good luck and I hope I'm wrong. 

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Save The Day

I wish I could solve the Fukushima Disaster because our future will be derailed from that catastrophe. Radiation poisoning all over the world and no-one is going to live long enough to enjoy life. If I had the connections I would fly there and see what I can do to cleanup this mess. Even if I solve this issue there's so many other problems on this planet that it's just one thing thing after another. GMO is a dangerous experiment on humanity, Financial Tsunami, and the looming World War 3. If I die I would do one last heroic deed before armageddon happens. I want to safeguard the future for humanity but at this rate everything is going down the drain.

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Where's the law enforcement?

I don't understand why the police hasn't arrested these perps for what they've done to me. The evil injustice that shouldn't have even existed in the first place. I'm getting totally violated, disrespected, and no courtesy what so ever. I wish I could get my hands on some concrete evidence so I can settle this lawsuit with my lawyer. Nothing worst than getting mocked and having my intelligence insulted. It seems very pointless and a complete waste of time. I don't even comprehend why they are bothering me in the first place. I hope my dead ancestors can help me through this whole ordeal. Justice will be served in the end.

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All the world is a stage

9143059870?profile=originalSeems like the Final Act is upon us. I don't know my role in all of this but I am stepping aside and just being a spectator now. There's nothing I can do to help people as I could barely help myself right now. When the economies crash there will be a lot of angry people. When people are angry there will be alot of bad things happening. I hope for the best but reality is the worst game ever. The deliberate collapse is on it's way and I can't brace for it. The evil bankers are going to rob your blind so prepare yourself if things go sour. 

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No More Nightmares

9143060094?profile=originalI need assistance from whoever that can help me. This never ending nightmare never ceases. All the professionals I seek are useless. Some idiot is pressing all my buttons and I hate that. Having my body and mind hijacked and I'm surprised they haven't suffered the same consequences yet. The final minutes are here and I just have to wait it out. Peace Out!

If you want revenge dig two graves.


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Children Of Tomorrow


Children of tomorrow
I apologize to you
On behalf of those in my time
For the things we didn't do
We didn't stop the tyrants
So your fate could be prevented
We watched them steal our freedom
By our silence we consented
We didn't choose to circumvent
The doom you've not escaped
While the Bill of Rights was murdered
And the Constitution raped
Some of us were lazy
Others too afraid
To think about our children
The ones we have betrayed
I guess we were too busy
To be concerned or care
To try to ease the burden
Of the chains we made you wear
We could have been good shepherds
When the wolf got in the fold
But we watched the flame of freedom die instead
And left you cold

I'm sorry we were timid
My selfish generation
We left you but a remnant
Of a free and prosperous nation
I'm sorry for our actions
Like cowards we behaved
We could have left you freedom
Instead you are enslaved
Children of tomorrow
Descendants of our land
I'm sorry we allowed this
The fate you now with stand

- Anonymous


If I was a VIP and had funds and connections I would step up to these corrupt leaders and put a stop to this insanity that is happening around the world. I would try to prevent this horrible fate that is going to happen to our children and grandchildren. Time is running out and it doesn't seem like I would get the opportunity to take down these evil tyrants. Game is Over!

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Suffering In Silence

9143060081?profile=originalI'm lost in the darkness. There's no light anywhere and it's enshrouded with evil shadows. A horrorifying atmosphere where I smell and sense deceased bodies everywhere. There's nobody here but all the eyes are focused on me. Every movement monitored like a caged animal. Trapped and suffering in silence. The screeching sounds of agony from the spirit world torments and tortures me through this whole ordeal. When I reach the end and look into the mirror I am you!

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The End Of Freedom As I See It


The end of freedom, rights, and privacy as I see it. The future where everyone is monitored like an animal at a zoo is coming into reality. Big brother in the UK is a glimpse of what may come. Everywhere will have their cameras, drones, and what not to monitor your every movement. The good old days are gone and the future doesn't look good. I honestly don't want to be in a society of control. Your freedom, liberties and rights stripped by your government.  Once you get chipped you'll be vulnerable to their abuse of technology as well. Our children and grandchildren are going to suffer the most. This is a nightmare I wish to wake up from now. Martial Law around the corner now!

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9143059873?profile=originalWatching the news is pretty depressing. I am not being Dr. Doom and Gloom but you have to open your eyes and see what is transpiring. Our current trends will lead to future consequences. I wish someone to help me out so I can return the favor. If things could be prevented would you take the opportunity? If I could resolve the Euro Crisis, USA failing dollar, Fukushima Disaster that would benefit mankind big time. I can't do it because I don't have the connections or funds to go over there. I'm simply trapped and I can't prepare or do anything proactive to change the situation we are in. If you scratch my back i'll scratch yours. I would try fixing world problems if I get a fair shot. Anyways brace for hard times. We're not going to do anything and we're just going to watch this world wide nightmare happen which is sad. Butterfly effect baby! My recommendation is get your gold, guns, and getaway plans in order.

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Welcome to the stupid show!

9143060253?profile=originalHello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the stupidest show on Earth. Watch as we torment and torture the hero into submission. There is no common sense here. All these stupid gestures is lame. If I get an Oscar I will beat some sense into you. Just like the Wizard of Oz there is some stupid imbecile running things from behind the curtain. His cowardice is unmatched. This is the world's worst acting and I have no business on stage. I missed my exit cue a long time ago. When the tables get turned than it shall be interesting and fun. In reality you breached and violated my rights and the consequences of that is Jail Time. You shall be hardcore criminal jail bait.  Bend over and pick up that soap boy!

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The Coming World War 3

9143059861?profile=originalIt was written by Albert Pike that humanity would have 3 world wars. The crisis in the middleeast shall spark the massive slaughter of billions. When is Israel going to strike Iran? It is all staged and scripted by the so called Elites and Illuminati. War is profitable and it goes hand in hand with their Agenda 21 depopulation. Just check out all the Fema Camps and Coffins in the USA. This world is going to go through a very rough phase. They have currency wars, trade wars, weather manipulation, and all this crap is getting thrown at us so we are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. Soon they will be dropping bombs, biochemical warfare, and what not to scare the population. Martial law will be in effect and that will suck. It's almost here and it doesn't take a genius to figure all this out.We are going to get nuked like never before. The environment will suffer and so will the survivors of this Hell on Earth. Time is running out! Enjoy your life while you still can. Peace out and take care.

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I wish I was free. I want to break out of this cage and try to live my life. Nothing worst than being imprisoned with invisible bars. Get my justice, lawsuit, and i'm outta here. Sayonara, Au Revoir, Goodbye

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End Game


I wonder if anyone here on this site knows who my perps are. I'm located in Vancouver, BC in Canada. It would solve alot of problems once I confront them. I can find out their intentions and what not. They have no logical reason to bother poor old me. They've been electronically harassing me for well over 8 years. When I talk to the TV or Video Game it repeats what I say. There should be evidence of me being surveillanced and controlled. If I could gather more members or victims together in the same vicinity than we can have a fighting chance. I'll even give out a massive cash reward for their names, concrete evidence and whatever because I'll get rich from the lawsuit. I'd like to share the wealth and help you retire!

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I feel like a puppet

9143059093?profile=originalI feel like a puppet. My actions and my mind are being manipulated and someone is pulling the strings on me. I do not consent to that. Give me back my brain, life, and body!!

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If There Is A God


If there is a God or Goddess please send assistance to me. I need financial help to fix my body and brain. I ain't afraid to ask for help when I hit rock bottom. Please send some angels to get me back on track. I would also like concrete evidence against my perps. This will be the greatest lawsuit in History.  Thanks! 

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End of life choices


If you had a choice to die how would you end your life? I would prefer a nice dignified death. Drinking nembutal and die comfortably with my loved ones. I don't want to lie in bed at a hospital suffering every minute. I've already experienced Hell first hand and it's not fun. However my family and friends don't understand what I'm going through. You have to walk a thousand miles in my shoes to understand where I'm coming from. I don't plan on dying yet as I feel it's not the correct time.

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Dream? Or Nightmare?

9143058856?profile=originalI feel like I'm dreaming in the Wizard of Oz and I need to have all the attributes to wake up. I need heart, mind, and courage before I can return home. It's been so long that this dream is turning into a nightmare. I don't have enough time to wake up before this world blows itself up. I'm constantly yawning, tired, and exhausted. I feel like a 100 year old man that is weak and feeble. I should have cherished my health while I had it. It's a warning for you young whipper snappers. Do not mock your elders because one day you will fall under this category too. Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect!!  

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