ROBERT WILLIAM MATTHEWS replied to Ken Williams's discussion For you MKULTRA fools
"I have to agree, Smart Dust is the common one used these days, Professor Klaus Schwab at the WorldvEconomic Forum actually mentioned using it!  I believe the whole human race is subject to it, ingested, injected, spread by, air, food or medicine, it…"

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  • Hi. Please read and if you can do sign my TI petition to stop this globally ever increasing torture formula. Thanks.
  • How are you? You have the same symptoms? I feel like it's way less dangerous than it / they want us to think although I've started wearing armor everywhere and silver clothing it helps they are deceivers and will pretend to be anything that frightens you they want you paranoid and afraid and not talking about them on the internet thats what the evidence shows but I've proven to it that I'm too smart to be afraid of it, they can mimic your emotions sort of its sloppy and inaccurate they can simulate fear or embarrassment but i think i may be a partial sociopath or something or it's just been happening so long things are not scary any more and they've used up all the possibilities of what they could be so they recycle them over and over this could be a deliberate tactic to keep us from being able to figure out who or what is doing it but as far as I'm concerned I've accepted that without proof i won't believe anything they or anyone else says but its obviously bone conduction fray effect communication and a learning bot programmed to harm you any way possible... in a way it's made me way more spiritual way more strong and resilient, and honestly i cant see them being able to hide this much longer we need to urge everyone to come out on YouTube with or without a mask it's probably more powerful when you have a face and a name but one of their tricks is to manipulate you into doing things that you'd never do so you are embarrassed to show your face I'm not letting that stop me though every person will be a drop of water soon a raging typhoon of justice will destroy or silence them we need more exposure I've been thinking of putting up signs all over town about the whole thing and maybe even risk spray painting the message om some jmportant building so it's gotta hit the news I'm not sure that's a bit risky... what are your thoughts?
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