#1368 Is it wrong to ask why someone has disappeared? Martha Mitchell effect
Leah Remini files missing-person report on Scientology leader's wife........... link below
  TIs are being falsely involuntarily committed, we have to ask questions. Police are the mental health representatives in your town unless you have a mental health department and most don't. This could be, "The Martha Mitchell Effect". Martha Mitchell the wife of John Mitchell Nixon's Attorney General tried to expose the Watergate scandle. She was committed and diagnosed mentally ill to cover up the crimes taking place under President Nixon. The truth was exposed and she was proven correct and not insane by the facts. We know this crime has been taking place for at least this long.
    This missing woman could have been committed, drugged and now is held while in a state of drug and or torture induced catonic/PTSD shock. Did she uncover wrong doings at Scientology? It is an unreported crime to police or police are aware and are part of the cover-up.    My x-wife who was involved in my attacks as a TI met a new partner.....his wife was committed and never was released she is in for life, considered mentally ill. Another woman was in the hospital from my home town as I was being tortured. She was screaming to let her out that she was in there because of police who were partnered with her boyfriend to have her committed.    I saw the now woman while driving a few years ago and pulled over. She was being escorted into a home. I asked if I could talk to her. She came over and I explained what I remembered and asked if she was OK. She told me she had a mental illness and was heavily medicated but thanks anyway. They broke her spirit with drugs and possibly torture,  she was now accepting this with her diminished mental abilities. A life stolen in my opinion.    The, Forced suicide attempt on my life", used Microwave Torture electrifying my nervous system using a version/prototype of the MEDUSA Weapon in both attack and silent mode. In addition they employed a psychological attack with voice cloning of my child calling to me and crying while seemingly being assaulted. It was nearly more than I
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