Suicide (9)


Verbally manipulating a human being to commit suicide due to verbally informing them that they are shortly about to be tortured is now in use as a form of murder in Ireland.

PRESENT DAY, U.S.Government use of electromagnetic weapons was
described in the Oct-Nov., 94 NEXUS MAGAZINE: "Directed-energy
weapons currently being deployed include, for example, a micro-wave
weapon manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders and used for a process
known as 'Voice Synthesis' which is REMOTE BEAMING OF AUDIO
known within the U.S. Government as "Synthetic Telepathy." This
psychotronic weapon was demonstrated by Dr. Dave Morgan at the
November, 1993 Non-Lethal weapons conference.
Remote beaming of audio directly into the brain of any selected human target is now being employed by criminals on a widespread basis throughout most of the world. This capability has existed for many decades while knowledge of it continues to be suppressed by all avenues of the state in Ireland where I live and elsewhere throughout most of the world. This technological capability is now being used as a psychological torture capability and is currently being used on possibly hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. This and other psychological torture capabilities are being used on me while I go about my own life peacefully. I was informed via this remote beaming of audio inside my own head that wireless external control of my central nervous system would be taken from me by wireless means and I would be placed under wirelessly enabled physical electronic constrainsts to such and extent that I would be paralysed from head to toe but I would then be left with the ability to feel pain, and for the rest of my life I would be in extreme pain but I would never be able to inform anyone that I was in a state of extreme pain because of my condition of total paralysis. (I am paraphrasing because I can not remember the exact words which were transmitted to me via the aforementioned remote beaming of audio to my brain. I was so frightened by this information that my teeth began to chatter with fear and I could not make them stop. I was so frightened that I took a major overdose of a large variety of pills and fell into a state of unconsciousness for four days.
A human being can easily be manipulated to believe that they are about to be tortured into a state of unbearable pain and where they would be unable to protect themselves from that extreme torture because they would also be rendered immobile by wireless external means which is now a possibility in a selection of individual cases. The ability to wirelessly externally control a human being via control of their central nervous system is described in patent number US 6965816.
Verbally manipulating a human being to commit suicide is murder. Murder is now being committed by wireless remote means on an ongoing basis throughout the world at this pivotal point in human history. If the worldwide military disassemble and ban HAARP phased arrays which are now situated in many areas throughout the world and which blanket much ofthe world with radiation a large piece of the jigsaw which allows wireless remote electronic torture to happen would be missing. Please act now to raise awareness of this situation. If you choose to remain passive at this time it is more than likely because you are being subjected to strong electronic mind control as per the following methodology:-
"Thoughts can be grafted onto microwaves in the same way that television signals carry pictures and should open the possibility of long-distance hypnosis of mind control."

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I am a non-consensual human research subject of brain wave science which is currently classified for reasons which come under the heading of national security but what is in fact national suicide. Similar non-consensual brain and body research is currently happening to a number of other people throughout Ireland, many of whom I personally know. All of this non-consensual human research is being carried out wirelessly from implants in our bodies and brains which are connected by two way streams of low frequency electromagnetic energy to computer networks which are controlled by neuro operatives. These neuro operatives are unknown to us but they are able to conduct conversations with us through the two way streams of energy, some of which are connected to the hearing centres of our brains. We are being forced to listen to their voices coming from inside our heads every waking moment against our wills and without our permission. Strong radio frequency signals come from my ears and from the back of my head at random times throughout each day, when ever I check from them. Some other targeted individuals are also reporting this fact.
Last night, while I was in my home alone I heard myself saying the following phrase "wheelbarrow load" while I was thinking of something else entirely which was totally unrelated to that phrase. It was as if two parts of my brain were entirely disconnected from each other. I spoke about this to the neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head via a brain link. The neuro operatives replied as follows "Your brain has not been compartmentalized. It has been subdivided into sections in accordance with instructions from our superiors. I mention this incidence in case it is helpful to other non-consensual targeted individuals of brain link and neuro weapon research of which there appear to be hundreds of thousands if not millions of us throughout the world.
Non-consensual targeted individuals of brain wave science research have no recourse to the law. We have all made representations to the police. I myself have made two unsuccessful representations to the Irish Gardai, which is what the police in Ireland are called. Both representations ended in instructions to attend for psychiatric evaluation. This is the normal course of events whenever non-consensual neuro weapon research subjects complain to the police that a crime is being committed against them.

I will never again complain to the Gardai or a G.P. again about my horrific experiences of being a long term non-consensual brain science research subject because I can not risk being sent to a psychiatric hospital where I would be expected to ingest harmful substances posing as anti-psychotic medication and where I would be incarcerated and I would not be given a release date. These substances posing as medication are extremely poisonous. When I have taken them in the past, I experienced constant extreme tremors all over my body. I also experienced a strong and constant urge to pace constantly with no ability to relax. I also experienced very dulled thinking as if I could not connect fully with my own brain. Along with that I experienced extreme tiredness and lack of motivation and I was unable to go for long walks which I previously used to do. Substances posing as anti-psychotic medication are in fact punishments. The American military have admitted that they were planning to weaponize medicine by blending together medicines with the most extreme side effects and forcing people who do not fall in line with their growing dictatorship to take them under the guise of being mentally ill.
The neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head against my will and without my permission have informed me that they have been instructed to find a way to cover me which they explained means to find a way to control me, either by framing me for an illegal event or for a false psychotic event. They claim that they will not do this as they are doing their best to work in an ethical way while under extreme legal constraints themselves. Some of them are doing their best to behave in an ethical way but I would never agree that all of them are ethical because some of them have been extremely cruel to me over the years with constant death threats and insults which I hear coming from inside my own head up to dozens of times per day on some occasions.

If you have a large number of digital devices in your home I would advise you to keep them inside closed metal boxes when they are not in use. These digital devices send signals to each other thereby creating an electrical grid which can be used to create holograms inside your home which you may wrongly assume to be demons or extra-terresterials if you believe in the supernatural, which I personally dont. The demonic possession hoax, the extra-terresterial hoax, the poltergeist hoax, the moving statue hoax, the existence of space based weapons hoax are all falsehoods which you would realise if you were a long term brain wave science test subject and knew how things are being made to occur scientifically.
Certain people who have senior positions in Governments throughout the world are colluding with criminals by refusing to warn the general public about the extreme threat of worldwide enslavement from wireless directed energy weapons. They are doing so for many reasons but the foremost reason is the fact that they feel unable to disclose to the public that senior judiciary can be wirelessly interfered with by remote control while they are making a court judgement. If that fact alone was disclosed to the public all government systems would collapse overnight. We are being slowly and incrementally enslaved by wireless means. There is an easy solution. We aught to disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities in our countries immediately such as microwave transmitters, millimeter wave transmitters and all modern street lighting which can and is being used to entrain the brains of people who live in urban areas into a false sense of happy apathy and indifference to a brutul enslavement plan that is about to come to fruition if nothing is done. Please act now. The existence of satellites are a laughable hoax. The enemy always exaggerates their powers. It is a well known tactic of war.

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I am a non-consensual subject of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation.  I am wirelessly linked by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy to a super computer which is controlled by unknown neuro operatives.  These neuro operatives force me to listen to their voices both day and night on a constant basis from imbedded implants inside my brain.  These neuro operatives also send signals into both my brain and body in order to gradually gain more and more  control over me.   They have informed me that whenever I am sleeping they can access parts of my brain which they can not access while I am awake.  They have also informed me that they have now gained so much information on my body and brain that they could now  kill me without anyone knowing about it simply by distorting the information which they send to my body and brain via said two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic radiation which binds me to their computer system.   They have also informed me that they may engineer me to fall over at inappropriate times and break a bone in order to physically get me into hospital where they would then have even more control over me during the night.

These unknown neuro operatives whose voices I hear coming from inside my head by wireless directed energy means have informed me that a significant number of the police throughout Ireland know about this Remote Neural Monitoring control system now, more than is comfortable for the neuro operatives and their controllers.   

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I am a non-consensual subject of both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation. I am bound by a two way wireless transmission link from embedded implants which are inside my brain and body to what I believe are a network of computers as well as a supercomputer. These computers are being operated by unknown neuro operatives who speak inside my head via the two way wireless transmission link. All of the electrical activity being generated by both my brain and body is uploaded to the supercomputer and the network of computers in a fully automated process. Further to that, the unknown neuro operatives have the ability to upload sounds, a variety of voices, moving images, tastes, smells, bodily sensations and pain signals to my brain and body.
In the past few minutes I heard a voice speaking to me and that voice was coming from inside my head. That voice was heard by me to say the following ” Send her the most extreme pain signals that you can muster up in order to get her to commit suicide immediately”.
I did not receive those aforementioned pain signals and I am doing fine.

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WHO IS THE WORLD WIDE HEIRARCHICAL BASED CHAIN OF COMMAND GOVERNED BY ?I along with millions of other individuals throughout the world have become wirelessly linked by a two way connection to a computer network from implants which are deeply imbedded in our bodies and brains. This has happened against our wills and without our knowledge at a time when we were unaware it was happening. This process is called Remote Neural Monitoring. If ever 5g or fifth generation wireless technology becomes operational the technological capability would then exist to wirelessly link everybody in the world other than the would-be enslavers of the human race to a computer network for the rest of their lives with no possibility of ever breaking free of it. This is modern day slavery.I along with most of the other individuals who are being remote neural monitored hear voice commands on a constant basis. These voices issue commands and repremands to us constantly. These voices are the voices of real human beings who speak to us by wireless means. These voices are the voices of the remote neural monitoring staff who refuse to tell us their names or locations.These voices have informed me of the need to conform to the actions and to the attitudes of the rest of the human race. They have informed me that they will not tolerate non-conformity in any area. After many years of linking many sub-groups of my muscles to their computer system by two way streams of electromagnetic energy they now can harm me to an extreme degree if I refuse to conform.If conformity of the whole human race to their required attitudes is played out along its current path we will eventually reach a stage where the whole human race will have only one personality between them. Our unique personalities will have become homogenised into one boring personality. Whenever someone is asked their opinions on the world they would possibly reply as follows " I love my professors, I love my government officials, I love the pope, I love football, I love listening to the beatles and U2. " As well as being enslaved we would all die of boredom.Further to this situation, Ireland has become a multi-cultural society over the past thirty years approximately. There are many advantages to this situation, including having friends with many different back-grounds. There is one major disadvantage which has come to the fore. We live in a world containing approximately forty million Satanists and dark Luciferians. These dark occultists are planning to wirelessly enslave the human race by invading all countries throughout the world and by inserting themselves into all power institutions within all countries. This has already been achieved. These dark occultists do not advertise their presence. They operate strictly through secret societies. There are approximately two hundred countries in the world. There could be as many as ten thousand Satanists living in Ireland. They all have the same agenda which is to take over our lives and to enslave all of us completely by wireless means and by a large variety of other means. They may already have infiltrated the Irish Gardaí. Naivety is not an attractive quality in an adult human being. You have a duty to become a politician activist in order to protect the freedom of Ireland.We can easily stop the process of wirelessly enslaving the whole human race simply by having all wirelessly enabling capabilities combined with microwave generating capabilities disassembled and banned throughout the land. However, said Satanists and government officials who they have successfully compromised would immediately do all in their power to stop us. We must urgently disassemble this technology now. We must protect the freedom, autonomy and happiness of both the current and future children of Ireland.

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The perps who have been  generating  the V2K  inner voices inside my head  for the past fifteen years have decided to quit their post due to unforeseen circumstances.  However, when they gave a public notice to quit they were denied permission to do so.  This policy is symbolic of the fact that the perps as well as the targeted individuals are now considered slaves by the would-be enslavers of the human race.  The only way around this onerous situation is to have all telephone masts as well as microwave transmitters urgently abolished so as to deny said  would-be enslavers both   the wireless and microwave capabilities they need in order to continue scientificially experimenting on us, targeted individuals by wireless means.  Hundreds of thousands of wirelessly  tortured individuals throughout the world would immediately be set free to enjoy a new lease of life.   Act urgently.

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Remote Neural Monitoring and Manipulation is a tool for wireless enslavement of human beings at the hands of dark occultists who run a secret network of human neural  enslaving centres in any country  that has widespread  wireless capability.   A human being is selected for wireless neural enslaving based on many and varied factors, possibly to do with the amount of technology they keep in their bedroom, combined with whether or not they switch off the electricity supply to their home each  night and whether or not  they bolt the doors of their home and their bedroom each night.  Most standard door locks can be overridden by universal door keys and the householders can be entrained by neuro weapons  to feel so tired that they would not be able to wake up and check for an intruder.

The selected targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation and perhaps eventual neural enslavement is implanted with a large number of implants which emit unusual electromagnetic radiation, to the extent that their neural enslavement can be proven at a later date if measured  under controlled conditions such as a faraday cage.   The selected  targeted individual is now wirelessly linked to a super computer for life, where they are then  made to hear human voices, see disturbing neural visions, feel pain, endure forced muscle movement, be made to limp at a moments notice, and even have a virtual reality experience involving all five of their senses.   If the neural enslavement team sees fit, the targeted individual of remote neural manipulation can be forced to commit suicide using many different methodologies.  The targeted individual  can be made to hear many different strands of continuous voices at the same time  on a constant basis.  They can be made to see  disturbing neural images on a constant basis of traumatic  torture or even sexual imagery involving religious icons to the extent that they become deeply emotionally traumatised.  They can be made to feel sexual sensations on an unceasing basis so that they are unable to live their lives in a reasonable manner.  Their muscles can be made to move against their wills to the extent that they can no longer drive a vehicle less they be made to drive it into a crowd of their fellow human beings totally against their will and moral judgement.

If you have young people in your family, please advise them to stay away from alcohol, because they are more vulnerable to remotely induced  sexual attacks from strangers using wirelessly enabled devices when these inexperienced young people  are not fully in control of their minds after a small amount of alcohol consumption.  The strangers who travel in groups could sexually compromise a young lady and video record the sexual act for future blackmail.  Please advise young people not to travel overseas because Remote Neural Monitoring and Manipulation technology is ubiquituous, and people are far more vulnerable when they are far from home.

Some evil individuals are promoting the use of Remote Neural Monitoring and Manipulation techniques within their own circles.  These evil individuals wish to slowly and incrementally enslave their fellow human beings by degrees.  In order to stop this process in its tracks we must urgently disassemble, destroy and outlaw all wireless enabling capabilities throughout the world.

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They programmed me to commit suicide... or began to

email: cubicle227 at yahoo . ca - you can send me an email any time for any reason.

They are probably in the process of programming me for suicide, very slowly.

I thought it would be good for me to write an article about how they programmed me for suicide, at sunnybrook hospital. I am tired, but I will try my best.

Firstly, I believe I was probably triggered to come extremely close to it (knife on my skin) before I was taken to sunnybrook hospital. Once there, I was continuously forced not to resist psychological torture until I began to imagine running into a large food heater, sometimes trying to commit suicide, sometimes trying to escape the hospital. I was made to become secretly attracted to the idea of turning myself into liquid. I would go toward the source of fetishized suffering related to this when I drank alcohol later on.

In the hospital, a staff member often clicked a pen and I was programmed to become more and more triggered by this, to commit suicide. Then the idea of having my body forcefully moved toward the electrical socket became a problem. I imagined my distance from the socket to happen in "steps" related to disobedience.

Continuously, I was forced to imagine things like pouring acid on myself, putting myself into the heater, electrocuting myself or gouging my eyes. They made me insane and blamed it on my psychosis.

Love, Daniel

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It's too late for me

I'm feeling rundown and overwhelmed.  I had a job interview and a callback for a second interview, was gaslighted during both of them.  Did you know that most salesmen/saleswomen are psychopaths?  Not the kind that go nuts and kill a bunch of people - they're the kind that have figured out how "normal" people act, and then use what they know to sell sell sell!  Anyway, I am feeling so hopeless.  Lots of talk on these sites but no real answers.  I'm facing the fact that I'll have to "admit" that I'm delusional about the electronic attacks and gang stalking, and that I need to be on meds (not one person believes me, at least any person that would make any difference in my situation).  I know I will never be allowed to obtain a job that allows me any independence away from my brothers house.  The best I would be able to get would be a minimum wage job.  So I'm seriously thinking about committing suicide.  I don't want the life that they want for me.  I don't want a life that's chosen for me.  I feel like I just woke up in the 17th or 18th century, when a woman was the property of a man!!!  All my life I heard how important it was for me to be independent.  I worked hard to obtain it, and now I know that they want dependence from me.  I'm giving up. 

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