Programmable microchips could enter the bloodstream of human beings through inhalation of ingestion. These programmable microchips could then be wirelessly forced from the blood stream, deep into the muscles of a selection of human beings by the use of forcefields of electromagnetic energy which could be utilized by unknown criminal operatives who could work by wireless means and from a remote location .

When all of the muscles of such a human victim would be finally, totally embedded with programmable microchips, the programmable microchips could then be co-ordinated to work in tandem with each other by the same unknown criminal operatives.

The unknown criminal operatives might then be enabled to wirelessly paralyse the human victim from head to toe. The unknown criminal operatives might also be enabled to wirelessly bio-robotize the human victim. When such a human victim would be fully bio-robotized they could perhaps be made to carry out works of extreme evil against their own will and moral judgement with super-human strength. Is it imminently possible that a selection of human beings are having their muscles embedded with programmable microchips throughout almost every country in the world at this point in time ? If that is indeed the case, these human beings would be being prepared for wireless enslavement in such a way that they would in turn be forced to prepare other human beings for wireless enslavement in an exponential way. Is this process of exponential enslavement of the human race well underway throughout the world ? Such wirelessly enabled slaves could be identifiable because they would then emit radio frequencies from their bodies when they would be tested under controlled conditions while inside faraday cages, whereas the remainder of the human population would emit a slightly different type of electromagnetic radiation from their bodies when tested under the same conditions if this situation ever arose in the world in reality.

It possibly could be the case that the human victim of remote controlled wirelessly enabled paralysis and/or remote controlled wirelessly enabled bio-robotization could only be wirelessly remote controlled or paralysed if there was a strong source of electricity in their environment. Should you ask your political representative to have all microwave technology disassembled and outlawed?



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