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If a criminal neuro operative is able to obtain a sample of your DNA and a copy of your unique brain signature and is also able to implant you with a biochip, all of these things in conjunction with  neural dust which you may have been inhaling and ingesting and may  already be in your brain, spinal cord and body can then be used to link you to a remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation network and you can never escape from it again unless you receive a strong pulse of magnetic energy which is capable of destroying all of the internal settings of the neural dust.

We have all been inhaling and ingesting neural dust for the past few decades , which has lodged in our brains, spinal cords and throughout our bodies.   This neural dust is being sprayed on us by chemtrail spraying of the sky.   Neural dust particles in the bodies of a random selection of individuals are being individally linked by a two way stream of electromagnetic energy to a computer network.

Over many years a human being can have their brain, spinal cord and sub groups of their muscles intertwined with a computer network so that computer operators can move sections of their muscles totally against their wills and without their permission.

Energy weapons in combination with Neural dust particules in the brain in combination with biochips are being used to transmit voices, visions, and sensations into the brains of targeted individuals.     Many of these individuals are forced to have virtual reality experiences without the need to wear a virtual reality headset.   Energy weapons can be used to transmit imperceptable voices into the brains of human beings.  These imperceptible voices  are being used to subliminally influence largely unaware members of the public to vote a certain way in elections or to cut their own children out of their wills and instead leave their money to questionable works of charity.  These new technologies can also be used to remotely influence couples to divorce each other.  Energy weapons can be used to  burn down your home by remote wireless means.   They can also be used to cause organ failure in any human being also by wireless remote means.

This neural dust  can be used to entrain a human being to feel any emotion.

We must urgently disable, disassemble and ban microwave transmitters now so as to disable wireless capabilities throughout the planet.

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I have recently been drinking ozonated water and the capability of the neuro operatives to maintain contact with the technology inside my body appears to be diminishing by the minute.  However, the voice to skull communication stays strong.   I have been listening to the neuro operatives speak to each other and they are complaining that they can no longer maintain contact with the synapses in my brain or body while I drink the ozonated water.  I also feel strange occurrances or bursts of energy now and again as if the system inside me is breaking down.

Please organise for all unwilling targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation to know about this and to drink ozonated water themselves.   Ozone generators cost between 100 and 150 Euros or Dollars online.  I will update this information when I get further feedback from the voice to skull connection and from my own remote neural manipulation experiences.   Tim Rifat has often spoken on about the fact that ozone will destroy neural dust inside the bodies of human beings.

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We can no longer give much credence to man made law.  It has become so far removed from the natural order of things that it could only be supported by deranged minds, for the simple reason that the new world order are attempts to install a world government where some human beings are to be regarded as sub-human.   The attempted world government would operate on a hierarchical based rigid chain of command where women would be deemed to be less than men, and sub-humans would be deemed to be less than women.   Sub humans are to be categorised on the basis of any so-called mental illness and currently anybody can be deemed mentally ill if they do not conform to the dictates of those who now wield wirelessly enabled  neuro weapons.    No law maker can make a human being less than a human being no matter what false authority he may give himself.  Any human being who would honour such a law must have their value  judgements  called into question.  Furthermore natural law is fixed and immutable.  We should urgently dissolve all man-made laws in favour of natural law before it is too late.

We are insulting the police by requesting them to enforce man-made law because said man-made law is now considered illegal because all man-made laws which have been enacted over the past several years have been enacted under duress, because the enacters of these laws were unknowingly under the duress of having internal, wifi enabled, biochips which monitor their vital signs and manipulate their thinking process by the use of accompanying electronic mind control.  The insertion inside the human body of a wireless body sensor network has turned a selection of senior politicians into electronic slaves where they are now having  artificial thoughts inserted into their minds by a would-be worldwide dictatorship of their fellow human beings.   Please ask your most senior politician to request the police to ignore man made laws in favour of  natural law.  The police aught to especially ignore the new law that requests that they monitor our online use.  The internet is still a free medium.  It is a vital tool in the protection of humanity from legal enslavement by the powers that be

For further information pertaining to the immoral use of   wireless body area network biochips being placed inside the bodies of uninformed human beings please see the following  two youtube links to the work of award winning online journalist Ramola D.



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The British police force are being paid significant bonuses if they agree to use a still secret network to force their voices inside the heads of young offenders and even some non offenders with the use of still secret but common place internal technology. This irregular situation came about through an internal agreement with the British government, including Tony Blair who may himself be under duress from the implantation of internal biochips inside his own body, in accompaniment with many other senior and junior politicians throughout Britain and Northern Ireland. Young offenders are being both illegally and immorally implanted with WBANs which are wirelessly enabled body area networks, which include the capability of the British police and a number of other networks to read the thoughts of said young offenders and others and to reply to those thoughts in real time. This illegal implantation of WBANs is meant for eventual electronic enslavement of everybody thoughout the world except for the would-be enslavers who are currently unknown but who undoubtedly belong to secret societies.  Some innocent human beings are now being forced to hear more than one thousand unwanted voices coming from inside their own heads in any given week, so that said British police can earn bonus payments along with their salaries. This system aught to be disabled, disassembled and banned immediately

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Programmable microchips could enter the bloodstream of human beings through inhalation of ingestion. These programmable microchips could then be wirelessly forced from the blood stream, deep into the muscles of a selection of human beings by the use of forcefields of electromagnetic energy which could be utilized by unknown criminal operatives who could work by wireless means and from a remote location .

When all of the muscles of such a human victim would be finally, totally embedded with programmable microchips, the programmable microchips could then be co-ordinated to work in tandem with each other by the same unknown criminal operatives.

The unknown criminal operatives might then be enabled to wirelessly paralyse the human victim from head to toe. The unknown criminal operatives might also be enabled to wirelessly bio-robotize the human victim. When such a human victim would be fully bio-robotized they could perhaps be made to carry out works of extreme evil against their own will and moral judgement with super-human strength. Is it imminently possible that a selection of human beings are having their muscles embedded with programmable microchips throughout almost every country in the world at this point in time ? If that is indeed the case, these human beings would be being prepared for wireless enslavement in such a way that they would in turn be forced to prepare other human beings for wireless enslavement in an exponential way. Is this process of exponential enslavement of the human race well underway throughout the world ? Such wirelessly enabled slaves could be identifiable because they would then emit radio frequencies from their bodies when they would be tested under controlled conditions while inside faraday cages, whereas the remainder of the human population would emit a slightly different type of electromagnetic radiation from their bodies when tested under the same conditions if this situation ever arose in the world in reality.

It possibly could be the case that the human victim of remote controlled wirelessly enabled paralysis and/or remote controlled wirelessly enabled bio-robotization could only be wirelessly remote controlled or paralysed if there was a strong source of electricity in their environment. Should you ask your political representative to have all microwave technology disassembled and outlawed?



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