DEW IS all in your mind (or mostly!)

I've determined by trial and error, by experimenting, that there are not DEW's everywhere. 

The reason you're directed to not be alone is so the gang stalkers can use the auditory weapons that they have on their cell phones.  The auditory weapons make a high pitched ringing in your ears, and these sounds carry subliminal messages (neurolinguistic programing, and post hypnotic suggestions) that are there to break down your will and increase your fear.  This fear is what is breaking down your will and causing illness.  I won't call it V2K.  That implies that you can hear the actual words that are being spoken and I just don't believe that happens.  I believe that those who purport to have only V2K are perps.  Real targets have lost almost everything and LOOK bad, LOOK ill and worn down.

I'm not saying that they aren't interfering in your life and making everything difficult.  I know that's true, because it happens to me every day.

I do believe that there are some people that have microwave weapons, but it's not on the scale that targets are led to believe.  For example, when I lived with a sister, I know I felt the effects of a microwave weapon.  And this paved the way for the mind messing to get me to believe they were EVERYWHERE!  You are right when you have the thought that it would be too expensive to target all the people that are claiming they are targets.  But cell phones are cheap.  And gang stalkers are everywhere.  The reason you are directed to never be alone is because they need these cell phone auditory weapons to keep you in fear and anxiety.  This is terrible advice.  Be alone as much as you need to be.  Empaths NEED to be alone because so much of everyone elses negative energy is taken in.  If you are an empath you can't stand too much noise or activity.  Often a target is forced to live with family that may be participating in it.  Watch it, notice what happens when you are around them.  I know from trial and error that when one of my family members

I wrote about empaths and psychic vampires.  Don't just read my post.  Go online and search, and you will find so much information about both.  Look into chakra work, auras, meditation, and narcissism.  It's not hard to do these things if you are an empath.  With me, it comes naturally, and I was astonished how easy it was!  The power of the mind is unlimited. 

The auditory weapons ARE real, I experience them everyday, almost all the time.  And I've also noticed that the effects are not as strong when I'm at peace, when my stress is low or gone.  Certain people I live with try to get me to stay around them in the house, and when I have, I hear a loud 'ping' noise, and my left ear starts to hurt and ring. 

For me, knowing that I am an empath means that I have a spiritual journey to start.  That all the stuff, the bad feelings I've had are not all me! 

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  • In further response to the above post, how the hell do you know we won't see this overturned in our lifetime? I can count many examples of powers that were supposed to last, like Hitler's Third Reich, was supposed to last 1,000 years. It lasted 11. I believe we will see then end, and all I have told to mental health professionals is a journal of what I went through. It is detailed enough that it would do as a record if this site ever goes down. This record will be a testimony to what Ive went through if
    I die. I think there is a lot of evidence that we will see the end of this shit in our lifetime. I think it is also counter productive to try and bring down people's hope of an end to this. We need enough positive input as we can get. If you really beleive we will suffer this for the rest of our lives without hope for an end, then bring some meaningful evidence to back it up, or don't say it at all.

  • In response to this: "Once you agree to being on medication, have entered the mental health system, your assertions will forever be discounted by the world. to pursue lawsuits (which by the way is futile-nothing will ever come of them, at least not in your lifetime) that you are gang stalked, hear and feel microwave weapons, etc will only further your marginalization. I have my suspicions about who or what organizations are doing the things they're doing to targets. Realize that they are in power, at least for now, and their rules say: "if you hear voices, see things that aren't there, feel things that others (normal people) don't feel, then you are crazy". Period. You have been marginalized - you are the lunatic fringe."
    I havent found this to be true. Again we have people who are talking outside of their experience. Just because you havent felt it doesnt mean it dosent happen to others.
    As far as hearing a high pitched noise-thats all you deal with? Fuck! I wish thats all I dealt with! They can make any noise heard by man in any fasion at any time, and they can make you feel anything and see imagery in your mind. If all you get is a little buzzing sound in your ear that you can ignore with meditation, you're not likely a TI. You have tinnitus-look it up.

  • Once you agree to being on medication, have entered the mental health system, your assertions will forever be discounted by the world. to pursue lawsuits (which by the way is futile-nothing will ever come of them, at least not in your lifetime) that you are gang stalked, hear and feel microwave weapons, etc will only further your marginalization. I have my suspicions about who or what organizations are doing the things they're doing to targets. Realize that they are in power, at least for now, and their rules say: "if you hear voices, see things that aren't there, feel things that others (normal people) don't feel, then you are crazy". Period. You have been marginalized - you are the lunatic fringe.

  • First of all I would like to say that the person who had the cell phone on at three am was a child. An innocent child who happened to wake up her grumpy old grandma while on the phone! I know this because the person who posted it later admitted this was true when I asked her if she had thoughts of hurting the child for having 'hurt' her by using her cell phone. This shit gets as dangerous as it does ridiculous.

    When it comes to maintain hope in humanity, it may be the only viable weapon we have. They can see our every thought, how can we out maneuver them? I don't think we can out maneuver them. They are too far ahead. There are many examples amongst those who have won the Nobel Peace Prize that have underwent the most horrendous of crimes, but they had won the situation over by being steadfastly hopeful in humanity. I too hope think that the best we have is to hope for someone on their side to blow the whistle out of a conscience. I have heard more than one perp display a conscience over v2k. The perps often display feeling toward me as a person. This doesn't mean I am their friend  They are enemies, but I hold out hope that they may change. I hold this hope as much for me as I do for them, so that I don't in some way become like them. (I see 'TI' become stalkers all over the web in the name of "Justcice".)

    This doesn't mean I don't believe in fighting them, or that I don't think they should pay for what they have done. I truly believe justice will find them. I have put a lot of thought and research into the reality that the only hope we may have is humanity. I would highly recommend all TIs read The Impossible Will Take a Little While., by Paul Roeb. It gives many examples of people who have suffered at the hands of injustice but who overcame as we do. I see myself right along side men like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as Desmond Tutu, and countless others. 

  • By the way, Kori, I didn't read your post.  You were the one that called me an egomaniac and must be a miserable person, maybe you should review what you have said.

  • Thanks for responding.  I agree with most of what you said, but to me, it's not ok to sit in a room and be crazy.  It's not.  I take meds because I don't want to be hallcinating all day and all night long.  I've got a job, about 6 volunteers jobs,  two grown kids who have special needs, a dog and a house, all of this is not worth giving up by being committed into a hospital.  Maybe you are being noble, Sandra, and for  that, I commend you, but it has never been an option for me.  It also truly makes no difference in the eyes of the public whether I have a label or not, because targeting is not believed, I took the lesser of two evils and it has made all the difference.

  • The reality that some of us have mental disorders that can cause voices, has been indirectly addressed in this blog. Some have claimed that v2k is not real because when they took meds the voices went away. That is not true for all people.Technology has been proven to cause voices and other sounds, just because you don't hear them any more, or never have doesn't mean other people don't hear them. I'm also hearing a lot of people shouting their own view without listening or reading others' posts. Like when it comes to how the perps can make v2k, it is all over the place, from wikipedia to the most bogus 'TI' site. It's obvious that some people hallucinate voices and that they can be treated by meds, and its equally as possible that the  person is being affected by man made tech. (I think more of us are in need of meds). When it comes to the idea that cell phones are at use, I get v2k as well as physical assault in places that cell phones don't receive.

    When it comes to how we would receive a signal without a big dish, I would say use your own example of a cell phone. It is much smaller than a dish, yet it sends and receives signals. A person's brain matter is larger than a cell phone. It itself could be a receiver of sorts.

    Also, there was some mention of gang stalkers every where, I would again point to your own expample of monetary cost of cell phones. What would be the monetary cost of hiring all those people to do the gangstalking? It doesn't make sense. Try taking medications. For some people meds make gang stalkers go away like they make v2k go away. It's worth a try. (I have tried meds to see if they work, for me they dont take away anything, but they can help to deal with it.)

    When it comes to empaths, tec... I used to buy into that stuff, too. Now it's all 'witchcraft' to me-just old wives tales. Science proves this tech to be man made. And what isn't made by man was made by God, the ultimate scientist. It's not mysticism, it's science.

  • Sheri,

    maybe you don't hear voices anymore because, once you started taking meds, you satisfied the agenda to get you labeled as crazy, and they stopped the auditory messages.  and when you've stopped taking them they start them up again. 

    i'm not trying to convince everyone, or you, that my experiences are more valid than yours.  i'm just trying to bring some logic to the subject. 

    what i do know tho is that targets are stronger than they think.

    EVERYONE in my life prior to the targeting has tried to make me afraid of EVERYTHING!  common fears i had prior, like of spiders, is repeated ad nauseum by the people around me.  but guess what?  now i have NO fear of spiders. 

    what i'm encouraging is that you step outside yourself and look at the issue objectively.  i'm not encouraging you to stop taking meds if they help you feel better.  i won't start taking meds, or file lawsuits or send letters or emails to legislators telling them that I'm a target.  i did at first, and you know what happened?  NOTHING.  i was ignored.  and that's because people that do that are crazy (at least in the eyes of mainstream society).  i know that once i do enter into the mental health quagmire, i'll be trapped.  and will have to live a life that isn't of my choosing.  THAT would be death for me.

    when i told my handler that i was losing my mind at my brothers house and i couldn't stand that idea of not having my mind, he said that it wouldn't be so bad - that my brother had a nice house and i was comfortable, wasn't i?  and i said i'd rather die than lose or give up my mind.  but that's just me.

  • The whole point of the "agenda" is to discount, marginalize the target.  And the way they do that is to get you to believe you are hearing voices and are crazy.  That's the purpose of gas lighting as well.  to get you to believe you can't trust your instincts, perceptions, etc.  I am not delusional, nor will I ever succumb to the push to get me to take medication.  I don't need it.  Once you agree to being on medication, have entered the mental health system, your assertions will forever be discounted by the world.  to pursue lawsuits (which by the way is futile-nothing will ever come of them, at least not in your lifetime) that you are gang stalked, hear and feel microwave weapons, etc will only further your marginalization.  I have my suspicions about who or what organizations are doing the things they're doing to targets.  Realize that they are in power, at least for now, and their rules say: "if you hear voices, see things that aren't there, feel things that others (normal people) don't feel, then you are crazy".  Period.  You have been marginalized - you are the lunatic fringe.

    And to all that believe that you CAN'T unlink or whatever you want to call it, just TRY meditation, chakra clearing, etc.  The mind and believing in the power of your own mind is UNLIMITED.  I am able to completely rid myself of the high pitched noise.  And even when it's there, I am able to ignore it, by using MEDITATION, CHAKRA CLEARING, CORD CUTTING, AND THANKING MY SOURCE EVERY DAY FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO ME, THANKING MY SOURCE EVERY DAY FOR THE LIFE THEY GAVE ME.  And living my life in gratitude for love, especially for the souls that are participating in my targeting.  When you bring love into the mix, nothing can defeat it.  When you sincerely engage in living a life in the light, you have all the power of the universe to draw energy to fight another day against the darkness that's trying to take over our beautiful planet.   

    I can't make anyone do anything, including agree with me.  That wasn't my purpose here with this post.  My purpose has been fulfilled.  I am in the world for one reason (as are we all) and that's to fulfull my Divine purpose.  If you are an empath, you were chosen by God, your Source, Buddha, whatever name you give your higher power, to do the same.  The world is more than what's on top of it.  And on top of it is where most people live.  You are stronger than you know, and the targeting is proof of that.  Think about it:  you were one of the people that questioned authority, saw injustices being committed and let your voice be heard, didn't just go with the flow and consume consume consume.  Call it whistleblowing or activism.  It doesn't matter what name you give it, it was your actions as an individual that got you to where you are.  And if you were weak, you wouldn't have been targeted.  I for one will never stop bringing light into the world. 

  • SheriGrutz,
    I have been wrestling with myself for an hour now and am a little disappointed in myself because I wished I were able to simply ignore your ridiculous comments. It is more than a little offensive to continually be ridiculed and harrassed by someone who not only seems to have no idea what they are talking about and whose only purpose seems to be to belittle those on here who are trying to share their true feelings, experiences, theories, and just get the most out of their time here by enjoying the rare moments when we are actually not isolated and can (for a few moments) gain support from one another while in our real lives we are targeted and harrased on a daily basis. It is appalling to me that you actually think that what you are saying to people is in the least bit helpful or that you imply that somehow it you who are the responsible and enlightened one here only to make us see the light. Are you serious? I keep thinking that one of these days you are going to snap out of it and come on and apologize to us all (another one of my flaws, hope springs eternal) for being so rude and condescending. The only one here who is spreading false hopes is you! You have no idea who here is on medication and who is not and you definitely don't know who has tried them in the past. I would guess that partially this is due to the fact that no matter what the topic is the only thing you have to contribute is that we are the crazy ones and we all need to try medication. The real irony is that this wealth of knowledge that you continue to cram down our throats is based on the fact that you personally take medication and this medication stopped all the voices/sounds you were hearing and it even stopped all the organized gang stalking activity. The only thing you convey by continually telling us this experience is that your primary problem is mental illness. Even is I were to take the medication that you so desperately want me to take there absolutely no basis for believing that I could expect the same results with the exact same medication especially without knowing my medical history and family of origin's mental health history as well. Whether or not you realize it that point is vital and can have a huge impact on what medication any given patient will respond to especially when there are certain types of mental illness on the mothers side. Maybe you should look that up? Of course my last point is only even valid when talking about a patient with mental illness not a TI. I do believe that it is PROBABLY safe to assume that just about everyone here would benefit from taking an anti depressant as their purpose is to induce an over all sense of well being which could offer any TI a huge sense of relief and might also provide them with the opportunity to dis engage from the campaign of dis information that does seem to trap us all especially in the beginning phase. It seems like most of us agree that when we are hooked in to this cycle it is virtually impossible for us to think clearly and/rationally about our situation and it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain any normalicy and consists cy in our lives. Beyond that there is no way to blindly assume that medication is the solution for everyone here and especially not to the extent that we need not discuss anything else as a possible solution as you keep suggesting. If there is nothing else to be gained by interacting with each other be it brain storming, sharing our experiences, cultivating relationships to better support each other, or anything else and you are already cured through medication why are you here? I come here for all of the things I just noted and probably most important to me personally to learn. I know that I can't rely on nor trust my own perception of my situation 100% as I fully accept that my reality is being constantly manipulated in a way that is meant to deceive me therefore I rely on others (whom I trust and respect) to tell me that which I cannot see when I am in it. I don't ever want to be so arrogant that I believ that I have all the answers or so closed minded that I can't even entertain what someone else is trying to convey, no thank you. It is my opinion that by your continuing to exhibit this destructive and negative behavior it is creating a negative environment that is conducive to our well being and it certainly isn't inviting to someone new who maybe has never talked about being a TI with anyone before. I would be terrified if I were new here, I would assume that if I were to say the "wrong" thing I would be openly ridiculed in front of everyone and I would most likely leave instead. That is SAD and WRONG. I truly believe that you are either an employee within the pharmaceutical industry or you are a perp. Everything you say here comes across like you have an agenda. Maybe it will help you to hear me say, "no thank you, I am not interested in what you are trying to sell".
    I also want to briefly comment on your statement regarding satellites (and I agree with Solemaivis you should try reading the documents posted to this site and maybe do some research through UTube, etc? Satellites are able to track an individual any where I the world through an individual brain wave frequency. There are several major cities here in the US who have invested in this technology and have already implemented it. It is also known that our brains themselves act as the receiver and it is the most reliable and effective receiver known to man. Every person has his own frequency that cannot be duplicated. It is relatively simple for them to send an encrypted message from one of many satellites directly to an individuals brain with no other equipment needed. They use our individual brain frequency just like an IP address is used to network your computer (for example to send and receive email) except it is way more reliable as no two people can ever use the same address. Therefore it is impossible for a message to be intercepted or delivered to the wrong person. There are several patents for this technology as well.

    Isorry to everyone who is having to witness my melt down but I couldn't stop myself. I am committed to no engage from this point further unless to do so would directly benefit us or to try to preserve the integrity of our site in the eyes of a newcomer. Thank you for your understanding.
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