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Its only ok if the U.S. government-organized CRIME ring attacks innocent citizens in America and around the globe with this technology.
They( the us govt) deny the tech even exists, calls victims crazy, and steals lives. But see now when THEY are targeted!!!!
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Tyrone Dew TI is Homeless He Needs Your Help


Due to the nature of the crimes inflicting him, he has been forced out of his home and into the streets. But that has not discourage him from exposing these Targeted Individual crimes against humanity.

He is in need financial assistance so he can use the money to eat, shower and live some level of existence.

Your financial contributions should be sent to Paypal to the email address:

Thank you for your support and have a nice day.

Video: Where To Invade Next? Targeted Individual Awareness

Video 2: I Need Your Help. Please Help Me.

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Ex-CIA and MI5 Agent and Whistleblower Carl Clark Reveals Covert Electromagnetic Torture of Civilians by Intel Agencies in US/UK/Europe/Asia with Directed Energy "Non-Lethal" Neuroweapons


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 it's been a couple months since I posted. I'm still around, been having the usual DEW attacks lately along with some v2k inspired thoughts. 
 Yesterday I was doing some shopping and was drugged. Either deliberatly or accidentally I don't know. I'm pretty sure I just walked through a cloud past an apartment door where someone was smoking crack. I have been exposed to this second hand smoke before.

 While I was in the supermarket the perps turned up the weaponry and the cloud I was exposed to had even more of an effect on me. It was a terrible walk home.

 If any of you are unfamiliar with drug use and are in the vicinity of any use be careful. They seem to be able to increase very low levels with of any drug, including alcohol I now remember, with their technology. 

 Keep on keeping on and be strong.

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Cancer Cures

   These weapons cause cancer. Below are some links and videos to known cancer cures. These are alternative medicine and not believed to do anything by the powers that be and the doctors themselves.   Cancer medication is a multi billion dollar industry around the globe. Why release cures to an ailment that makes the pharmaceutical corporations money? Greed I say, eugenics plays a large roll in this as well. They want depopulation and controlled breeding habits.  

Artemesinen: A chinese herb that has been proven effective. Below is a video of a doctor explaining it's benefits.  

Vitamin B17: The safer way to beat cancer and in the below video seems to shrink tumors.  

Cannabis Oil: A favourite amongst stoners as well as people who know the many benefits of pot.  

Baking Soda: In the below video a doctor explains that cancer is a fungus and cancerous tumors can be killed by injecting them with baking soda

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My name is James Lico and I have been a targeted individual since August of 2010, after filing an EEOC charge against my employer. I am a full time human rights activist now, working against government sponsored human trafficking of people targeted by private military contractor handlers. What I am talking about is wireless electromagnetic torture aka "No Touch Torture". Private Military Contractors (PMC's) are doing this to thousands of Targeted Individuals (TI's)

please see my website and

thank you

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Disability denied, no job, packing up and leaving

Well, my disability request was denied.  And since I'm living with "family" that are trying to kill me with gas lighting, I can't stay here much longer.   The electronic torture is amping up, and I'd rather starve on the street than stay with people like the ones I'm living with.  I know if I stay much longer and am exposed to the constant microwaving, I will end up in either a mental hospital, or dead - which is what my family wants.  You see, they believe all the bullshit propaganda they were shown or told before the targeting started.  There's no way in hell that I will stay here with these people.  That's what I think and feel about my family now.  They want me dead, and have gaslighted me with those very words on numerous occasions.

I have a theory that if you are a target, you have no money, no job, nothing.  If you have any wealth at all and you say you're a target you are lying.

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Jerky joints DEW again last night

around 1 am, I felt the "weapon" or whatever hit me again.  I got up and went into the living room and straightened up a little, then went back and layed down, and it stopped - or at least it didn't wake me again.  six whole hours of sleep last night!  Yippee!

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Handler is active on FFCHS

I posted the name of my handler - or one of them - on my blog, and got to thinking about how our "relationship" progressed.  It was the classic narcissist play (yes, I was played, darned empath that I am):  honeymoon, demeaning, and disposal.  During the demeaning phase, he tried to make me discount the feelings and observations I had in regard to my DEW attacks and the gangstalking, noise campaign, etc.  He called me "crazy" and "paranoid" often, and I felt the need to assert the fact that I'm not any crazier than HE is!  So if you happen to be listening to one of the podcasts, usually on the Saturday night conference calls, and if he's on and participating (James Lico), please disregard any assertions by him that refer to me (my real name's not Sam, and he may mention me by name) and our time together.  This is the guy that goes around wearing 6 mil. visqueen, asserting that they shoot poison at him with microwave guns (which isn't happening - think about it:  he says they can pinpoint a ray at a tiny microscopic piece of poison that's been planted on a wall or carpet-anywhere-and shoot it at you with precision.  It's just another thing to make you so scared and feel so hopeless in fighting this crap - it's used to demoralize us even more than they do).   During the "honeymoon" phase, he dragged me from motel to motel, washing walls at each one to get rid of the poison - that's how he got me to quit my job, by thinking that my sister had planted poison all over her own house and they were shooting it at me (I did feel microwaves or electromagnetic attacks at her house though).  Don't believe it for a minute!  Also, unless you are chipped, they have to be fairly close to you to hit you with the microwaves.  In other words, it isn't being done by satellite!  That's ANOTHER thing perps/handlers use to make you feel that you have no control over it.  You do!  Well, you at least have some...



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countdown to homelessness - 45 days

I met with a psychologist yesterday to see if I can get disability from the state of washington.  I don't have a lot of hope that it will be approved.  I have severe depression and anxiety attacks several times a day.  I really want to talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist or whatever, but I can't even do that until after the decision.   I've been doing some soul searching and delving back into my childhood, and have some really horrific things to talk about with someone who will help me.  I believe I have emotional deprivation disorder (my personality is practically textbook), and some dissociation problems as well. 


If I'm not approved to get disability, I've decided I can't stay with my brother.  A roof over my head isn't enough to keep me in one place to be poisoned and microwaved on a regular basis.  My cognitive ability is weakening, as planned, with my particular targeting program.  I'm being "re-trained":  well, I've given up activism - not signing petitions online, not discussing politics, etc.  Things got better for a while, but if I don't do "enough" housework or yardwork I am punished the next night with stronger microwaves.   I believe I'm supposed to become submissive, subservient, and "dumb-downed", and I tell you, I could take the submissive stuff but not the dumb downed stuff.


My former handler, James Lico, keeps trying to convince me to, 1. wait until after the election or after the beginning of the year, all will be fixed with TI's, no more harassment, blah blah blah, and 2. to let him know when I'm leaving and where I plan to go.  My answer to his first assertion is RIGHT!  Nothing will ever be done to stop the targeting.  And my answer to his request to tell him when and where I'm going is FAT CHANCE! 


I know this sounds drastic, but the only other option is suicide.  And I don't want to die.  And I don't think I could do it even if I wanted to. 

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Grandniece perpetrator

Almost every night for the past week or so, I've awakened at about 3 am to my knees and hips involuntarily jerking - keeping me up when I have things to do the next day.  And the person awake at that time, with her cell phone in hand, is my grand niece.  I'm afraid she's the next psychopath to enter the fray.  She plays a good little christian girl.  If this is christianity, I don't want any part of it anymore.  This is what the church is teaching our youth.  Do I hear everyone weeping for the future?

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Getting Ready To Go To A Shelter

I told my brother  today that I will be leaving to go to the local shelter/halfway house.  The real reason I want to leave isn't the one I told him.  I told him that it wasn't working out here, that I felt like a burden.  He didn't argue with me, which tells me they really don't love me or care for me as they said.  They don't give a flying eff about me.  They'll never believe that I was manipulated into behaving in a way that would get me to the point I am. 

I also told my son I can't bear to see or talk to him (he was involved in gaslighting me with my sister Janice, and poisoned items in a suitcase before I left her house).  He pretended to cry, and also pretended that he didn't remember telling me a couple years ago that he wished I wasn't his mom, that he wished that one of my sisters was his mom.  Just more bs gaslighting.  The reason I told him I couldn't bear to talk to him anymore is because right after I talked to him and started getting upset and missing him, the auditory harassment began again.  It had stopped for 2 days - I'd found a way to become totally at peace and relaxed, despite repeated attempts by family and other gangstalkers to startle me and get me upset.  I can't share what the trick is because it wouldn't help anyone else in the world.  Anyway, after leaving messages on my son's cell phone for several days and not getting any response, I believe he was told to answer my call so I would get upset again.  And lo and behold!  I got upset, and they were able to re-initiate the auditory stuff.  So it I am going to survive I have to shut those feelings down.  And I'm finding it easier and easier to do.  I'm sorry that I have been forced to give up my son's love.  But he left me no choice when he chose to participate in my abuse.  I won't sacrifice myself for love that isn't real.

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Quite interesting. These state and local "watch" programs, and the technology that police have - millimeter wave, magnetic, ultrasound/ultrasonic weapons, are - as we all know - being abused and used as programs for retaliation.
More people need to be filing pro se lawsuits against their community leaders, who are allowing these things to happen in their communities and to their citizens. Right down to organized group stalking - how the federal government supplies neighborhood watch programs with mobile phones, computers, to have instant contact with each other.
This was written in the 1990's.

It's disgusting how we go to our police departments and say we are being followed, they know of these community policing groups who have the ability to do just that, yet they immediately slap a "mentally ill" label on the complaint. Those are the people who need to be brought to justice.

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