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My new paper back and eBook Invisible Stalker

Hello Friends,
I am writing to see if your organization, website will list my book on your publications section. 
I am computer scientist / psychologist turned author since my targeting became too great to work in technical positions I once held. My new book INVISIBLE STALKER is written to appeal to both targeted individuals and non targeted alike. 
The advantage of this books is that it allows for targeted individuals to read another's extreme story and it has references and best practices for survival. 
The real advantage of this book is that it is being sold as science fiction and conspiracy.  This will appeal more to the non-targeted causal readers who are interested in conspiracy theory science fiction stories. Once the book has you hooked on the narrative (especially the eBook) the supporting links to YouTube exposing the technology as real will have the causal non-targeted reader question if this is real thereby raising awareness of our circumstance. 
My paper back is well written, and has reference words of reader consideration and study.  My eBook is more comprehensive as  actual information that support my narrative. 
This being said I would like to have my book listed on your site. Please inform me on the best way to do this. You can be forwarded to the Amazon page for the two versions of my book at  Once at the site you can preview the eBook and sample the paperback online for free. 
Best Regards,
Dave Huber
Arcadia, California USA
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miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

the dissolution of the mind .. Just a dissolution of the human sexual references

the dissolution of the mind .. Just a dissolution of the human sexual referencesA mind is dissolved as a man without a heart, as the Tin Man of Oz, has no personal history to discern and choose what they learn, they deprived him of his past and its references, is living like a lost child in this world caught in an electromagnetic matrix that isolates the world.until mind control victims do not understand that only by knowing you can win this battle, we can not join together to defeat this New Order world wants us to live without free will.

We are shaping the magic of bioresonance crencia quantified nod pair what they want us to feel.

The word belongs to the world of the concrete, through it we describe an emotion, something abstract to Tonal pertnece conocemos.LA word, to the third dimension.As Mr. Oscar Villarroya says:Estracto cover of La Vanguardia of Barcelona.
- "..... Exactly. Actually, any experience other than teaching is useless. The student learns not by your words but by your own experience. Professor can take you by the hand to the experience, but can not live by it, then explain it and wait and learn .. "
Words are concepts of reality, whether or not you know that reality has not had contact with her do not know what a sentence is telling.I have my own experience of the subject. For example, anatomy pathology fp2 I naturally had groups in the astral, which prevented me to get a degree with honors.I have defeated my intellectual life, for them, students of neuroscience, medicine, psychiatry, psychology and other cognitive behavior are recognized and famous in their midst, with the written study of the living experience of a victim of psychic rape, ME.

As I had abstract intelligence, is needed to moberse in the second attempt in the field of mind, that if you do not control loco.Pude absorbs and makes you wriggle out of that reality with imaginacion.Recurria much to hear music, to escape from the personal importance of some "unworthy of the profession of the study of the mind", like how I get now. To study a person must perform uan priemro brutal cleaning of your importance, kill your ego, shamanically or psychologically. reborn when you can become the observer. If staff do not do this feat only project your ego to another, polluted their behavior and mind, and also fail to study their behavior.I insist that I have not been part of any group of harassment, not what a psychic rape machine, I'm just experiencing that reality .... since childhood. And now I can explain it.
The word no sexual experience and creative, you can not explain entender.Me, experiential beings are sexual. Our sexuality has five human senses, with which we relate to the middle of the third dimension, physical, human.With these five senses figured experiential information in our environment, and accumulate in our historical memory, is the most primitive animal. By having external information creates sensual sexual desire.We confuse genital sex desire, sex of man has five senses, not just one .... lol.When checking the pleasure it gives a tasty, or the scent of a flower, or touch another nice skin, deso arises, is born from you, and you become pleasure seeker.Psychological damage, to which we are subject, with synthetic aura not want to acknowledge, separates us from the world of original pleasure, of Paradise, in which we were happy with our sensuality human comoanimales.NO shan vampires become trapped in a coffin electromagnetic separates us from the pleasure of the third dimension, physical and sexual senses are useless, only good vampire proprioception, ie.The vampire just hungry, do not have sex for pleasure, just engulfs the simulated experience or stolen from another soul. The vampire is the tin man, you want to have a human heart, want to feel human, why live in the underworld in order to use technology to experience that which remembers and human.Parasitic mind, so that the living informacionque, sexuality captures five senses d elos skip to proprioceptive cells or corpuscles that are in our senses, and we serve as messengers from outside naturally, in a vampire serves to capture reality as the other has captured.When imposiones hands, or things like that, the healer captures what the other feels, is because he has stolen from his proprioception, this what I think, as we converted all appliances, we have adapted to receive signals from the connection with others. (Repeat this what I think).So I agree with Mr. Oscar Villaroya, words can not be understood without experience.
Live a normal human sexual experience with their physical environment and learn quickly, but a child with a history of Kaspar Hauser syndrome, salvage the child who has not been in contact with other humans, can not adapt a learned language, the word no sense to him, has not experienced their sexuality, desire, the five senses creates the sexual drive, to gain knowledge and life experience.Today is strange interest as dr. Villarroya in that Kaspar Hauser syndrome, as lo? Studied?It would be good that an extraterrestrial being, who had nothing to lose, and did not care to reflect on this conundrum, exercise journalist with that doctor in Barcelona and make him intelligent questions to understand as a researcher and neuroscientist Lord understands and speaks of the dissolution of the mind and of Kaspar Hauser syndrome while.I'm just a poor victim of mind control that has been treated like a fucking whore by enacting very worthy people the truth, spirituality and seeking justice for why I stopped pueblo.Por relaidad of being victim and ask for help the community to solve the mystery.This article by Oscar Villroya, I had to make an aggressive containment effort, to understand at once that reality. But it seems that people practice the secret of Machin, being in love with two women at once and not be crazy.

The tarot card, of lovers encloses a decision, would I kill my conscience to accept old and new? or do I stay immobile at my destination that gives me an opportunity to transmute my conscience, and I am sucked into the madness of desire that never manifest because I'm a coward?
the wizard or warrior must move even his obgetivo useless, or knows that will be his end. Because death is real fear his immobility and his fate, and evolution.
I personally being raped and sexually separate my entornoa cusa an electromagnetic aura in which simulations have been controlled sensopercpcion, not to mention the difficulties that these groups have created with my family, to be hated and separates bla bla ..., mind-controlled, and directed by a master of something, something that had licensed the opportunity to have a career and a normal life familair protected by their profession.
I think someone who studies and is interested in the solution of the mind and Kaspar Hauser syndrome is suspected of something ...........Read the article yourself and discern what he says, and the confidence with which he says it. an informed victim's scary what this gentleman, for an ignorant on the subject is a doctor revered and admired.

As Don Juan Matus, Castaneda in the literature, the warrior or warlock only fears that the eagle Soak, ie the eye of Horus kills him in the astral field.When a witch or initiated refuses to "see" the truth of the knowledge he has before him, clings to ignorance, and goes crazy, prisoner of his stupidity.In the astral there knowledge or ignorance of this, you choose. And I'll ask the effigy. Who are you? The choice is yours.In the astral things are very clear, it "sees" the soul of people, you can not hide. So Don Juan says that the world should stop to "hear" and "see." With the third eye, the eye of Horus.So Don Quixote, a masterpiece full of mystery, says in a chapter:Something like .....: ....... that the more the people are far more hear the barking of the dogs ....
People in the astral is noisy, not to "see" the reality is before, not usually want to face his destiny and becomes moron. It defends a headlong rush, with nervous joke, or more still clutching his ignorant attitude and becoming fiercely horrendous.If you act like one of those animals that pretend to be dead, "stop the world", you can "see" in the astral behave like that attitude and behavior are your enemies. When you know you can attack them where it hurts, and how they prefer ignorance to knowledge they die, are unused.The eagle devours them inside, and they become like spoiled children with infantile tantrums.

I will shake ....... as I could .. And here I am, I hope to find a soul mate who understands that knowledge and the death of these clay idols that are neuroscientists, the quantum physicists, and false prophets as the Dalai Lama and his project summary, which is linked to the world's leading scientists to change global consciousness ..... It's what the world needs to wake up the lion unavez and rebel against slavery.

The synthesis project is the culmination of the work of a capitalist empire macabre you want to control the human race.Conscience is the historical memory can be changed only with devices biorresonacia dissolving them quantified, and program the mind again, adapting to the demands of the New Order.
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DEW IS all in your mind (or mostly!)

I've determined by trial and error, by experimenting, that there are not DEW's everywhere. 

The reason you're directed to not be alone is so the gang stalkers can use the auditory weapons that they have on their cell phones.  The auditory weapons make a high pitched ringing in your ears, and these sounds carry subliminal messages (neurolinguistic programing, and post hypnotic suggestions) that are there to break down your will and increase your fear.  This fear is what is breaking down your will and causing illness.  I won't call it V2K.  That implies that you can hear the actual words that are being spoken and I just don't believe that happens.  I believe that those who purport to have only V2K are perps.  Real targets have lost almost everything and LOOK bad, LOOK ill and worn down.

I'm not saying that they aren't interfering in your life and making everything difficult.  I know that's true, because it happens to me every day.

I do believe that there are some people that have microwave weapons, but it's not on the scale that targets are led to believe.  For example, when I lived with a sister, I know I felt the effects of a microwave weapon.  And this paved the way for the mind messing to get me to believe they were EVERYWHERE!  You are right when you have the thought that it would be too expensive to target all the people that are claiming they are targets.  But cell phones are cheap.  And gang stalkers are everywhere.  The reason you are directed to never be alone is because they need these cell phone auditory weapons to keep you in fear and anxiety.  This is terrible advice.  Be alone as much as you need to be.  Empaths NEED to be alone because so much of everyone elses negative energy is taken in.  If you are an empath you can't stand too much noise or activity.  Often a target is forced to live with family that may be participating in it.  Watch it, notice what happens when you are around them.  I know from trial and error that when one of my family members

I wrote about empaths and psychic vampires.  Don't just read my post.  Go online and search, and you will find so much information about both.  Look into chakra work, auras, meditation, and narcissism.  It's not hard to do these things if you are an empath.  With me, it comes naturally, and I was astonished how easy it was!  The power of the mind is unlimited. 

The auditory weapons ARE real, I experience them everyday, almost all the time.  And I've also noticed that the effects are not as strong when I'm at peace, when my stress is low or gone.  Certain people I live with try to get me to stay around them in the house, and when I have, I hear a loud 'ping' noise, and my left ear starts to hurt and ring. 

For me, knowing that I am an empath means that I have a spiritual journey to start.  That all the stuff, the bad feelings I've had are not all me! 

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Earth Day.... So that is why I felt like crap.  There is a lot I can deal with, for example... N.W.O, wanker bankers, twats that mouth off at how wrong everyone is only to contradict all they pretend to be about.  Let us face it.... Alex Jones is a plum, Brian Gerish was naval, is naval and always will be a sniveling slimy propagandistic.  " how do I know that cause I do.." ( you have to have watched the bullshit to smile at that one) ... and on and on the self important pratts go.... in the end they are all shivering  ball less wafflers. What I can not handle is the horrible negative person all this crap has turned me in to.  Full of hate with more than a twist of Gang stalked hell.
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I had dinner with my church friends and I met 2 Japanese men who were staying at the church convent for 5 days since Friday. I saw their passport pictures on Friday, so it seems they came on that day.

While talking about them with my church friend, she said that they were studying at a university in Bologene(? my friend pronounced like this
not Bologna). But the group left soon after the mass. After that, I was asked by the couple of people at the church if I understand Korean. I have no idea why they ask me about that many times and the Korean mass was held while we suppose to have English one.

I saw Korean group came by a yellow rented big bus and held the mass in Korean. I had no idea why there were Koreans showing today. These people might be the same people who came and held mass few months ago. I saw a man with tick black glasses and the group was organized by a man with very little hairs - nearly bald. Most of them were women.

While eating dinner with others including these Japanese men. I learned that they made the trip while they are attending university in Italy and seeking job. Their names are Ogawa Hiroyuki (小川X之)and Ryota (亮太) whose last name is not sure. They seemed to be armature on investigation but they seemed to be asking questions about why I stay in Egypt and what I would do later and why I wanted to study Arabic and wanted to know my knowledge level about Islam. I gave them general answer about myself, and told them I don't know anything about Islam. I never learned about Islam and this country's majority is Islam but I belong to the minority part. The question about Islam was that they don't make profit from something... I don't really know because I did not understand what that is for and what Islams do at all.

What I learned from they were:

* They learned about the convent from a priest they knew.
* They are attending a University in Italy.
* Ryota spent 2 years learning Italian in Japan and 6 months studying Italian in Italy.
* Ryota might stay India in the past and possibly knew Hindi as he knows lots about Indian food and drinks.
* Both of them speaks Japanese without specific dialect.
* They seem to have more Japanese friends as they manage to speak Japanese fluently.
* In their passport pictures, they have long hairs like the length around their shoulders.
* They are non-religious. But they say they are Buddhists when they are asked about their religion.

I don't know how they decided to visit Cairo for sightseeing only 5 days while they were looking for their jobs? Also, why they decided to stay in a convent rather than cheap hotels starting from around 15$ to minimum of 5$? Perhaps they might find a national security jobs in Japan in future :)

By the way, this happened right after Japanese Embassy checked the residency status of registered Japanese in Egypt. The mail was sent on Nov 3rd, and the Japanese men showed up on Nov 5th.



※ 本メールは緊急情報ではありませんが、在エジプト日本国大使館



ア インターネット(在留届電子届出システム(ORRネット))
イ 在留届用紙に記入して大使館窓口へ届け出られた方

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STALKERS Act of 2010 (H.R.5662 -- IH)

H.R.5662 -- STALKERS Act of 2010 (Introduced in House - IH)

HR 5662 IH




2d Session


H. R. 5662

To amend title 18, United States Code, with respect to the offense of stalking.




July 1, 2010

Ms. LORETTA SANCHEZ of California introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary



To amend title 18, United States Code, with respect to the offense of stalking.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,




This Act may be cited as the `Simplifying The Ambiguous Law, Keeping Everyone Reliably Safe Act of 2010' or the `STALKERS Act of 2010'.




(a) In General- Section 2261A of title 18, United States Code, is amended to read as follows:


`Sec. 2261A. Stalking


`(a) Whoever, with intent to kill, physically injure, harass, or intimidate a person, engages in any conduct in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce or in the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States that--


`(1) causes or attempts to cause bodily injury or serious emotional distress to a person other than the person engaging in the conduct; or


`(2) occurs in circumstances where the conduct would be reasonably expected to cause the other person serious emotional distress;


shall be punished as provided in subsection (b).


`(b) The punishment for an offense under this section is the same as that for an offense under section 2261, except that--


`(1) if the offense involves conduct in violation of a protection order, the maximum term of imprisonment that may be imposed is increased by 5 years, over the term of imprisonment otherwise provided for that offense in section 2261; and


`(2) if the victim of the offense is under the age of 18 years, the maximum term of imprisonment that may be imposed is increased by 10 years, over the term of imprisonment otherwise provided for that offense in section 2261.'.


(b) Clerical Amendment- The item relating to section 2261A in the table of sections at the beginning of chapter 110A of title 18, United States Code, is amended to read as follows:


`2261A. Stalking.'.




In the annual report under section 529 of title 28, United States Code, the Attorney General shall--


(1) include an evaluation of Federal, tribal, State, and local efforts to enforce laws relating to stalking; and


(2) identify and describe those elements of such efforts that constitute the best practices for the enforcement of such laws.
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