Fighting back with better health

  Health is important, why else would they attack us when we are at our weakest, or conspire to make us ill?

  I have been reading about general health. A couple years ago I got an outbreak on the bridge of my nose. I looked for a cure. This seems cosmetic and vain but it was irritating, the skin would flake and get into my eyes.

  A couple of months ago I came across a article that claimed to cure my ailment. There was a catch, there was a remedy but the real cure lied in my intestines, or more accurately my stomach. You see, you're stomach holds your gut flora and in turn your immune system, about 90% I think, resides there.

  Over the years living in my old place I would get bouts of upper respiratory infections which developed into pneumonia. I had taken antibiotics to get rid of the sickness.

  When you take antibiotics they wipe out any foreign viruses, but there are also healthy microbes in your gut flora that antibiotic drugs destroy. This can be bad on your immune system and cripples it.

  There is also an ailment that thrives in a gut that has been left the opportunity to thrive by antibiotics. It is called candida.

  Read about it here:

  If you read through the articles you'll figure out how many ailments candida is responsible for.


  I began juicing yesterday for a healthy immune system. That was the goal to begin with. I drank my concoction consisting of organic vegetables and it hurt. If you try this it will cause you pain. But the symptoms were also very similar to when they would attack me. I believe that the perps target your candida within your stomach, as they do to me.

  The reason for this pain I was experiencing is common for people with overgrown candida in their stomach. As the Candida dies it releases gasses and toxins into your gut that the liver cannot deal with all at once. It is a process many go through, and it is their weapon for targeted individuals. Bloated, aching stomach and you crave unhealthy foods.

  The weapons these perps use work best on a subject who's ill. I am fighting back by strengthening my immune system, the last cold I got had me in bed for three days straight and I was running a fever for two, pretty heavy. I don't like being that vulnerable.


  I encourage you to read a few of the articles in the link and decide whether this is the right treatment for you. It is much easier to fight back and keep a positive mood if you are healthy.

  The process will be uncomfortable and many T.I's have enough problems with discomfort and pain as it is, but It can help alot in the long run. Colds and the flu are awful things to deal with especially when they are attacking you.

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