If there are criminal law investigations into the current abuse of military grade voice to skull voice harassment technology in the future you must now sabotage the lives of each and every criminal who by the aid of wireless technology and military grade implants, forces their voice inside your head on a minute by minute basis each and every day of your life, while threatening to torture you at some time in the future.   Here is how you sabotage the lives of these criminals.

Whenever you hear human voices speaking to you coming from inside your head due to wirelessly enabled implants, reply as follows  "  Military grade implants have been placed inside my head without my permission at a time when I was unaware it was happening, allowing you to now place your voice inside my head against my will and without my permission.  Why are you committing this crime against me?

By replying in this way, the criminal who is wirelessly forcing their voice inside your head by the use of these military grade implants will not be able to deny that he or she did not know that they were speaking to you via implants inside your head against your will and without your permission during the court case.

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