WelcomeIf you are interested in uncovering the truth behind Government conspiracies, Mind Control, Secret Societies, Destructive Corporatism, 9/11, Unreported Health Issues and Covert Military Operations then Wide Eye CinemaVideo Clips:* Who Profits from Israeli Occupation?* Shadow Behind the Throne: NWO Overview* Mike Morgan vs. Goldman Sachs* Radio Interview with Ghis about Health* Humanity’s Expression* Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED!Health:* Sodium Bicarbonate: A Natural Cancer Treatment* Vaccination 101 with Ghis* 16:9 presents “Dirty Electricity”* Overwhelming Evidence That Autism is Caused by Thimerosal* David Kirby presents: Evidence of Harm* David Ayoub: Vaccines and Childhood IllnessesCorporatism:* The Trap: Fuck You Buddy (2007)* The Power of Nightmares (2004)* William K. Black: This Economic Disaster* The Merchant of Venice (2004)* Israel Palestine: The Other Side of The Story* The Yes Men (2003)False Flag Operations:* Media Monarchy Interviews William Fox* The Passionate Eye: Anthrax War* An Israeli Journalist interviews Ernst Zundel* Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11* The Age of Terror: In the Name of Liberation* Steven Jones: Why Did the WTC Towers Collapse?Secret Societies:* Illuminati, Music Industry & why Mike was Killed* Society (1989)* Arte France presents: Dark Side of the Moon* Common Purpose Linked to World Control* David Icke in Zagreb (Full Interview)* Hollywood Insiders: Fallen AngelsMind Control:* EXPOSED: New Age Channeling* Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s New Age Revival* Modern Marvels: Torture Devices* Leaked Scientology Orientation Video (cam)* The Boys from Brazil (1978)* National Geographic: CIA Secret Experiments

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