* Radio Frequencies produce Knocking, buzzing (like a bee), clicking or hissing  noises when in range, creaking noises if radio frequencies are low,  (Proven).

* The part of your brain that detects the RF fields is the temporal lobe area, (Proven).

* Aluminum Fly Screen "blocks" RF fields, (Proven).

* The RF sounds will actually increase in decibels if you wear ear plugs, (No kidding, (Proven).

* A sequence of short pulsed radio frequencies are heard as "chirps", to where separate radio pulses with pauses in between are heard as auditory "clicks", (Proven).

* Longer pulses w/lower pitch, (>100 ms), creates a creaking noise, like that of a wooden rocker, rocking, (Proven).

* Auditory effects are dependent on the amount of energy that goes out in a "single pulse", (40mJ/cmx2 per pulse), not the power density.

* Single radio pulses of 40mj/cmx2 increases tissue temperature by about 5 x 10-6 C .

* Not everyone can hear pulsed radio frequencies.  A person has to have the right "physical attributes" to be able to hear audio frequencies above 5kHz, (Proven).

* The auditory sounds you hear, "can be recorded" by placing electrodes on the neuron auditory pathways, (Proven).

* Auditory responses from pulsed radio waves are heard by a persons normal auditory pathways, the ear, (believe it or not), via your "cochlea".  This goes for accustic, microwave and pulsed radio waves, (Proven),

"Taylor and Ashleman [1974] and Guy et al. [1975] showed the importance of the cochlea by finding that
destruction of the cochlea abolished RF evoked potentials recorded at higher levels in the auditory pathway.These results indicated that the locus of the initial interaction of pulse-modulated microwave energy with the auditory system is within or peripheral to the cochlea", (Taylor, Ashleman, Guy [1975]. 

To be Continued; egy :)


Auditory Response to Pulsed

Radiofrequency Energy
J.A. Elder* and C.K. Chou
Motorola Florida Research Laboratories, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA



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  • hmmm  totally off the grid  solar power  solar wind power     yes thoughts to ponder  take care :) 

  • I have indeed thought of electrical wiring being used as a jump myself. Seems electrical appliances are used as well from what I've read on many T.I. accounts.  Getting off the grid in a remote area is sounding more and more like a viable option....thoughts to ponder...egy :)

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